Guest Author: Jackie Ivie & Giveaway!

I’m so pleased to have fellow Kensington author Jackie Ivie on the blog today.  Jackie writes wonderful historical romance set in the Scottish Highlands – the books in her Knight Series have been nominated numerous times in various contests, and from the publication of her first historical romance she’s garnered great reviews.

Jackie has a new Highland romance that’s just been released, and A Perfect Knight for Love looks just as fabulous as her other novels.

Here’s the blurb:

Deep in the Scottish Highlands, a stalwart clansman and a wayward bride confront duty and desire…

A Man Of Misfortune

With his reckless, drunken brother bringing ruin to the clan, and the lass he’s loved all his life in the clutches of a violent husband, the last thing Thayne MacGowan needs is a spirited, sharp–tongued damsel to contend with—no matter how enticing she may be…

A Woman With A Secret

Having narrowly escaped an objectionable arranged marriage, Amalie is starting a new life with a new identity. But her freedom is cut short when a surly but irresistibly handsome Highlander is forced to take her as his bride. If only he knew who she really was…

An Unlikely Love

Fate designs an improbable match, and a battle of wills ensues. As Amalie struggles to protect her identity, Thayne finds himself fighting for an unexpected love—and a passion neither can refuse…

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  I just love a man in a kilt, don’t you?  Hop on over to Jackie’s website to read an excerpt from A Perfect Knight for Love, and for all the buy links.

As if writing award-winning novels in one genre wasn’t enough, Jackie also self-publishes paranormal romance.  Her totally cool Vampire Assassin League series also makes for great reading.  Jackie has eight stories in this series, some of which are bundled into anthologies–at incredibly reasonable prices, I might add.

Again, visit Jackie’s website for details, excerpts, and for the buy links.  And definitely check out Jackie’s Street Assassin League on facebook.  That’s her street team, where her fans and readers come together to talk about the books and help promote them.  There’s some pretty great swag available for the members of the team, so hop on over and have a look.

For my readers today, Jackie is giving away a copy of A Perfect Knight for Love AND a Vampire League totebag.  Cool, eh?  Just tell us what you like about either vampire heroes or Highland heroes for a chance to win.  One person who comments will get both the book and the bag!

34 thoughts on “Guest Author: Jackie Ivie & Giveaway!”

  1. A Highland hero just conjures up all sorts of images. A strong, broad chest, a tartan kilt, a sword in hand & me in a deep swoon. Heroes to depend on. Fierce & loyal.

  2. Love reading about Highland heroes, they are so strong, they love deeply and they are fiercely protective of their own. And just love thinking about how deep their voice is with that lovely brogue.

  3. Thanks for a fun post and congrats to Jackie on the releases 🙂 I like Highland heroes b/c they embody all that is masculine and heroic. Plus, kilts… yum 🙂

  4. I like these heroes because they both have feral aspects and that raw passion can only be handled by a strong, equally passionate woman. This sounds like a great story. I’ve just recently began reading highland romances and I’m finding them to be lots of fun. I think I have a highland heroine hiding inside me!

  5. The vampires and highland Heros are usually very Alpha, passionate and will always save the damsel in distress, which are my fave characteristics in a hero. 🙂

  6. I like “authentic” vampires and all the angst that comes with a human/vampire relationship. I also like the immortal element. As for a highlander, I’ve never a book with a highlander thAt I didn’t just love. They’re so tough and honorable and that is so sexy to me.

  7. Highlanders are my absolute favorite! I like the older times and stories of gallantry and alpha males willing to die for you and of course accents, kilts and swords lol.

  8. Highland heroes? That is easy, I’m of Scottish heritage! It’s literally in my blood and I flock to books involving Scotland, Highlanders, Reivers, raiders, or anything Scottish 😉 Virtutis Gloria Merces

  9. I’m with you in thinking a man in kilt looks good. Not all men can carry it off, though. 😉 This is where a Highland hero comes in–the body dressed with kilt.

  10. I love Jackie’s Highland hotties! They are always gorgeous, loyal, honorable, and passionate! When they fall in love, they fall hard. Plus it’s great to see them with their strong heroines–it’s an equal partnership.

  11. Got to love a guy who’s confident enough in his masculinity to wear a skirt in public! The Scottish brogue is so attractive too.

  12. I love Jackie’s VAL series. Can not wait for the next story. Am very interested on how the VAL got started and the background on Akron. Just starting on the historicals. Love her work.

    Thank you for this chance to win

  13. I love how vampires some how just make me want more if they are sexy enough i will be thinking you can bite my neck if you want. For Highlanders who can resist a guy in a kilt right?


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