Author Feature & Giveaway: Stacey Joy Netzel & Donna Marie Rogers

Welcome to Redemption, the charming town in Wisconsin created by two talented authors, Stacey Joy Netzel and Donna Marie Rogers I’m really happy to showcase Stacey and Donna because, as critique partners, they’ve created a unique, interlinked series of wonderful stories about life and love in a small town in America’s heartland.

Stacey Joy Netzel
Donna Marie Rogers

Like many romance readers today, I love small town contemporaries.  The evocation of a quieter, gentler life, founded on deeply felt relationships between families and friends who’ve all know each other forever is deeply appealing in the fast-paced and often fractured world of modern society.  When life gets us down or feels a little two frantic, there’s nothing like a small town contemporary to ease the tension and bring some warmth and sanity back into our reading lives.

And that’s exactly what the Welcome To Redemption series does.  These are truly lovely, warm-hearted stories about ordinary men and women in this great little town, who fall in love and overcome life’s challenges to find their HEAs.  Here’s what Jane Toombs, the multi-published award winning author had to say about the first set of stories in the series:

“Welcome to Redemption by, Donna Marie Rogers and Stacey Joy Netzel offers four refreshing and heartwarming stories. These stories bring readers right into the heart of this town, and the lives of its people, with four happy and romantic endings. Reading this book was a real pleasure.”

The Romance Studio gave Welcome To Redemption 5 hearts, and called it “a marvelous book.”  And it is a marvelous book – I’ve read it and I loved it, and I’m a real fan of Stacey’s and Donna’s writings.  I also love the fact that the series is a collaborative effort that interweaves the talents of these two writers into a seamless collection of  four tales.

Both Stacey and Donna have garnered critical acclaim for their other books, too.  Stacey’s Mistletoe Rules was the winner of the 2010 Wisconsin Write Touch Contest, and also received a Top Pick from Night Owl Romance and was nominated for Best Book of 2009 at Long and Short Reviews.  And Donna’s contemporary romance, Meant To Be You, took second place in the prestigious Bean Pot Award and was also a finalist in the Wisconson Write Touch Contest in 2010.

For their next collaborative effort, Stacey and Donna have returned to the world of Redemption.  They obtained the rights back to their orginal WTR anthology, re-edited all four stories, and added additional contents to Books 1, 3, and 4.  Then, they each wrote two brand NEW stories to continue the series with Books 5 and 6.  I’m really thrilled for them, and very much looking forward to revisiting the inhabitants of the lovely small town of Redemption, Wisconsin.

On Thursday of this week, all six books in the series will be available as digital reads on Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, and for other eReaders.   And to kick-start the newly edited series, Stacey and Donna will be giving away some of the new books for free.  Be sure to check their websites on Thursday for all the details.

But I also want to celebrate the release of the new Redemption books, so I’m doing a giveaway today.  Just tell me what you most like (or don’t like) about small town contemporary romance.  One person who comments will win the first two books in this truly lovely series.