Winners Galore!!

A backlog of winners to post today!

The winners of Manda Collins’ novella are:  Jackie Wisherd, Kim, and Maria

The winner of the Brenda Hiatt book is:  Judith

The winner of the Brenda Jernigan book is:  Kristine

The winner of the Dana Marton book is:  Erin

Congrats, ladies!  I’ll be in touch.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog.  I’ll have lots of guests appearing on the blog this summer, so be sure to check back often!

Guest Author: Brenda Jernigan!!


Brenda Jernigan is a bestselling, award-winning romance author with a distinguished career.  She writes in multiple genres, including contemporary fiction, western and medieval romance, and time travel romance.  In fact, Brenda’s latest book is a time travel, and it sounds really cool.  Here’s the blurb:

Alexandria Dumont is a doctor of rehabilitation medicine working long hours at Regional Hospital as she finishes her residency. Lately, she hasn’t had much time for a life. Her one treat is going to the flea market.

When she buys a portrait of an old Southern Plantation, she can’t get over how intriguing the picture is. It is a beautiful plantation surrounded by live oaks draped in Spanish moss, but the reflection in the lake doesn’t show its grandeur. It reflects a home burned to the ground. When she moves the portrait, a child’s diary falls upon the bed and Alexandria begins to read.

The next morning when she finds herself in 1835 she figures she has finally gone off the deep end. Nothing makes sense. Alexandria is unsure why she has fallen back to 1835 until she meets a crippled child she knows she can help walk again. However convincing the child’s brother, the arrogant Brad Wentworth, who hates doctors, that she can help his sister to walk again might be the biggest task that she has ever encountered.

As Alexandria sets about her task, she finds River Bends Plantation holds many secrets. Finding the answers to those secrets just may cost her . . . her life.

What a beautiful cover too, isn’t it?  You can find Black Magic on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Be sure to check out Brenda’s website for info on all her other books!

For my readers today, Brenda is giving away a copy of Black Magic.  Have you ever read any time travel books?  If so, what are your favorites?  One person who comments will win a copy of the book!

We Have Winners!

Lots of winners today!

Katharine Ashe’s book, Captive Bride – Dawn T

Alpha Male Blog Hop – Tammy T

Brenda Jernigan’s Christmas in Camelot – Belinda

Congratulations, ladies!  I’ll be in touch.  Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog.

And just a friendly, shameless reminder that my new VK Sykes book, Bigger Than Beckham, is now available in e-book.

You can find it on Kindle, Kobo, or at Smashwords in a variety of formats.  To read an excerpt, check out my VK Sykes website.

Have a great day!

Guest Author: Brenda Jernigan & Giveaway!

I’m very pleased to have historical romance author Brenda Jernigan visiting the blog today.  Brenda’s books have won The Book Seller’s Best Award, the Maggie Award, and the prestigious Holt Medallion.  As Publishers Weekly said, her books are all about “romance, adventure, and magic.”

Like many wonderful authors, some of Brenda’s books have been out of print or just too darn hard to get.  Fortunately, digital and indie publishing has changed all that.  Here’s what Brenda herself has to say on the subject:

I’m Brenda Jernigan and I’ve been writing for what seems like a long time.  I sold my first book on April Fool’s day 1978.  I like that.  At least I can always remember when I first sold!

I’ve taken the last few years off from writing.  Between writing books and driving 45 minutes each way to a regular job it became too much, so I called a halt to everything and cancelled the last 2 books of my last contract.  However, now that I’ve retired it is fun to pick up the books again.  I’ve been trying to get all my old books into e-book format for everyone who has an e-reader. 

And we’re certainly glad you have, Brenda!  And the book we’re featuring today looks awesome–it’s called Christmas in Camelot.  How perfect for the upcoming holiday season!

Isn’t that a beautiful cover?  And I am so down with the idea of spending Christmas in Camelot!  This book got great reviews, including this one from Pages Magazine:

“Brenda Jernigan does what no other author has accomplished yet: create a special place of honor for you at fabled Camelot’s Christmas holiday celebration. It’s a fresh change of pace and picked number 1 in my book.”

Here’s the blurb for Christmas in Camelot:

The Greatest Gifts . . . Are always unexpected . . .

There was a king – King Arthur of Camelot

There was a knight – Sir Nicholas the Dragon

There was a wager that each swore he would win . . .

Lady Noelle has no intention of marrying just to save her family’s castle. She feels nothing for Sir Gavin, the man who will become her husband on Christmas Day. Then she spies Camelot’s newest knight, the notorious Sir Nicholas the Dragon, a champion as renowned for his prowess in the beds of Camelot’s maidens as for his skill in battle. Noelle’s heart has found the man she longs for, even as her hand is promised to another.

Christmas may never come to Camelot.

Sounds great!  To read an excerpt and to check out Brenda’s other books, visit her website.  Brenda is currently putting her backlist up in digital, which is great news for her readers!

For my readers today, Brenda is giving away a copy of Christmas in Camelot.  I always loved reading the legends of King Arthur, and I really enjoy all the various movies and TV shows that recreate the legends.  Who’s your favorite Camelot character?  Or is there any TV show or movie adaptation that you particularly liked?  Just tell us to win a copy of Brenda’s fab book!



We Have A Winner!

The winner of Theresa Romain’s new book, Season For Surrender, is Penney Wilfort.  And the winner of Pamela Aares’ book, Jane Austen and the Archangel, is Maycee Majors.  Congratulations!  I’ll be in touch.

Thanks to all you great folks for stopping by my blog.  My guest author tomorrow will be Brenda Jernigan.  Be sure to stop back for that!

And for all of you who joined my Author Buzz contest, I’ll be announcing the winners later today.  Stay tuned!