Guest Author: Ann Roth & giveaway!

I’m very pleased to have contemporary romance author Ann Roth guest blogging with me today.  Ann writes wonderful and heart-warming romances that have garnered great reviews, contest finals, and many top picks from RT Book Reviews.  She has a new book out this week called Rancher Daddy, and she’s here to tell us why cowboys are so special.

I Heart Cowboys

I happen to love cowboys. How about you?

February marks the publication of Rancher Daddy, the first book in my new Harlequin American miniseries–just in time for Valentine’s Day. The series is set in Saddlers Prairie, a fictitious ranching town in eastern Montana.

In my mind, the ideal cowboy is rugged and tough on the outside, with a big heart. He is loyal to a fault, and deeply rooted in his land and his animals. When he finally meets the right woman-even if he doesn’t realize that she’s the one for a good two hundred pages or so-he falls hard and loves with his whole heart.

Recently, I discovered a website The Wild WestThe site posts what they call Cowboy Codes of the West. For your fun and enjoyment, here are some of those cowboy codes.

Never pass anyone on the trail without saying “Howdy”.
Don’t wave at a man on a horse. It might spook the horse and the man will think you’re an idiot. (A nod is the proper greeting.)
After you pass someone on the trail, don’t look back at him. It implies you don’t trust him.
Riding another man’s horse without his permission is nearly as bad as making love to his wife.
A cowboy is pleasant even when out of sorts. Complaining is what quitters do, and cowboys hate quitters.
A cowboy always helps someone in need, even a stranger or an enemy.
Real cowboys are modest. A braggart who is “all gurgle and no guts” is not tolerated.
A cowboy doesn’t talk much; he saves his breath for breathing.
No matter how weary and hungry you are after a long day in the saddle, always tend to your horse’s needs before your own, and get your horse some feed before you eat.
Cuss all you want, but only around men, horses and cows.

Don’t those exemplify the cowboy?

Thanks for letting me come visit, Vanessa!

Thanks for being on with us today, Ann.  And I love the Cowboy Code! 

Ann will graciously give away one of the books in her backlist today – reader’s choice!  Just tell me who your favorite cowboy is – in books, movies, or TV shows – for a chance to win.  And pop over to her website to have a look at her backlist and check out all the details on Rancher Daddy.