Guest Author: Terese Ramin & Giveaway!


I’m very happy to be hosting romantic suspense author Terese Ramin on the blog today.  Terese writes multiple award-winning romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and thrillers.  She has a new book out—let’s find out about that, and ask Terese a few other questions, too!

You won the prestigious Golden Heart Award, sponsored by the Romance Writers of America.  What book was that for and did it launch your career?

I won the Golden Heart Award for the first book I ever completed – Water From The Moon. I had two editors request the book and after six complete revisions of the second half of it (!), it was published. It launched my career in romantic suspense / romantic adventure.

You write romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and thrillers.  Do you prefer one genre to another?

You know, it just depends upon the characters. I love all of the genres I’ve written in, but my writing also seems to go through cycles. I’ve just completed work on a thriller and gone straight into a paranormal romance that feels like it’ll be the best book yet (with writing partner Dawn Johanson). After that I’ve got a historical suspense whose characters are yelling at me to Give Them Their Time. *grin* I love all these personalities and the fact that I can switch gears in a way I never used to be able to. But honestly, suspense is probably the biggest part of any genre I write.

Your latest book is GUARDING GRACE.  What’s it about?

Guarding Grace is about a widowed mom in her early 30s with four kids. Her hero is a 6’4″ US Marshal hunting down a federal witness who left Witness Protection. Mal Kwarles is the sexiest, funniest hero I’ve had the pleasure to write. Just love him. My editor asked for him and I resisted at first. She was right – he arrived full blown on his “Bad to the Bone” classic motorcycle and let me throw everything at him. He just laughed and said “bring it on.” Great fun, loved the romance between him and Grace, who is decidedly feisty herself.

What’s up next in your writing world?

Next…I’m in the completion stages of the first book of a new paranormal series Lords of Light. It’s different than anything I’ve done previously and it’s allowing me to explore aspects of my work that never occurred to me – and working in collaboration with my writing partner is absolutely freeing. We bounce things off one another, come up with story and action points and it’s simply a wonderful experience. The book’s characters are different – a fallen angel / psi-vamp and a human woman with extraordinary gifts she doesn’t know about. It’s set in San Francisco, one of my favorite cities, and is probably the sexiest thing I’ve ever written. I’m really looking forward to exploring the entire series!

Thanks so much for coming on the blog, Terese!  Readers, Terese is graciously giving away three digital copies of Guarding Grace – which sounds totally awesome, by the way.  Just tell us what are some of your favorite romantic suspense or thriller books or TV shows for a chance to win!


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  1. I love pretty much anything by Elizabeth Lowell, Nora Roberts, Lisa Gardner 🙂 Congrats to Terese on the new release!


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