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I’m very pleased to have Deborah Hale visiting the blog today.  Since winning the prestigious Golden Heart Award in 1997, she’s written more than thirty books in the genres of historical romance, historical fiction, otherworld fantasy and inspirational romance. Her work has been translated into more than a dozen languages with over two million copies sold worldwide.  Quite a pedigree, don’t you think?  Let’s find out what’s going on in Deb’s writing world.

You’ve written something like twenty historical romances.  Do you have a favorite period to write in?

I love both the Regency and Georgian periods for their elegance.  They are far enough back in history to have an enchanted quality yet they have enough in common with the modern world that readers can identify with them. 

Tell us about your Glass Slipper Brides series, and your latest book.

Glass Slipper Brides is a series of inspirational Regencies about a group of governesses who met and bonded at a horrible charity school like the one the Bronte sisters attended.  After leaving school they go to work in households throughout England and keep in touch by letter.  Because of this, each story can easily be read on its own, though I do mention the other friends and sometimes bring them briefly into each others’  stories.

The Earl’s Honorable Intentions is the fourth story of six (the first one is a novella). It’s about career cavalry officer who inherited his title after the death of his elder brother. He returns home, wounded, after Waterloo determined to make sure Napoleon doesn’t return to power for a third time. His children’s governess wants him to leave that mission to others and instead become a devoted father to his three motherless children. That is a role the earl doesn’t believe he’s cut out for.

You also have a “new” Civil War romance out.  What can you tell us about that.

That’s right! I was thrilled to get back the rights to one of my backlist books. I gave it a new title, In A Stranger’s Arms and commissioned a new cover from Kim Killion that took my breath away.

This story was inspired by the film Sommersby, which I loved, except for the ending. It’s about a proud Confederate widow who has to marry a former Union soldier in order to hang onto her family’s plantation. Her new husband is very secretive about his past and bears an unsettling resemblance to her first husband. It’s a story about the healing, redemptive power of love. One of my favorite characters is my heroine’s feisty little daughter who was inspired by a picture of my husband’s great-grandmother!  Her picture is posted below.

What’s up next in Deborah’s writing life?

In November the next Glass Slipper Brides book comes out, The Duke’s Marriage Mission and I’m currently working on the last one, which will have a hero who’s a mill-owner/philanthropist rather than a nobleman. After that, I’m trying to decide which of a number of new projects I’d like to pursue!

Vanessa, here.  Sounds like you’ll be busy, Deb!  For my readers, Deb is graciously giving away a copy of His Compromised Countess.  Let’s talk covers, because Deb’s are really beautiful.  Just tell us which one of her covers you like the best and why for a chance to win her book!


26 thoughts on “Guest Author: Deborah Hale & Giveaway!!”

  1. Hello Vanessa and Deborah! I have read some of Deborah’s books and specially loved Confessions of a Courtesan which was breathtaking! I love also The Earl’s Honorable Intentions! I have not had the chance to read His Compromised Countess. I love Deborah’s historical romances! Nice interview!

  2. I loved the cover of Bought: The Penniless Lady. I just love the blue dress and the garden scene in the background. However, the covers to the Gentleman of Fortune are beautiful. I have say that all her covers are beautiful.

  3. Hi, Deborah and Vanessa!

    I am really taken with the cover of “The Earl’s Honorable Intentions.” For one thing, it’s such a sweet and innocently romantic picture and for another thing, the picture appears to go very well with the plot of the novel. I would so love to read it and have added it to my Wish List.

    All the best to both of you ladies!

  4. Hi Connie! I was so happy when i saw the cover for The Earl’s Honorable Intentions. The characters looked exactly the way I imagined them and the colors give it such a warm glow. If you win the giveaway, I’ll be glad to substitute that book.

  5. congrats to Deborah on the newest release! Those are some awesome covers 🙂 But my fav is the ol’ skool style one, His Compromised Countess.

  6. I Liked his Compromised Countess the best. Its very sexy and the main characters are in the process of making it sexier!

  7. I like the cover for The Earl’s Honorable Intentions bc the colors are pleasing to the eye and I like the way they are looking at each other

  8. My books are all i n storage as I receltly moved, so can’t get to look at the covers, but of the ones here I like the Earl’s Honorable Intentions, she just looks so happy there.

  9. I love them all but I think I like the cover for “The Last Champion”. Not very “girly” but piqued my interest.

  10. All of the covers are lovely, but I like The Earl’s Honorable Intentions particularly, because it’s such a sweet pose.

  11. I like The Compromised Countess. It’s so dark and sultry that it’s intriguing. I can hardly wait to read it!

  12. You do have beautiful covers Deborah, but my favorite, and I am fickle, is THE WEDDING WAGER. It’s just so fresh and I love the flowers and colors. I don’t always need models on my covers.

  13. I really like the cover of Bought: The Penniless Lady. The blue dress is gorgeous and I like the heroine’s expression. Looking forward to reading the new release!


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