Hot Summer Romance Giveaway Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the Hot Summer Reads Giveaway Hop, sponsored by the Insatiable Reads Book Tour.  There are over 100 bloggers and authors participating in the hop, and each is offering a giveaway on her blog.  And there are two Grand Prize, too:

– a Kindle Fire

– $50 Amazon gift certificate

Nice, eh?  But it’s not all about the prizes, is it?  It’s about the books, too–all those wonderful reads that can steam up your summer and make it a whole lot of fun!  And what better for a hot read than the Boys of Summer, themselves?

In addition to my historical romances, I write contemporary romance with my husband as V.K. Sykes.  As you can imagine, writing romance with hubby leads to some interesting developments–plot developments, that is.  You see, hubby is something of a baseball fanatic, so he thought it would be fun to write a series centered around the players of a pro ball team.  Thus, The Philadelphia Patriots were born.

Our USA Today Bestselling series features classic alpha male athletes as heroes, and the women who tame them.  These guys are smart, sexy, and very hot, as our heroines find out sooner rather than later!  Here’s the blurb for our latest book in the series, Curveball:

Taylor Page has never wanted anything but a career in major league baseball. Through talent and guts, she’s finally landed a position as Assistant General Manager of the Philadelphia Patriots. The only problem is that most men in baseball still don’t take a woman exec seriously, so she needs to do something big to convince her bosses she has what it takes to run a team.

Veteran Pittsburgh outfielder Ryan Locke’s career is in jeopardy when a suddenly unreliable throwing arm comes on top of rehab from a major injury. A single parent with a troubled daughter and an alcoholic mother to provide for, retirement is out of the question.

When Taylor needs a replacement for an injured first baseman, she comes up with a risky idea: convince her boss to make a trade for Ryan Locke, and then convince the still talented slugger to play first base for the Patriots. With Ryan dead-set against that plan and both their careers on the line, neither Taylor nor Ryan can afford the explosive physical attraction between them. But despite Taylor’s best efforts to resist Ryan’s campaign of seduction, she’s not sure she’s got the willpower to keep from playing along.

You can read an excerpt from Curveball and my other contemporary romances on my V.K. Sykes website.

For my visitors to the blog today, I’ll be giving away a copy of my Philadelphia Patriots 3 Book Box Set, plus a $10 Amazon gift card.  Just tell me what hot summer reads you’ve got lined up for a chance to win! 

And don’t forget to visit the other sites in the Blog Hop.  Click here to start hopping away!


The Alpha Male Blog Hop Is Here!

Yes, the Alpha Male Blog Hop is here!  Over 200 bloggers and authors celebrating all the wonderful things about those hot alpha male heroes.  No gammas or betas allowed, at least not today!

So, what’s involved?  Lots of fun and prizes, that’s what. There will be over 200 giveaways on each blog hosted by that author or blogger.

But that’s not all….

We have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

2nd Grand Prize: A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

3rd Grand Prize: The following Swag Pack:

Zounds!  That’s a pretty fantastic collection of prizes, I’d say.

What’s my favorite thing about the alpha male hero?  I love that once he sets his sights on one particular woman, there’s no turning back.  He’s determined to woo her, protect her, and get her into his bed, no matter what.  You’ve got to love the idea of all that formidable energy and will focused on one woman.

The hero of my latest VK Sykes contemporary romance, Bigger Than Beckham, is that kind of alpha guy.  Tony Branch is a British soccer star who’s intent on building a sports empire of successful soccer teams.  He determined to buy a U.S. team owned by sports writer Martha Winston, and he’s not letting anything stand in his way of acquiring it–including Martha, who’s just as determined to hold onto her team.

But Tony is alpha all the way.  When he decides he wants Martha as much as he wants her team–watch out!  Nothing is going to stand in the way of this tough, sexy man and his relentless, seductive pursuit of Martha.

Here’s the blurb:

Sports journalist Martha Winston loves her career, but her life goes sideways when she inherits a pro soccer team from her father.  The team is almost bankrupt and on the skids, but Martha has vowed to save her beloved father’s legacy.  But she needs to get a financial infusion fast, or else lose the team to the wolves baying at her door.

Former British soccer hero Tony Branch wants to add Martha’s team to his growing sports empire.  But he wants it strictly on his terms—full control, not a partnership.   When Martha turns him down flat, he’s determined to change her mind by any means necessary.  If that includes using the sexual heat flaring between them, Tony is more than willing to play a game of seduction.

And you know what’s really fun?  How hard Tony falls for Martha.  When he sets his sights on her…well, let’s just say it gets pretty steamy!

So, readers, tell me your favorite thing about alpha male heroes?  Is it their determination to win what they want, their protective instincts, or how hard they fall for the women they love?  One person who comments will win a $10 Amazon gift card and a copy of Bigger Than Beckham.  And once you leave your comment here, click on this link and start hopping to the other blogs.  The hop ends on the 22nd.

Have fun!


Romancing The Hop Blog Hop!!

Welcome to Romancing The Hop!  Over 100 authors and bloggers have banded together to share our favorite things about Romance.  We’re chatting about all the things we love about it, including our favorite romance novels, and even tips about dating and romantic getaways!  But what’s in it for you, the reader?  Well, we’re each doing a giveaway. Yep. There will be over 100 giveaways on each blog hosted by that Author or Blogger.

But that’s not all….we have THREE grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 100 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet

2nd Grand Prize: A $130 Amazon or B&N Gift Card

3rd Grand Prize: The following Swag Pack!

Wow!  Great prizes, eh?  All that, and a really fun discussion about the things we love about romance and romance novels.  So let’s get started.

What’s my favorite thing about romance novels?  It’s simple.  I love how much fun they are.  When I read a good romance I’m reminded of that intense, glorious rush of falling in love—of knowing deep within you that this particular person is the one for you.  No matter how angst-ridden the story, no matter how many obstacles the author places in the path of the hero and heroine, you can enjoy the journey and remember yourself how truly wonderful it is to find your soul mate.

As for my favorite romance…I think I’d have to go with Lord of Scoundrels, by Loretta Chase.  There’s a reason why this book tops so many best romances lists.  It’s got a brainy, funny heroine, a tortured, uber-alpha hero, the wittiest dialogue this side of the Mississippi, and so much genuine heart and emotion it bring tears to your eyes.  Lord Dain is the best hero I’ve ever come across, and I never grow tired of re-reading this book!

So, dear reader, if you could bring only ONE book with you to a deserted island, what would it be?  One person who comments on my blog will win a $10 Amazon gift card and a copy of my Regency-set historical romance, Sex And The Single EarlThis book, which won the prestigious Maggie Award for Best Historical Romance, is currently only available in digital format, so I’m giving away one of the few print copies I have left.  Trust me when I tell you that Sex And The Single Earl is very difficult to find in print!

Commenting on my blog enters you in the grand prize draw, so remember to include your email address in the comment.  And be sure to visit all the other blogs in the hop too.  Not only will you discover some great authors and bloggers, you’ll be eligible for all sorts of prizes, including the grand prizes.  So start by leaving your comment on my blog, and then click here and start hopping away!




Reader Rally!!

Here’s something really cool – a reader’s rally.  Along with a group of authors and bloggers, I’m part of a blog hop sponsored by Random House and their Romance at Random column.  Each participating blog, including mine, will host a book giveaway for our readers.  And Random House will be offering a grand prize!

Readers can enter the GRAND PRIZE drawing on for a random drawing of free books, the winner to be announced on 2/1/2012.  The Romance at Random contest page also lists all the participating blogs, so be sure to check them out.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  So what am I giving away?  Two books!  The first is a copy of my latest Regency-set historical romance, My Favorite Countess.

The second book I’m giving away is a digital copy of CaddyGirls, the Carina Press contemporary romance that I wrote with my husband under the pen name of V.K. Sykes.

All you have to do to enter my part of the contest is tell me what book you’re reading right now.  To enter for the Romance at Random grand prize, check out their contest page.  Easy peasy, right?  So, tell me what you’re currently reading, and then get to hopping!