Guest Author: Katherine Garbera & Giveaway!

Katherine Garbera

I’m so pleased to welcome my fellow Jaunty Quills sister Katherine Garbera to the blog.  Katherine is a USA Today Bestselling and award-winning author of contemporary romance.  She’s written for Kensington and numerous Harlequin imprints, and her books have been featured in magazines like Redbook and excerpted in Cosmo.  Wow!

And did I mention that she’s written more than 50 books?  Pretty accomplished, I’d say!

Katherine has a new book out called His Instant Heir.  It’s a secret baby story, which is one of my FAVORITE romance tropes.  Plus, the hero is a billionaire, and who doesn’t love that?

His Instant Heir

There is nothing sexier than a good looking guy with a baby, I always say!  Here’s the blurb:

It was only one night…

Cari Chandler can’t forget Declan Montrose. Their baby is a living reminder. The baby she hasn’t told him about. The no-commitment billionaire—and her family’s sworn enemy—walked out of her life the morning after. But now he’s back…with a vengeance!

Taking over her company is the last step to victory in their families’ long feud. But Cari’s more than collateral damage to Dec. He wants—needs—to seduce her again and again. Until he finds out she’s hidden something more precious than her company. His son. And Dec intends to claim him…no matter the cost.

And it’s a revenge story, too – I’m in book heaven!  Be sure to stop by Katherine’s website to read an excerpt.

For my readers today, Katherine is giving away three copies of her book.  Just tell us what some of your favorite romance themes are:  marriage of convenience, friends to lovers, or lovers on the run?  Three people who comment will win a copy of An Instant Heir.