Guest Author: Elizabeth Essex & Giveaway!

As you might have guessed by now, I love Regency-set historical romance. But there’s another period that’s dear to my heartand that’s the Georgian period, which immediately preceded the Regency.  It’s a wonderful setting for historical romance, lending itself to swashbuckling adventure and intrigue, and some truly spectacular clothing.

Elizabeth Essex, my guest author today, writes adventurous and sexy historical romance set during the Georgian period.  Her debut book was The Pursuit of Pleasure, which got great reviews:

“Elizabeth Essex’s The Pursuit of Pleasure is elegant, evocative, and absolutely dangerous to a good night’s sleep. Once you pick this book up, you won’t be able to set it aside until you’ve learned the last of its very satisfying secrets.” NYT bestselling author, Courtney Milan

Her last book, The Danger of Desire, was nominated for the prestigious RITA Award.

You’ll be happy to know that Elizabeth has a brand new series called The Reckless Brides, released by St. Martin’s Press:

Bold, brazen and beautiful, the reckless brides refuse to play by society’s rules of courtship. But—come hell or high water—they always get their man.

She’s always ready for adventure. He’s almost ready for love

The first book in the series, Almost a Scandal, is available now.  Here’s what USA Today bestselling author Julianne MacLean had to say about it:

“Elizabeth Essex will dazzle you with her sophisticated blend of vivid historical detail, exquisite characterization and delicious sexual tension. Almost a Scandal is a breath-taking tale of rapturous romance and awe-inspiring adventure!”

Zounds!  Is that not a gorgeous cover?  Here’s the blurb:


For generations, the Kents have served proudly with the British Royal Navy. So when her younger brother refuses to report for duty, Sally Kent slips into uniform and takes his place—at least until he comes to his senses. Boldly climbing aboard H.M.S. Audacious, Sally is as able-bodied as any sailor there. But one man is making her feel tantalizingly aware of the full-bodied woman beneath her navy blues…


Dedicated to his ship, sworn to his duty—and distractingly gorgeous—Lieutenant David Colyear sees through Sally’s charade, and he’s furious. But he must admit she’s the best midshipman on board—and a woman who tempts him like no other. With his own secrets to hide and his career at stake, Col agrees to keep her on. But can the passion they hide survive the perils of battle at sea? Soon, their love and devotion will be put to the test…

I told you, right?  Swashbuckling, adventurous, and sexy!  What’s not to like?  If you’ve never read any of Elizabeth’s books, this series is a great place to start.

For my readers today, Elizabeth is generously giving away two copies of Almost a Scandal.  Wow!  Since Elizabeth has such great covers, let’s talk about that.  What do you like to see on a romance cover?  Do you like the traditional clinch, the elegant lady, or the more discrete hearts and flowers? Two people who comment will win Almost a Scandal.

And don’t forget to check out Elizabeth’s website to read excerpts and find out about all her books!



We Have A Winner!

The winner of Julianne MacLean’s Western romance novel, The Marshall and Mrs. O’Malley is Jeanne Miro!  Congratulations, Jeanne.  I’ll be in touch.

Julianne’s latest release, The Sexy Girl’s Guide to Cowboys, is now available as a digital book at Amazon and other 0n-line retailers.  It’s time and travel AND cowboys, so you’ll want to check this one out!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow, when my featured author will be historical romance writer, Diana Cosby!

Guest Author: Julianne MacLean & Giveaway!


My featured author today is Julianne MacLean, a USA Today bestselling author and an incredibly talented woman who writes across multiple genres.  I’m so thrilled to host Julianne on the blog – I’m convinced it’s because of her that I’m published in the first place.  Several years ago, Julianne critiqued the proposal of my first as yet unpublished historical romance.  It was a pretty good manuscript, but I just couldn’t seem to bring it up to the next level.  But Julianne’s perceptive critique and fabulous advice gave me the tools I needed revise that manuscript into a winning proposal, which eventually won me my first publishing contract.  To say that the woman is smart, talented, and hardworking (and beautiful, btw!) is an understatement!

Until recently Julianne was primarily known for her passionate historical romances, and her current series about sexy men in kilts, the Highlander Trilogy.  Her latest, Claimed by the Highlander, was on the USA Today bestseller list for three weeks in a row!

But Julianne has branched out into other genres and new ventures, and with stunning success.  You may have heard about her women’s fiction novel, The Color of Heaven, which she indie published under the pen name of E.V. Mitchell.  Not surprising to anyone who’s read Julianne’s books, The Color of Heaven was a smashing success, hitting the Amazon bestseller lists and reaching #1 on the contemporary romance list this month.

And now Julianne is mixing up again!  This week sees the release of another indie published book, The Sexy Girl’s Guide to Cowboys.

I’ll turn the blog over to Julianne now, and let her tell us all about her new book.

THE  SEXY GIRL’S GUIDE TO COWBOYS is a story I wrote in 1995, when I was still an unpublished writer and time travel romances were selling like hotcakes to all the publishers.  When I finished it, however, the trend was on its way out, and no one was buying time travels anymore, so after shopping it around without success, I shelved it and started something new.

I wrote another western romance set in Dodge City called PRAIRIE BRIDE, which sold to Harlequin, and that was my first published novel.  Since then, I have published seventeen romances, but I always had a soft spot in my heart for that quirky time travel I wrote back in the nineties when I was an eager, aspiring author.

So here we are in 2011, and e-book technology has made it possible for me to publish the book on my own.  It took some effort, because I wrote it when I was a very “young” writer, and the prose needed some polish, as well as the characterizations. I had no idea what to expect when I re-read it after all these years, but I was pleased to see that the story had great bones!  It was an absolute joy to work on, and I hope I will hear from some of my long-time readers who know that this is one of my earliest manuscripts.  I wonder if they will recognize how my writing style has evolved.

To be honest, I doubt I would conceive of this story today, because I tend to go for heavier plotlines and darker characterizations – especially with my heroes.  Sheriff Truman Wade does show some signs of this, however (he has a dark past), and when I finally began to rework the book, I could see how certain things have remained the same.  I always loved a tortured hero, and I doubt that will ever change.

Incidentally, the original title for the book was JUNEBUG JESS, and I believe I will always refer to it lovingly as “Junebug.”

Julianne thanks so much for coming on the blog to tell us about your latest book.  It sounds fabulous!

Since Julianne’s latest book is a time travel, let’s talk about that.  Do you read time travel romances?  If so, what are your favourites?  One commenter will win a copy of Julianne’s Western romance, The Marshall and Mrs. O’Malley.

We Have Winners!

I have two winners to announce today.  The first is Sandy Ball, who won a copy of Monica Burns’ latest book, Pleasure MeAnd Jami S. won a copy of  Katharine Ashe’s Captured By A Rogue Lord.  Congratulations, ladies!  I’ll be in touch soon.

Tomorrow I’ll be featuring a very special author on my blog:  Julianne MacLean.  Julianne, a USA Today bestselling author, writes passionate historical romance novels.  But she’s also branching out into other kinds of books, including women’s fiction and a really fun time-travelling romance  that she released this week in digital format.  Stop by tomorrow to get the scoop!

We Have A Winner!

The winner of Sally MacKenzie’s new book, The Naked King, is Karen H in NC!  Karen, I’ll be in touch soon.  And thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog to comment.

I’ll be featuring some other great romance and women’s fiction authors  in June, and hosting giveaways.  Just take a look at this schedule!

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Be sure to stop by to meet some authors who might be new to you, and for a chance to win one of their great books!