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Okay, folks, I’m participating in a really exciting contest with fellow authors Jane Porter, Eloisa James, Elizabeth Hoyt, and Julia London.  Zounds!  How cool is it be associated with that group?  The contest is currently running, and will wrap up on Sept. 19th with a grand prize giveaway of…drum roll, please…an iPad!

And in each week in the run up to the grand prize giveaway, we’ll also be giving away a prize packet of five of our books.  To get the details and to enter check out my facebook contest page, or the facebook pages of the other authors in the contest.

The winner of Thursday’s guest blog post with Terri Brisbin is Evelyn W.  Congratulations!  I’ll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog.  My featured guests next week will be paranormal romance author Karen Whiddon and historical romance author Diana Cosby.  Be sure to come visit!

Guest Author: Terri Brisbin & Giveaway!

I always love hosting historical romance writers and today’s guest is a real treat for my readers.  She’s Terri Brisbin, a very talented author who’s sold more than 1.7 million copies of her historical and paranormal romance novels, novellas and short stories in more than 20 languages in 25 countries around the world since 1998. Wow! That is some impressive pedigree!  I’m going to turn the blog over to Terri, so she can tell us about her latest book.

Kids? Why Are There Kids?!

First – thanks to Vanessa for having me as a guest today!

I have to confess and apologize at the same time. I discovered long ago that I absolutely DETEST reading about kids in romance novels. It might be because of my background having had three children and understanding that children and romance don’t always work well together….that they interfere and get in the way sometimes. So, when it comes to reading romances, I look for an escape, a story unlike my real life, so I can believe it could be me in that story. And when I see romances with children on the covers, I avoid them.

That’s why I have to apologize – to my romance writing colleagues who write marvelous stories that do involve children. And there are tons of them out there if you look at covers on the shelves in bookstores and online! Children are front-and-center on many Harlequin lines and the covers. Um. . . yuck.

So, that’s why it shouldn’t be a surprise when Fate and my Muse decided to double-team against me and feed me a story idea that involved a 6 year old little girl! Darn it! Why me? Why a child? Well, I gave up fighting it and wrote the story that became POSSESSED BY THE HIGHLANDER about a man who is forced into marrying a woman who has an illegitimate daughter. Worse? The hero falls in love with the little girl – Ciara – before he does her mother!! Is that insult to injury?

I was contenting myself with the knowledge that I’d write it, her, and be done with it, but in the middle of the story, Ciara did the unthinkable! You see, the youngest man in the hero’s ‘men’, a teenager he’s mentoring, has befriended Ciara because he has many brothers and sisters and she reminds him of one of them. Tavis, the young man, begins to entertain her through their journey home, even carving wooden animals for her to play with along the way.  When he presents her with the latest one, a pig, she grabs her mother’s hand, tugs her down close and whispers: ““I am going to marry Tavis, Mama.”

More than just a childish oath, Ciara’s words caused a flash of story before my eyes and I saw her and Tavis as adults together. In just a few seconds, the whole story flew by and I knew I would have to write that story!

Well, now, almost six years later, I’ve finally written that story! THE HIGHLANDER’S STOLEN TOUCH is the story of a young woman unrelenting love for a man who sees her as a younger sister until the day when she suddenly becomes much more. Ciara never loses faith that Tavis will be his, but sometimes Fate (and muses, apparently) have other ideas.

I guess I’m glad that I was forced to have a child in that book since it lead to a completely new series for me to write, but I’m not happy about it! LOL!

How about you? Do you like children in romance novels? Dislike? Not care? Let me know and we’ll pick someone to receive a copy of that first book – POSSESSED BY THE HIGHLANDER – and a copy of one of my digital short stories, too!

Terri is frantically writing in one of her infamous deadline-mania-o’-writing-binges even while celebrating her newest release, THE HIGHLANDER’S STOLEN TOUCH! Visit her website ( ) for more info about everything!

Vanessa, here.  Terri, that’s a very interesting question and a great post – and your new book sounds wonderful.  I definitely fall into your camp on the children, and tend to avoid romances with them as main characters.  Of course, in the hands of a talented author (like you!) I’ll read and enjoy just about anything.  So, what about you, readers?  Answer Terri’s question for a chance to win Possessed By The Highlander and one of her short stories.

We Have Winners!

We have several winners today.  Here are the lucky readers:

When You Give a Duke a Diamond, by Shana GalenRaquel Procell

How to Dance With a Duke, by Manda CollinsWinnie

Touch of a Rogue, by Mia MarloweJoy G

Touch of a Lady, by Mia Marlowe:  Kim

Congratulations, ladies!  I’ll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog.  My guest blogger tomorrow will be historical romance author Terri Brisbin.  Be sure to stop by!