Guest post: Nine reasons why the sheikh is the best romance hero on the planet

I have a special guest on the blog today – she’ s my friend Teresa Morgan, and she writes sheikh books.  You know – the ultimate alpha guy.  Teresa’s going to tell us all the reasons why sheikhs are so much fun.

Yeah, you know him. He’s your dirty little secret. So chauvinistic, arrogant, demanding… He’s practically like a guy out of the Dark Ages. He sees what he wants, and he just takes it. Its so very wrong. So politically incorrect. But no way would you ever quit him.

He’s the Sheikh, one of the original romance heroes, and still going strong nearly a century after he galloped onto the scene on a half-wild stallion and kidnapped our hearts.

And here are nine reasons why the Sheikh is the best romance hero on the planet…

  1. The original tall, dark, and handsome. Think how cute your kids will be. Not to mention exotic, a snappy dresser, and loaded.
  2. He doesn’t abduct heroines anymore. Okay, hardly ever. Okay, he does it all the time, but he’s just so darn good at it.
  3. Have you seen Rudolph Valentino? Seriously. There’s a reason he was the Russell Crowe of the 20’s. Plus, it was a silent film, so you didn’t have to put up with all that talking.

    Shoes that you can't afford... But the Sheikh can
  4. Two words: Oil. Money. Oil money you can spend on shoes. Expensive shoes. Manolo Blahniks.
  5. The Sheikh might order you around, but at least you always know what he’s thinking. Can you imagine asking the Sheikh what’s on his mind? “I’m plotting to destroy your father’s banking empire,” “I’m planning to bring democracy to a resistant tribal culture,” or “All my thoughts are of you, naked. So come here, I command you.”
    See? Isn’t that better than “Nothing,” or “Honey, I’m just trying to watch the game”?
  6. Marry a desert prince and you get to be a princess. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the paparazzi. I’m sure you can bear it. Console yourself with Manolo Blahniks.
  7. The hot accent. I mean it. Who wouldn’t want that whispering in her ear in an intimate moment. Sunbathing by the crystal blue waters of an oasis. Over breakfast. In the checkout line at Whole Foods…
  8. Never. Again.

    Say goodbye to Seasonal Affective Disorder. And you’ll never have to shovel the driveway again. Think of that one, Eastern Seaboard! No more of the white stuff. Ever. Unless you want to jet off to the Italian Alps for some skiing. The Sheikh knows this cozy little cabin where the paparazzi will never get to you. Pack your Manolo Blahniks.

  9. The most crucial rule of romance heroes is the harder they fight, the harder they fall. And there is no way any sheikh worth his salt is going to fall in love with any woman, much less one so strong-willed, fiery and defiant! Yet, he must have her! He will not be denied! She speaks to something primal in him, deep inside, that he thought he had lost forever…

And for my readers today, Teresa will give away a free copy of Cinderella and the Sheikh.  Just name from the above list your favorite reason for falling for the sheikh!

Teresa Morgan is the author of Cinderella and the Sheikh and Handcuffed to the Sheikh, both available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and wherever else hot contemporary romance eBooks are sold. By day, she’s a mild-mannered technical writer, but by night (and lunch hours, and weekends) she’s a digital Sheherezade, weaving tales of sexy Sheikhs and the strong-willed heroines who love them. Watch for her next sheikh novella, Sheikh with Benefits, the story of a straight-laced Persian Prince and the mousy best friend he would never seduce, in December 2011.

Cinderella and the Sheikh Cinderella and the Sheikh
She’s about to get charmed…Libby Fay’s safe little life as a waitress at a posh New York boutique hotel implodes when Sheikh Rasyn Al Jabar, black-eyed and seductive, crashes into her world and swears that he loves her.The powerful sheikh will do anything to prevent becoming the ruler of his North African homeland, including marrying a woman who is inappropriate to be queen. When he sees the beautiful, bubbly waitress, he knows that she is the perfect wife to help him avoid the throne—all he has to do is make her fall in love with him.

All her life, Libby has longed for the same loving, equal partnership her parents had—something she couldn’t possibly have with a forceful sheikh who ignores all her objections. But Rasyn seems to be able to charm her into anything, including his bed. Soon, she finds herself on a plane to Abbas, transported into a fairy tale come true.

Unfortunately for Libby, a Cinderella is the last thing this Prince Charming wants.
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Handcuffed to the Sheikh Handcuffed to the Sheikh Best. Abduction. Ever.When she opened her front door, the last thing Maxine Foss expected was a hot stranger with a set of handcuffs. Now she’s shackled to a sexy, but crazy, person who claims he’s an Arabian prince—and her lover. No way. If she had ever gotten naked with a guy this delicious, she would never forget.

Insanity is catching…

Alone in a secluded cabin, Sayd offers his body for her pleasure. But the price for giving in to his temptation could be her sanity, not to mention her freedom… and just maybe, her life.
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41 thoughts on “Guest post: Nine reasons why the sheikh is the best romance hero on the planet”

  1. Loved the list…especially #7. Grocery shopping would definitely be more fun with a hot accent whispering in my ear! lol

    It’s been a long time since I’ve read a sheikh story, but this has reminded me why I loved them & that I need to start reading them again!


  2. Okay, this is the ONLY time abduction sounds sexy. My first sheik book was, ironically, Johanna Lindsey’s first book Captive Bride. The second was Silver Angel. Other than those two books by Lindsey, I haven’t read anything that remotely resembles a sheik story. Sounds like I need to chance that flaw. 🙂 Both of Teresa’s books sound great. I am adding them to my ever-growing “to-read” pile now. Thanks so much for introducing me to another great author Vanessa! You do keep me busy with all of these fabulous authors! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome, guys! Glad you liked the post. I know Vanessa said that it’s romantic suspense week on her blog, but with Dana Marton and me, I feel she’s got Sheikh Week!

    Kendra: I’ll have to check out those Johanna Lindsays. Thanks!

  4. I can’t resist #5. Maybe it was the naked bit. I might not be so interested in him taking over my father’s banking business, if he droned on about it forever and forgot the naked fun bits. So 5 with reservations.

    But if I can have a character transplant, I’d love #9. I want to be fiery and dominant, that kind of appeals as I sit here with a cat next to me, alone in my office, wondering if I should go for a walk now before my bum goes numb or later after I finish a few more pages.

    I loved both of Teresa’s books! She writes hot, sexy, and wicked!

  5. This week I’ve got to go with #8 – after the loss of electric, falling trees, hole in roof of last weekend, no snow area sounds like a wonderful option. All sheikh’s have to contend with is sandstorms, right?
    Maybe if I have a sexy, hot, sheikh book to read the next time the electric gets taken out (or even if it’s just a snow storm) the time will got quicker.

  6. I totally ruined my son’s watching of the sequel to the Mummy, because everytime Oded Fehr’s character Ardeth Bay would be on the screen I’d say “Take me to your tent.” My son finally got fed up and left the room.

  7. LOL when I read the end of #5. How true, how true….
    I love love love sheikh books, and there are way too little of them available out there (at least in my neck of the woods – no, no … don’t get me talking about necking in the woods, LOL). I am so easily distracted….
    Okay. I’m back. Just took a moment to think about sheikhs … and … sheikhs (sigh) … and sheikhs…. I’m sorry. I must cut this short because I am so distracted. (Short? I doubt it. Not with a sheikh, LOL!)

  8. The hot accent. I mean it. Who wouldn’t want that whispering in her ear in an intimate moment. Sunbathing by the crystal blue waters of an oasis. Over breakfast. In the checkout line at Whole Foods…

  9. All valid reasons…to only pick one…I guess number one would be it for me. Tall dark and handsome, I think it would be a nice mix with my blonde blue eyed self =)
    Love the post! So much fun to read!


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