Fool For Love Facebook Hop!!

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Happy April Fool’s Day! Are you on facebook? If you are, there’s a fabulous contest you’ll want to check out. It involves a hop with over 25 authors, all giving away individual prizes in addition to the amazing grand prize giveaway. I’m participating on my VK Sykes facebook page with a giveaway of two print copies of my latest Seashell Bay Book, SEE YOU AT SUNSET.

How does the hop work? First, enter through the Rafflecopter form (link) listed below, with a TON of books and gift cards to win.

Second, check out the Facebook pages of all the awesome authors listed after the Rafflecopter link. Many authors are offering ADDITIONAL giveaways on their individual pages, so make sure to visit them all for maximum opportunities to win!

Happy April 1st, and go have fun!

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And VK Sykes:

PS. There’s another SEE YOU AT SUNSET giveaway on facebook today, too. You can enter here.


Guest Author: Becky Lower & Giveaway!!

Becky Lower

I always enjoy hosting historical romance authors on my blog.  Today’s guest is Becky Lower, who writes Victorian era romance for Crimson Romance.  Becky has a new book out this month, so I’m going to turn the blog over to her so she can tell us all about it.

The Tempestuous Debutante, which is being released September 9, is set in 1857 America, in the middle of a financial crisis caused, in part, by the decline in popularity of the beaver top hat. The heroine, Jasmine Fitzpatrick, is affected, since her father owns one of the largest banks in New York City. Fearing a financial collapse, he limits household spending, including Jasmine’s wardrobe for the upcoming season.

But, being the feisty heroine that she is, Jasmine doesn’t merely accept her fate. She takes last year’s dresses and recreates them, with the help of her lady’s maid, into unique gowns the likes of which no one has seen before. But she doesn’t stop there. With the encouragement of the unlikely hero, she decides to go into business, creating fashionable dresses and ball gowns for other New Yorkers.

This book was a delight to write, partially because I was able to create, on paper, at least, a multitude of dresses for many women. I’ve been in love with 19th century fashion ever since my mom pulled a framed Godey print out of the mud under my sister’s house in Maine, and gave it to me. That fashion plate is still the kingpin in my collection, which grace nearly every wall in my home.

During the writing of this book, I took a field trip to the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, OH, to see a traveling collection of wedding gowns from the 1830s to present day. The most prized dress in the collection was a one designed by Charles Frederick Worth, famous fashion designer from Paris, who single-handedly invented haute couture. The few remaining Worth gowns are in private collections and are priceless works of art.

The Tempestous Debutante

Here’s the blurb for The Tempestuous Debutante:

It’s Jasmine Fitzpatrick’s year to shine at this season’s Cotillion and men will be throwing themselves at her. But she sets her sights on a man she’s never met, the Viscount of Foxborough. He’s wealthy and has an English title. Only a few things stand in her way: a wealthy, young, beautiful widow who captures the viscount’s attention immediately, her fear of riding horses when he owns a breeding stable and racetrack, and the viscount’s stableboy, Parr.

Parr O’Shaughnessy loses his heart to Jasmine the moment he meets her. However, he has no title to interest her. He left behind an impoverished existence in Ireland when the viscount offered to bring him and his famous horse to America to build a dynasty together. He believes Jasmine barely noticed him when she was introduced–she only had eyes for the viscount. He struggles with his loyalty to the viscount and his love for Jasmine. But winning her love might mean losing all he has worked for.

I really enjoy historical romances set in America, and there sure aren’t enough of them.  And I love the idea for this book–a heroine who takes older gowns, turns them into fashionable creations, and starts her own business!

For more info on all of Becky’s books in her Cotillion Ball Series, check out her website.

For my readers today, Becky is giving away a copy of the first book in her series, The Reluctant Debutante.  Just tell us what other unusual settings you’d like to see for historical romance for a chance to win a copy of Becky’s book!  And you can pre-order The Tempestuous Debutante on Amazon.


Guest Author: Mia Marlowe & Silk Dreams!!

Silk Dreams

“The lush smell of spices, the soft silk of the harem and the intrigue of court life combines as Marlowe sweeps readers into her novel through picturesque descriptions of medieval Constantinople. She crafts a lavish love story that’s as entertaining as it is epic.”

That’s RT Book Reviews’ description of Mia Marlowe’s new historical romance, Silk Dreams.  Mia is a very talented author of historical romance; Silk Dreams is beautifully written, evocative, and quite wonderfully different.  Here’s the blurb:

Two lost souls, one treacherous city–Is love enough to save them?

In a strange land of flashing swords and swirling silks, spicy aromas and hot breezes that feel like a lover’s breath, Valdis is utterly lost. It’s all so different from her homeland. And the harem she’s forced to enter is so very treacherous.

Her family cast her away for her glimpses of the future and now her visions are turning even more ominous. They foretell the death of the one man who could help her escape-Erik, an exiled Viking who braves the wrath of a kingdom to waken her to passion, one sinful pleasure at a time. Erik and Valdis must play a high-stakes game of power and seduction if they have any hope of living out her . . . Silk Dreams.

Doesn’t that sound awesome?  And I just love the setting of medieval Constantinople.  As much as I adore Regency and Victorian romance, as a reader I sometimes like to go farther afield.  With Mia–who is equally adept with romances in Norse, Regency, or Scottish historical settings–you can’t go wrong with Silk Dreams.  I suggest you visit her website to read an excerpt for yourself–I suspect you’ll agree with me!

For my readers today, Mia is giving away a copy of her three-book anthology, The How To Series.  Just tell me what settings you enjoy in historical romance for a chance to win!

Guest Author: Diana Cosby

Diana Cosby

I’m so happy to welcome fellow Kensington author Diana Cosby on the blog today. Diana is an internationally bestselling author who writes Scottish medieval romantic suspense. She’s also a very interesting person with a very interesting life, as you’re about to find out.

You had a distinguished career in the Navy and travelled all over the world. What made you pick Scotland as the setting for your novels?

Hi Vanessa, my sincere thanks for having me on your blog today.  After writing a viking trilogy, I watched Braveheart, and was intrigued by Scotland’s fight for freedom, so I decided to research and write in this era.

What’s the basis for your bestselling MacGruder series?

The tie in for the best-selling MacGruder brother’s series is the halved stones in the grandmother’s chamber, which they believes hold magic.  I’ve had a blast figuring out new and fun ways for the heroine to ‘leave’ the grandmother’s chamber with the matching half of the respective hero’s gemstone. 🙂

What can you tell us about your new book?

His Seduction high resolution

His Seduction is Griffin’s story, who is an English lord ‘supposedly’ loyal to King Edward I, but is secretly working for the Scottish rebels known as Wulfe.  Griffin has appeared throughout the series, and I was thrilled to write his story.  He’s known for his quick thinking, skill, and always being in control, so I knew I had to toss him out of his comfort zone – enter Rois. 🙂  A woman who loves her father and would do anything to protect him, when she believes Griffin is a threat to her father’s life, she risks it all in a brazen confrontation with Griffin, and so the story begins.  For a fun excerpt:


You’re involved in a great project with Habitat for Humanity? Can you give us some info on that?

My sincere thanks for asking.  For several years I’ve volunteered for Habitat For Humanity.  What a fabulous cause and best, you work alongside potential home owners in helping make their dream of owning a home come true.  Also, as the community comes together to help build the home, the family is blessed by a sincere welcome from their neighbors.

One of my dreams is to sponsor the build of an entire Habitat For Humanity home, and with both romance readers and Habitat For Humanity amazing, I thought, why not pair the two.  Hence, Diana Cosby’s Romance Readers Build A Habitat For Humanity Home was born.

How it works: 

As readers send contributions to Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County, the bookshelf will fill with every donation. []  The goal is to fund an entire home – $55,000.  Send your donation via PayPal using the Donate link in the menu bar or donate funds the old-fashioned way—a check works just fine!

Habitat for Humanity of Grayson County
901 N. Grand Avenue
P.O. Box 2725
Sherman, TX 75091

*Total as of 8/31/2013:  $2050.

Finally, what’s up next in Diana’s writing life?

I’m excited to share that Born To Bite, an anthology with Hannah Howell and Erica Ridley, will be released via paperback on September 3rd!

Born to Bite

Also, I’m thrilled to pass on that book #6 in the MacGruder brother’s series, His Enchantment, will be released December 19th!  Here’s an excerpt:

Thanks so much for joining us on the blog today, Diana!