Guest Author: Laurie London & Giveaway!!

I’m so pleased to be featuring romance author Laurie London.  Laurie writes the Sweetblood and Iron Portal series—dark, sexy paranormal romances, set primarily in the Pacific Northwest. Publisher’s Weekly calls the Sweetblood series “sexy” and “sizzling.”  And here’s what Joyfully Reviewed had to say about Seduced by Blood, book 4 of the Sweetblood series, which was a recommended read:

“Get ready to be blown away by powerful romance and action in Seduced by Blood.  I am so excited about this book I can hardly stand it.”

Wow!  High praise, indeed.

Laurie is starting a new series with her Iron Portal books.  She’s kicking things off with her Assassin’s Touch novella, which is already getting great reviews:

Ms. London begins her Iron Portal series in style! Assassin’s Touch grabs the reader from page one and gives us a fierce and passionate story…The plot line keeps you on the edge of your seat aching to find out what will happen next. I cannot wait to visit the Iron Portal series again!” Joyfully Reviewed, Recommended Read

Here’s the blurb for Assassin’s Touch:

Two worlds. Two enemies.

Haunted by loss, Cascadian assassin Rickert D’Angelus is on a mission of vengeance. Determined to stop the Pacifican army from finding a portal to his world, he leads a group of warriors into New Seattle with one goal—to kill Pacifican soldiers.

Neyla Trihorn had the perfect life until a deadly accident revealed her latent para-abilities. Now, the former fashion designer is the Pacifican army’s hottest commodity in their fight against the invaders.

When Rickert discovers a beautiful, unconscious soldier on a cold mountain ledge near the portal, he realizes she’s a Protection-Talent and cannot be killed. To prevent the army from using her skills again, he takes her as his prisoner instead.

One fated touch…

But when he pulls her into his arms, a sexy and compelling vision appears, awakening something inside him. Something he can’t ignore.

Torn between duty and passion, Rickert must decide if the vision is a Talent trick designed to foil the enemy or the answer to his deepest desires…

Sounds excellent, doesn’t it?  And what a great cover!  To read an excerpt, be sure to visit Laurie’s website, where you’ll also find the buy links to all your favorite retailers.

For my readers today, Laurie is giving away a copy of her new novella.  To be eligible to win, just tell us what qualities you like to see in your romance heroes in general, and your paranormal heroes in particular!

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32 thoughts on “Guest Author: Laurie London & Giveaway!!”

  1. I like my heroes to have a tortured past or even a tortured present. They need to be intelligent, loyal and compassionate.
    Thank you.

  2. I want my heroes to have a past that makes him strive to be a better person. He must not be perfect, but a work in progress. In a paranormal
    hero – same thing just using his “gifts” to make the world a better place.

    Heroes should realize that they have “problems” but be willing to see beyond the “me” to the heroine and the possibilities.

  3. I like to see the dark seductive side. There should be a possessive side,that has the character wanting to claim their match and protect them with their life. An untamed love that seem uncontrolable to all but the person or being that they are in love with. 🙂

  4. Hard question I find at times. I suppose its the sheer fantasy of them, but at the same time the normalcy? A strong willed man who can love a simple woman like she is a world herself. Who in writing makes me well sizzle XD In a ‘I wish he could be mine’ way. Definitely an alpha character, someone who with a strong female character can clash. Everything has its bumps, and my idea of a good romance has ts fight as well.

  5. I tend to love the bad boys in my romance. If they are sweet and nice I’m not really interested. However, if they are like a player/rake depending what sub-genre. They tend to be safer Ina book. 😉

  6. I like my hero’s to be tough, confident, and a bit sweet and romantic. They need to be independent and strong and protective. For paranormal hero’s I like them to have strong powers and we torn between using them for good or evil, but always choosing good in the end of course – especially to protect the heroine!


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