Facebook Giveaway!

on the edge cover

For YA and contemporary romance lovers, I’ve got a great giveaway happening on my facebook page. Allison Van Diepen is a fabulous writer, and she has a new book out. Pop by my facebook page for a chance to win a sign, hardcover copy of On The Edge:

Wrong place. Wrong time.

Maddie Diaz never should have taken that shortcut through the park. If she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have seen two gang members attacking a homeless man. Now, as the only witness, Maddie knows there’s a target on her back.

But her courage has also caught the attention of Lobo, the mysterious leader of a rival gang, who promises to protect her. Lobo might be out for his own revenge, but Maddie knows she can trust him. And even though Lobo tries to push her away, she is determined to find out the truth about him. As sparks fly between them, Maddie is drawn deeper into his dangerous world…until there’s no turning back.

When you live on the edge, any moment could be your last.