Guest Author: Jannine Corti Petska & Giveaway!

As my readers already know, I love historical romance.  No surprise, right?  So it makes me very happy to have a fellow historical romance writer on the blog today, and one who writes outside the standard, sometimes very confining boxes.  She’s Jannine Corti Petska and she’s the author of historical fiction novels and romances set in a variety of different time periods and locations, and with really interesting heroes and heroines–including a gypsy, an Italian knight, a professional gambler in the Old West, and a French spy in Naples.  Cool!

Jannine is hear today to tell us a little bit about her herself and new book, set in Medieval Italy.  Take it away, Jannine!

SURRENDER TO HONOR is the second book of my 4-book Italian medieval series. It’s set in 15th century Palermo and takes a look at the beginning of the Mafia.

What genres besides your own do you like to read in?

I read romantic suspense. I also love to read autobiographies and biographies of celebrities from the golden era of Hollywood as well as those of Italian soccer stars.

Do you do a lot of reading while you’re writing a book, or does that mess with your voice?

I haven’t had time to read an entire book in years, which is unfortunate. There are so many great stories I’ve missed out on. However, I’ll try to find a book that’s around my era, and when I get stuck or feel like I’m straying from the era, I’ll read a few paragraphs and get back into medieval or western mode. The problem is, 99% of my medievals are set in Italy. It’s not a place where books are usually set.

I don’t think it messes with my voice. At least I’ve never felt it was a problem.

Do you listen to music while you’re writing?

I used to, but the older I get, the more peace and quiet I need so I can concentrate. <g>

You’re stranded on a deserted island and can only have two luxury items with you.  What would they be?

I’ve answered a question like this before. I can’t recall what I said, but at this moment it would be a computer and never-ending coffee. I think a hunky guy would be a distraction, lol. Of course, I’d have to have at least one dog.

I can definitely relate to having a dog with you.  And now, a little info about Jannine’s series…

THE LILY AND THE FALCON, book 1 of Jannine’s Italian medieval series

Bianca degli Albizzi is outraged when sworn enemy Cristiano de’ Medici asks for her hand in marriage. With her father’s blessing, she weds the handsome warrior to end the war between Florence’s two powerful families. But headstrong Bianca vows to teach her husband that loyalty cannot be bought…not even by seduction.

Cristiano, a well-known warrior with the wealth of a king, could have any woman he desires. But for the sake of peace he ends up with a defiant bride who awakens his deepest passion. Her vengeful scheming puts them both in peril, but is he prepared to sacrifice his life to safeguard the woman who has stolen his heart?

SURRENDER TO HONOR, book 2 of Jannine’s Italian medieval series

Prima Ranieri seeks retribution for her family’s death and loss of home and land. Her plans go awry when the heir to the powerful Massaro family returns home. After only one glance, Prima’s attraction to him undermines her furor toward those she blames for her plight.

After a fifteen year absence, Antonio Massaro returns to Palermo to find a war raging between his family and the evil Falcone. His refusal to accept his rightful position as the head of the Honored Society carries serious consequences. The welfare of the people of Palermo is at stake. But one look at the beautiful woman Prima has become costs him his heart. She’s a deadly distraction…one that jeopardizes her life as well as his own. 

Oh, my gosh!  They sound wonderful, don’t they?  And so different!  Readers, check out the details on Jannine’s website, which includes excerpts, buy links, and reviews for all her books.

And for my readers today, Jannine is giving away a copy of one of her books.  Just tell me which type of romantic hero you’d prefer to woe you:  an Italian knight, a gypsy lover, or a French spy?  One person who comments will win a copy of Jannine’s book!