Get Ready For Rock*It Read’s Heating Up The Holidays Blog Hop!

Do you like sexy men, great books, and winning prizes?  Well then, have I got the event for you!  Starting tomorrow and running through Nov. 13th, I’ll be joining my compadre authors at Rock*It Reads in one of the best blog hops of the year.  We’ll be celebrating the upcoming holidays by giving away books, gift cards, and fun swag on all our blogs, culminating with a grand prize giveaway on the Rock*It Reads website.

And what is Rock*It Reads?  It’s a group of traditionally published authors who are also indie published, working together in a collective.  We’ve made the commitment to bring the same level of care and quality to our indie published books as we do to our traditionally published books.  Our fourteen members include Pamela Clare, Elisabeth Naughton, and Mia MarloweHeating Up The Holidays is a great way for you to meet all our members and win some fab books and prizes.

So don’t be late.  Stop by here tomorrow and join in the fun!


14 thoughts on “Get Ready For Rock*It Read’s Heating Up The Holidays Blog Hop!”

  1. Ooops….forgot to mention to you Vanessa that my friends are really getting into V.K. Sykes. They LOVED ‘Fastball’ and ‘Hot Number’ now they’re waiting to read ‘Bigger Than Beckham’. I told them they’ll like the books. Yay to you & hubby!

  2. Henry Cavill has been the actor that I place in a number of books as the character. I just started reading Mistletoe Bride and can see him as Lucas

  3. rock & Reads is great. I totally would want a man like James C from Person of Interest to be my honey. Talking about tall, dark and hot.

  4. ooh Vanessa, what a thought to have…. with the new Bond film coming out, I’d have to say I would love to snuggle with Sean Connery in his younger days or Daniel Craig….


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