Guest Author: Gina Robinson & Giveaway!

It looks like this is turning into Romantic Suspense week here on the blog!  My featured author today is Gina Robinson, who writes sassy romantic suspense with a good dollop of humor.  Like many romance authors,  Gina didn’t start out as a writer.  In fact, she worked for several large defense contractors as a software engineer – with a background like that, is it any wonder she was drawn to spies and romantic suspense?

When Gina got married and had children, she decided to be a stay-at-home mom.  Lucky for us, because that gave her the chance to begin her writing career.  Gina’s first book was Spy Candy – really good title, btw – which got great reviews.

Acclaimed romantic suspense author Beverly Barton called it “sassy and delightfully entertaining.”  And RT Book Reviews gave it 4 stars and said this:

“HOT! Robinson delivers with this excursion to spy camp!  With the perfect amount of suspense and humor, this story will stay with readers long after the book is over.”           

Here’s the blurb for Spy Candy, which is a whole lot of fun:

From her sensible shoes to her dating choices, bank officer Jenna Jarvis has always played it safe. But her fantasy life is a whole other story. And now Jenna’s got a golden opportunity to play a real-life secret agent, courtesy of her generous best friend and a fantasy spy camp set smack dab in the red-hot center of the Arizona desert…

The stay starts off with a bang—literally—as a car explodes to greet Jenna and her fellow covert trainees, each of whom have a spydentity based on an iconic undercover agent. But it’s the real-life operatives who capture Jenna’s attention, particularly super-buff ex-CIA agent-cum-instructor Torq Toricelli. Confidence boosted by playing a bold-as-brass hot babe, Jenna might just have a fighting chance with Torq—if she can make it through camp in once piece…

A few near-misses have made it frighteningly clear that someone is taking this fantasy way too seriously. Jenna’s mission: find out who’s gunning for her fellow spies—and live to die another day…

Don’t you want to read this book right now?!

Gina’s latest release is from St. Martin’s Press, and it’s the first book in a brand new series.

The Spy Who Left Me  has been getting great reviews, including this one from Publishers Weekly:

“Punctuated with Bondworthy downhill car and bike chases and near-death surfing parties, Robinson’s clever concoction of lust and longing is a refreshing tropical cocktail.”

Here’s the blurb:

If there’s one thing that can ruin a vacation, it’s running into your ex. Just ask Treflee Miller. If she’d only known that her husband Ty would be here in Hawaii—muscular, sun-bronzed, and infuriatingly gorgeous—she would have brought the divorce papers for him to sign. But life is full of surprises when you’re married to a world-class spy…

Ty Miller can understand why his wife is tired of playing Mrs. James Bond. He’s never home, he’s always on a mission, and he’s usually surrounded by exotic informants. He has to admit that the perfect spy makes a pretty lousy husband. But for the sake of Ty’s security and Treflee’s safety, they can’t blow his cover. Not here. Not now. Not when his longing is so strong, her lips so tempting—and his enemies so close…

Yum!  To get a good taste of Gina’s book, why don’t you watch the trailer for The Spy Who Left Me.


For one of my readers today, Gina is giving away a copy of her second book, Spy GamesJust tell me who your favorite spy is – movie or TV – for  a chance to win the book!  And be sure to check out Gina’s books on her website – if you like fun, sexy romantic suspense, I think you’ll love her!