Only 5 Sleeps Till Lost in a Royal Kiss!

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Lost in a Royal Kiss, the introduction to my new series, The Renegade Royals, will be out next Tuesday.  There’s an excerpt on my website, but here’s another little teaser to whet your appetite!

Anthony reached out and trailed a finger along her shoulder to her neck. “I can think of one other reason why you couldn’t sleep, can’t you?”

“Um, no, I cannot.” Linnet needed to get away from him before she did something rash and foolish. “Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll return to my room.”

She started to wriggle away, but when his hand clamped down gently on her shoulder, she froze. He bent his head, looking her in the eyes, and she lost her breath all over again.

“Don’t you want to select something to read before you go?” he teased as one finger softly stroked her neck.

If he kept touching her like that, she might very well melt into the window seat. It terrified her to think what would happen if he placed both hands upon her body.

At a loss for words, she settled for shaking her head.

“No? Well, I have another suggestion for you. One that will be sure to help you sleep, at least afterward.”

She tried to swallow, but her throat went tight. “What’s that?” she managed.

“This.” His mouth covered hers with a hot fervor she felt all the way to the marrow of her bones. One of his hands remained clamped on her shoulder, but the other slipped around her waist. He leaned into her, bending her gently back over his brawny arm.

Linnet moaned as the tips of her breasts brushed up against his linen shirt. When her lips parted, his tongue slipped inside,tasting her with a bone-melting kiss that had her digging her nails into his arms. She wanted to rub against him, and she shook with the force of will required to hold back. But the walls against him would no longer hold, and she finally surrendered to the desperate yearning she’d battled for so many long months. She didn’t resist his kiss, although her dazed mind and body still held her passive in his embrace.

But when one of his big hands settled on her, cuddling her breast, Linnet jerked in his arms. Sensation streaked down to coalesce between her thighs. It seemed her body was not her own, instinctively arching into his hand as she moaned into his mouth.

Unexpectedly, Anthony broke the kiss. The hand at her back moved up, fingers sliding into her loose braid. He gently gripped her head, holding her still as he gazed at her. His eyes were heavy-lidded and dark with passion, but his mouth—his beautiful, strong mouth—was pulled tight, as if he were in pain.

His jaw looked hard as stone and tense enough to shatter. “I’m not stopping, Linnet,” he growled. “Not unless you order me to. Right now.”

Be sure to stop back tomorrow, since I’ll be posting another teaser AND I’ll also be giving away an Advanced Readers Copy of book one in The Renegade Royals, Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard.

Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard

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