Guest Author: Sharon Page & Giveaway!!

Sharon Page

Many of you know USA Today bestselling author Sharon Page as the writer of Regency paranormal and erotic romances.  Those books have garnered a lot of critical acclaim and won tons of awards–too many to list here!  And Sharon is continuing to write in that genre, which is really great.  But she’s also branching out in exciting direction–writing sexy New Adult Romances!

Her New Adult series is call The Yardley College Chronicles, and it follows the adventures of Mia Reynolds, a college student.  I’m going to turn the blog over to Sharon so she can tell you all about it.

Sharon, here!  This is the first book in my erotic and emotional new adult series, the Yardley College Chronicles. (It’s intended for readers 18 years of age and older.) Here’s the blurb One Hot Fall Term, book one:

I’m Mia Reynolds, 19 years old, and I have to leave the guy I love to go to the college of my dreams.

When my mom and I came to Milltown to live, it was like starting all over again. I pretended my past abuse didn’t exist. And by some miracle I found something I thought I’d never find, something I believed I was too screwed up to ever have: an amazing, sweet, decent, gorgeous guy.

Ryan Taylor has survived a tough past too.  It has made him into the most honorable guy I’ve ever known. But to build our futures, Ryan and I have to split up and go to colleges on opposite sides of the country. I fear our last night together may be the end of our relationship. I’m determined to give up my vow to be good and seduce Ryan. I want one night of passion with the guy I love.

But after the hottest, most incredible night I can imagine, Ryan and I promise to make a long distance relationship work.

Then, at Yardley College I meet Jonathon Powell, the wild, arrogant, powerful son of a billionaire. He pursues me and I fight to resist temptation because I love Ryan. Jonathon becomes my best friend, but I keep wondering if he still wants more…

Then everything changes. Ryan goes “AWOL” from his college and comes to see me. I know I have to make him go back, but it’s too tempting to be with him—even just for one white-hot, wicked weekend. As Jonathon helps me cope with my past, he tries to make me see that he and I should be together.  I would never give Ryan up, but when Ryan begins to discover the secrets I’ve kept from him, will I lose him forever?


Here`s an excerpt from One Hot Fall Term:

As we near our dorm, I slow down. There’s a guy on a motorcycle on the drive outside the front door. His legs are stretched out in black jeans, he wears a leather jacket and he’s pulling off his helmet—which is black and crimson, with a reflective visor. As he lifts it up, I see his hair, illuminated by the outdoor lights at the door. Even through the swirling snow, I can tell he’s got light blond hair, buzzed short.

Ryan? I grip Lara’s arm. “Lara, I think it’s Ryan. I’m going to run up and see.”

I sprint through the snow, arms crossed over my chest because I’m so cold. Oh God, it is Ryan. He swings his long leg over the motorcycle. “Mia!”

He runs to me, and lifts me off the ground, sweeping me into his arms. He spins me under the falling snow, his arms wrapped tight around me. I smell the leather of his coat, the sweet Ryan-ness of his skin and the clean sexiness of his laundry soap. He bends down to me and I surge up and press my mouth to his.

I kiss him hungrily. It’s been so long and I’ve fantasized about this so much. This is going to be the best kiss ever. I coax his mouth to open and I wriggle my tongue inside to play with his. Ryan tastes of coffee. My tongue runs over his smooth teeth to find his tongue and duel with it. Our tongues tangle, and go back and forth, from his mouth to mine. It’s been so long since I’ve kissed him that I want to savor this.

Softly, Ryan moans into my mouth as he lowers me gently to my feet. I stay on my tiptoes, my arms wrapped around his strong neck. I run my fingers over the warm skin of his throat. His stubble teases my fingertips.

Snowflakes melt to water on him and me. I should draw back from the kiss, but when I try, he cups my face and kisses me with a slow, languorous motion that makes me want to dissolve.

Oh God.

He breaks the kiss first and he buries his face into my neck. He kisses me there, at the base of my jaw, and erotic tremors rush through me.

My knees almost collapse.

“You shouldn’t be here. How can you be here?” I whisper. “You’re supposed to be at school. Not here, on a motorcycle…what am I saying? I just want to kiss you.”

But he doesn’t kiss me. He tips up my face to look at me. “Your mom told me what happened. Are you okay? She told me you are, but—but I had to see you. Are you really okay, Mia?”

Fear makes his voice shake and I realize that’s what is making his voice pale, and his eyes look so full of pain. This was exactly why I didn’t want mom to tell him. She broke her promise. But mainly, I want to reassure him.

“Yeah, I’m really okay, Ryan. Nothing bad happened—”

“Nothing bad? Some guy attacked you. You don’t just shake things like this off, Mia. You must still be frightened. Things like that give you nightmares. You can tell me the truth.”

Looking into his eyes is different than looking up at Jonathon’s. Both these guys care about me. But Ryan is the one I belong to. Also the one I want to protect.

He pulls me close and I’m dwarfed by his strong body, feeling small and safe and protected in the circle of his strong arms. His lips touch my forehead. He’s holding me like Jonathon did, with all the tenderness, but there’s a depth of sexual intensity leaping between us that makes me quiver. This has to be love—the fire and the need and the desire to be as intimate with him as I can be, but with the yearning to see him happy and share with him and hold him tight.

It’s love and it’s awesome.

One Hot Fall Term is currently available on Amazon, and will soon be available in all other format. 

Vanessa, here.  I`m really excited about Sharon`s move into this new genre!  She`s a wonderful writer, and I know this series is going to be fantastic.  And for my readers today, Sharon is giving away a copy of One Hot Fall Term.  Just tell us what your favorite contemporary romance or New Adult novel is these days for a chance to win!