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Stillness of You

Are you a fan of New Adult romances?  Do you like sports romances, too?  I’ve got a wonderful book to recommend that combines the best of both.  It’s The Stillness of You, by Julie Bale.  It’s gritty, emotional, sexy, and beautifully written, and it’s book one in Julie’s Beautifully Damaged Series.

Here’s the blurb:

“Ben Lancaster had just tattooed himself onto my soul and the thing about tattoos? They’re painful to remove.”–Georgia King

Georgia King is trying to survive after spiraling into a darkness that nearly took her life. In therapy with her college dreams on hold,she’s trying to get healthy. Trying to still the craziness inside her. She has no room for someone like Ben Lancaster,and if he was smart he’d stay away. Because everyone knows Georgia is bad news–she ruins people–and if Ben isn’t careful, he’ll be next in line.

Ben Lancaster is a young, hot shot hockey player on his way to the top. Newly signed to the Philadelphia Flyers, he’s living the dream. The girls. The money. The fame. He thought he had everything he wanted until he met Georgia. Suddenly he wants more–he wants her. He’ll do whatever it takes to get her and Ben Lancaster always gets what he wants.

But the girl who’s different from anyone he’s ever known is hiding secrets. And as the dog days of summer pass, only time will tell if Georgia’s secrets can be healed. Or if her bruised soul is strong enough to resist Ben Lancaster…

Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?  Trust me when I tell you that Julie is a wonderful writer.  You’ll want to pick up The Stillness of You before her next book in the series comes out.  That’s The Chaos in Me, which will be on shelves this summer.  Check out this gorgeous cover!

Chaos in Me

You can read an excerpt from The Stillness of You on Julie’s website.

For my readers today, Julie is giving away a Kindle copy of The Stillness of You.  Do you like angsty, emotional romances?  What are some of your favorites?  Tell me all about it for a chance to win Julie’s wonderful book!

10 thoughts on “Julie Bale & Giveaway!!”

  1. Definitely depends on my mood 🙂 But when I’m ready, I do really enjoy a good dramatic, angsty, emotional read. The last one I read was The Songs of Submission series
    by C.D. Reiss. Wowzers… talk about angst!!! Thanks for sharing and congrats to Julie on the newest release!

  2. I love all types of books! It is too hard to say if I enjoy angsty, emotional romances when I haven’t read one I don’t like yet. I especially enjoy Lori Foster’s and Nora Roberts books, but I also enjoy a lot of historical romance and erotica as well. Then again I also love reading just about any Stephen King novel I can get my hands on. I just love to read, period!

  3. I love angsty reads. The last I read were Catherine Gayle’s “Portland Storm” hockey series. She deals with some pretty tough issues besides the hockey.

  4. I don’t recall if I’ve read any ready really truly angsty novels, I’m sure I have. I’ve read Wuthering Heights, so there’s one. I liked the synopsis for The Chaos in Me though, I’d should put that one on my TBR list.


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