Guest Author: Emma Wildes & Giveaway!

Emma Wildes is a very talented, very prolific writer of historical romance, and she’s my guest author today on the blog.  I knew Emma was a very productive writer, but when I was checking out her website I was astonished to read that she had five releases in 2010, including several full-length novels.  At that point, I had to resist the urge to have a nap because just reading Emma’s release schedule tired me out!

Even more amazing, all those books were very well reviewed.  In fact, if you check out the books on her Bookshelf, you’ll see that she’s been winning awards and finaling in contests from the beginning of her career.  Ever since she started out in e-publishing, she’s won various awards such as the Eppie, a Lories Best Published, a WisRWA’s Reader’s Choice Award, and the prestigious Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, which she received for her book, An Indecent Proposition.

Here’s what the prestigious Publishers Weekly had to say about this novel:

“Regency fans will thrill to this superbly sensual tale of an icy widow and two decadent rakes…balancing deliciously erotic encounters with compelling romantic tension and populating a convincing historical setting with a strong cast of well-developed characters, prolific romance author Wildes provides a spectacular and skilfully handled story that stands head and shoulders about the average historical romance.

Wow!  It doesn’t get much better than that, does it?  And may I also underscore the point that this story has not one, but two decadent rakes?  Talk about a great fantasy for your average Regency miss!

Emma’s latest release is One Whisper Away, the first in her Ladies In Waiting series.  Like Emma’s previous books, One Whisper Away has been getting great reviews.  Again, from Publishers Weekly:

Readers will love the strong cast of intriguing supporting characters and the passionate and well-balanced central romance.”

Here’s the blurb for One Whisper Away:

Lady Cecily Francis is resigned to become the wife of Lord Drury, the man she suspects her sister is pining for. But upon her first scandalous encounter with the exotic Earl of Augustine–the American everyone is whispering about–Cecily is intrigued by the possibility of a more exciting life. If only she could contrive some way to marry the unconventional earl instead…

Around town he’s known as Earl Savage. Although he inherited his title legitimately–and with it the responsibility for his three half-sisters–Augustine is half American and part Iroquois. He can’t wait to settle his father’s estate, marry his sisters off, and return to his native soil. Until charming Lady Cecily has him considering a prolonged stay in England…

Now that’s an intriguing storyline!  I think we’d all better head out to the bookstore to check this one out, don’t you think?  You can find One Whisper Away at Amazon and all the usual on-line retailers and in bookstores.

Emma has very graciously donated a copy of One Whisper Away for my readers.  Let’s do something a bit different today.  Since Emma’s career spans both traditional and e-publishing, let’s talk about that.  Which reading format do you prefer, print or digital?  And if it’s digital, please tell me what device you read on.  One person who comments will win a copy of Emma’s wonderful book.

51 thoughts on “Guest Author: Emma Wildes & Giveaway!”

  1. Emma Wildes is an awesome writer.
    And she has a really cool cat, too. Love that picture. 🙂

    I’ve read pretty much every book she’s ever written and I’m better for it.:) One of my very favorites of Emma’s is Lessons From a Scarlet Lady, but a close second is One Whisper Away. So sexy. So good. Everyone out there should go read one of her books…today. You’ll be so glad you did.

    I like both print and e-books. I never thought I’d love my Kindle so much, but I do.
    Just wanted to stop in and say, “Hi Emma!”

  2. I will always like books in print! I like holding the book in my hands, I know you can hold a E- reader but just not the same. I started reading Emma years ago when I decided to try one of her books from the library. I was not disappointed, I fell in love with her books. I love her writing the story lines the people, just her books in general. I have a list of authors that are on the must read list, and she became a part of that list. P.S So did you Vanessa.

  3. I’ve loved the Emma Wildes books I’ve read so far. You might even go so far to say that Lessons from a Scarlet Lady was an inspiration to me.

    I like both print and e-books. I think I’m leaning more toward e- now that I’ve bought a Kobo. I used to read e-books on my laptop.

  4. As it turns out, I have several of Emma’s ebooks stored on my computer. Most of what I have, I won in assorted contests. Sadly, I haven’t read any of them yet. I don’t have a hand-held ereader so it is sort of hard for me to read a full length novel on my computer. Because 99.9% of my books are paperbacks, that is my reading format preference. To me, there’s nothing like hold the actual book in my hands. Maybe someday I’ll break down and buy a Kindle.

  5. Congratulations on your book it sounds very good.
    I have to say print I love the feel of a book in my hands and also reading ebooks on line hurt my eyes so I buy the print!

  6. For me it has to be print.The feel of the paper the sound of the page turn the beautiful book marks marking the page where you left off.
    The HOTNESS of the cover that you see at any time.
    The purse i choose must fit the book as it goes EVERY WHERE for those extra moment i has to read the amazing story . Takes me to a place that i adore.
    I <3 PRINT

  7. Print, coz can be bring anywhere… If in ebook, we need ebook reader/gadget to read it… And it is expensive… =_=

    Some of my friends use their handphone to read ebooks, but that’s not comfortable…

  8. You all are so lovely! Thanks for making my day (it didn’t start out all that great, but the comments here this morning improved it immensely).

    I do have a handsome cat I love Mr. Poot. He’s also very charming (but I must admit he throws up on the rug or floor now and again…no male is perfect, right?)

    I agree about covers selling books…and I totally agree about print. Kindle rocks my world, but when I sit down for a relaxing read, there is a print book in my hand.

    Lessons From a Scarlet Lady…well, speaking of that novel, Lady Rothburg’s Advice shows up in Twice Fallen, the upcoming Signet release in January. I couldn’t resist revisiting her masterpiece Too much fun.

    Like being here today. If anyone wants to ask me questions, please feel free!



  9. Thanks for taking the time to visit with us fans Emma. I’ve read a few of your books and really enjoyed them. I love anything that has a good story to it and, is different to the usual hero meets heroine.

    I’m also a huge fan of Vanessa’s too.

    I do own a Kindle, but I much to read a paperback. I love the smell and feel of a book, there’s nothing like getting to turn the pages myself and, if necessary, flipping back to something that I wanted to read over again. With a Kindle, who knows which page it’s on.

    Thanks for this great opportunity.

  10. Hi Emma and Vanessa,
    Thanks to both of you for many enjoyable hours of reading pleasure!
    I can see the handwriting on the wall that the end of printed books is coming. I’ve been looking at e-readers, but i just can’t get enthused about it. I have to say that cover images are important to me so I’ll miss them when reading a digital version. And, occasionally, I want to re-read a passage (description, conversation, sex scene, month/year, etc.) and it is hard to imagine those types of searches being easily accomplished on an e-reader.
    But, like we have all adjusted over the last 60 years from records to 8-tracks to cassettes to CD’s and now to ipods, we will adjust to reading platform changes also.

    Best of luck on your WIP’s!

    Laura T

  11. Like most of the readers I’m a real booklover and that means a real book in my hands when I’m reading. But since one year I have a e-reader and I have to say I like that too. Print books take a lot of space….space I don’t have anymore…lol…so I’m switching between formats…My all time favorite authors I’m getting in print and new authors I’m getting in e-form.

    • E-readers are great for getting rid of the book clutter, that’s for sure. Plus, you can buy a book whenever you want – middle of the night insomia and you have to have that certain book. Poof! It’s on your Kindle!

  12. What do you all like best about historicals and Regency in particular? The polite heroes (er…not always polite in the bedroom, anyway), the heroines who manage independence in a time when women virtually had none, or the idea of the aristocracy in general? Power is sexy, let’s face it…is that it?

    I can’t come up with a definitive answer about why I love the genre so much, and yet I do . I’d love to hear your thoughts.


  13. Sounds like a great book! can’t wait to read it!
    I have a kindle and a nook, I’m about evenly divided between kindle, nook and print…
    Love historical romance, the hotter the better………..

  14. I love Emma Wildes books :)! Between printed or digital forms of reading… Its hard to choose between the two. I guess that if you don’t want your books to rot LOL, you’d go digital, that way you’d still have it quite new too! But I also have this thing about having the printed versions. Love to hold the book and read through the story, imagining things far far away. I love historical romance, but then I’m not picky, any written story that can grab my attention and take me away to Lala Land, whether its digital or printed, has grabbed my attention. I just love to read, regardless of what form. :)!

  15. I don’t have an ereader, love having the paper book and looking at the cover. I can download to my laptop, so I guess that’s a good thing when travelling since I shove books in my carry on.
    I don’t have anything of Emma’s so she’s a new-to-me author. Looking forward to this.

  16. I wondered my way over here after following a tweet from Lila Dipasqua site… Vanessa nice site I am going to make myself at home and have a look around after I have finished commenting. Anyhow… To answer the question, I will read anything, in any form; I am basically a book slut. Now I have a question for Ms. Emma I have been a HUGE fan since Brothers of The Absinthe Club, Reformed Rakes and my first Emma read The Arrangement (so naughty I might add) that being said I now have all these e-stories on all types of devices so I was wondering if you are ever going to do like a novella of these books so I can have all those HOT stories together on my cute little nook?

  17. You are all like candy for a writer in the midst of finishing a book, can I note that? Thanks for the sweet fix.

    I was foundering a bit (I always do) and your comments really got me back on track.

    Oh dear…The Arrangement. Yeah, that one is really pretty wicked. What about Arabian Pearl? Wicked times two. Here is a secret (I really have never told this, not even in an interview) but I wrote those when I was convinced I would NEVER tell anyone about Emma. It was a lark, and surprisingly a lot of fun, and that might have led to more stories…

    Er…certain family members do not approve. They don’t have to, I’ve come to decide, but I am actually rather demure, and that took some adjustment.

    At the end of the day, I might be less conservative than I thought I was. True?


  18. I love the main picture. The cat is so beautiful!

    I read all my books in print form and prefer it over a digital format. I’m not adverse to ebooks though and I am planning on getting an ereader within the year. I’m almost certain it will be a Kindle and if not then the new Kobo Touch. I like that the Kobo is epub and library friendly. On the other hand the Kindle is the dominant leader in ereaders because of how well-crafted it is. When I am looking for an ereader I want the experience to be as close as possible to reading a print book. So far I have read a few ebooks on my pc (tiring on the eyes) and purchased ebooks (not available in print form) to be read when I get an ereader.

    I love admiring a cover and being able to track the progress of how far in I am reading a book. Everything from the smell of a new book, to the feel of it heavy in my hands heightens the experience. I am willing to compromise and use an ereader for convenience sake. It looks like in the future my physical bookcase will be dedicated to my all-time favourites and books I won’t read in digital format. These include non-fiction books like cookbooks. I need the clear, vibrant, glossy pages to keep me motivated to learn to cook! 🙂

  19. i always love to read a historical romance story/book and so far i’m really sad that there a so many books from new author of this genre but has been publish in my country, so there is so many book i haven’t have it and read it.

    i think is it possible if maybe some author or their agent can contact a publisher in my country (Indonesia), make some deal or other so many books can be publish in my Indonesia, really hope so ^^

  20. prints and ebooks? there’s no choice for me since i love both 😛

    prints i tend to like slightly more than ebooks since i love the smell of new books 😀 but , to obtain the newest release i prefer ebooks due to lack of decent bookstore in my current town .
    conclusion? I”ll read any format as long as it’s written by my fave authors 🙂

  21. When you hear Secret Wicked Scandal what do you think of? I automatically think of Emma and her wonderful books! Yes, those three words are part of 3 of her titles but summorize what she always delightfully gives her readers.

    I love print books and being able to turn the pages of my favorite passages to re-read or refer to when reading a later book in a series but since they closed our local bookstore just after Christmas last year I have come to adore my Kindle.

    What could be better than being able to pre-order a book and have it automatically download the moment it’s released. Since Emma is kind enough to have the books in her series publish close together and not let her readers hanging to find out what happens next it’s a great way to make sure you never miss a release.

    So yes I do miss having a real book but with a Kindle I don’t have to worry about my husband complaining about my every growing pile to TBR books or my friends walking away with my TBre-read books either!

  22. I recently made the foray into ebooks. My bookshelf runneth over! I hv books stacked on top of my books.
    I still much prefer printed books. I love the feel of the paper between my hands, poring over a real book & the excitement of getting a parcel in the post!


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