Guest Author: Brenda Jernigan!!


Brenda Jernigan is a bestselling, award-winning romance author with a distinguished career.  She writes in multiple genres, including contemporary fiction, western and medieval romance, and time travel romance.  In fact, Brenda’s latest book is a time travel, and it sounds really cool.  Here’s the blurb:

Alexandria Dumont is a doctor of rehabilitation medicine working long hours at Regional Hospital as she finishes her residency. Lately, she hasn’t had much time for a life. Her one treat is going to the flea market.

When she buys a portrait of an old Southern Plantation, she can’t get over how intriguing the picture is. It is a beautiful plantation surrounded by live oaks draped in Spanish moss, but the reflection in the lake doesn’t show its grandeur. It reflects a home burned to the ground. When she moves the portrait, a child’s diary falls upon the bed and Alexandria begins to read.

The next morning when she finds herself in 1835 she figures she has finally gone off the deep end. Nothing makes sense. Alexandria is unsure why she has fallen back to 1835 until she meets a crippled child she knows she can help walk again. However convincing the child’s brother, the arrogant Brad Wentworth, who hates doctors, that she can help his sister to walk again might be the biggest task that she has ever encountered.

As Alexandria sets about her task, she finds River Bends Plantation holds many secrets. Finding the answers to those secrets just may cost her . . . her life.

What a beautiful cover too, isn’t it?  You can find Black Magic on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Be sure to check out Brenda’s website for info on all her other books!

For my readers today, Brenda is giving away a copy of Black Magic.  Have you ever read any time travel books?  If so, what are your favorites?  One person who comments will win a copy of the book!