Cool Shana Galen Contest!


Shana Galen, one of my favorite historical romance novelists, is on the RT Book Reviews blog today with a really cool topic – her top five historical mysteries.  She’s also giving away three copies of her new book, Sapphires are an Earl’s Best Friend, so you really should hop on over to the blog.  I’m reading this book right now and loving it!

And in other news…the winner of the Mary Behre book is lisagk.  I’ll be in touch, Lisa!

5 thoughts on “Cool Shana Galen Contest!”

  1. I have been reading Shana’s books since I was given her book, WHEN DASHING MET DANGER, as a gift from my hubby.
    Ever since reading that one book I have been hooked. I try and read anything she has in print. I really enjoyed reading her series, The Sons of the Revolution. I need to get her latest book in The Jewels of the Ton series, another enjoyable set of books. Seeing that you’re reading it now Vanessa and loving it I have to rush out and get it too!!
    Have a great weekend Vanessa!

    • Shana is one of my favorite historical romance authors, Dalila – hope you have a great weekend, too! I have family visiting from up north, so there will be much eating and drinking.


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