No Explanation Required, Part Two

On Monday I talked about some of the things that have inspired me while creating the heroes in my books – lovely things like this:

Yes, that’s the awesome Sean Bean, who was the mental stand-in for my hero, Captain Christian Archer, in my novella, An Invitation To Sin. Here’s some more heroic inspiration that served me well when I was writing my other two books.

For your viewing pleasure, I give you Christian Bale, who helped me vividly imagine the hero of my second book, Sex And The Single Earl.

Well, hello Lord Trask!  He certainly looks ready to head out and do some manly work around the estate, doesn’t he?  Aside from being a truly gifted actor, Mr. Bale has just the right kind of smoldering, intense sensuality I was looking for in that particular character.

Inspiration, indeed!

The hero of my first book, Lord Silverton in Mastering The Marquess, was partly based on a very special person – the impossibly talented and tragic Heath Ledger.

I loved Heath from the moment I saw him in A Knight’s Tale.  I fell in love with his talent and his intensity, and his truly devastating male beauty.  It was very easy to imagine him in the role of Regency hero.

And Ledger was enormously talented, as his performances in Brokeback Mountain and The Dark Knight so ably demonstrated.  His death was a terrible tragedy for his family and a loss for his fans, but his legacy lives on in a fairly short but very impressive list of movies.

Christian Bale and Heath Ledger:  gorgeous and talented men, who provided this particular writer with plenty of inspiration.

Long live the hero!