Guest Author: Michele Hauf & Giveaway!


I’m really happy to have Michele Hauf visiting the blog today.  Michele has been writing romance, action-adventure, and fantasy stories for over nineteen years.  She has a huge backlist of fab books, and she’s a very accomplished writer.  Let’s find out what’s going on in her world.

You write both historical and paranormal romance.  Do you prefer one to the other?

I actually ADORE historical romance.  I would love to incorporate more of it in my paranormal stories, and have with Seducing The Vampire, and by giving my characters some rich histories that go back centuries.   I love the 17th and 18th centuries, and could lose long hours just going over pictures of the clothing they used to wear.  So when I do write historical, it’s all my fantasy.  Stuff I’d wear and things I’d do if I had a time travel machine.  😉
Why do you think vampire romance is so enduring in its popularity?

Well, you’ve got the sexy hero who promises eternity.  I mean, who doesn’t want to live forever?  And vampires are just a little something different from the standard contemporary romance heroes that readers love.  So if you’re looking for something more…

Beautiful Danger

What’s your new book about?

BEAUTIFUL DANGER pairs a vampire hero with a vampire hunter heroine.  It’s dark and twisted (just the way I like it).  The hero is probably one of my most tortured heroes yet.  He is literally insane.  He’s been through some rough torture thanks to a pack of werewolves. But he escaped, and now he’s vowed revenge against the pack.  Enter the heroine, who has an extreme hatred for vampires (they killed her husband), and does it sound like those two could ever get together?  The story is set in my favorite place, Paris, and weaves in music as a possible means to healing.

What’s up next in your writing world?

At the end of August, I’ve a novella, KAMBRIEL.  She is the sister to Malakai (who had his story out in Jan).  She’s also Blu & Creed’s daughter.  She’s ventured off to Paris to ‘find herself’ and gets in serious trouble with none other than the devil Himself.  Johnny Santiago (Vaillant and Lyric’s son) falls in love with her, but can he really love a woman who belongs to the dark prince?   I’m excited for readers to get their hand on this story.  It is another addition to my BEAUTIFUL CREATURES world, and it’s written for my usual readers, but this story can also be labeled New Adult.


Wow!  That’s a gorgeous cover, isn’t it?  Here’s where you can find Michele online:

For my readers today, Michele is giving away a copy of Beautiful Danger (U.S. residents only).  Just tell us who your favorite vampire is for a chance to win!