Guest Author: Linda Poitevin!


I’m happy to be hosting a very talented author on the blog today.  She’s Linda Poitevin and she writes dark urban fantasy books that have received a lot of critical acclaim.  Recently, she’s made an interesting switch, which she’ll tell us about in her interview with us.  Let’s find out what it is!

You were a civilian dispatcher for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, although your original goal was to be a police officer.  How has that background influenced your writing?

In several ways, I think, because I tend to favor police storylines. I actually wanted to be a cop myself (but was turned down because of a faulty height measurement), so I tend to live vicariously through my heroine, Alex, in my Grigori Legacy series. Working as a dispatcher also gave me the chance to get to know a number of outstanding female police officers — little bits of whom have definitely made it into Alex as well — and having worked in the police environment has enabled me to give my setting a definite authenticity. And, of course, having married a cop has kept me ‘in the loop,’ so to speak. 🙂


Your first published novels were urban fantasy, with a homicide detective as the heroine.  Why the switch to contemporary romance for your current book?

It’s not as much of a switch as you might think, because I started out writing romance and there is a definite romantic element to all of my stories. To be honest, my Grigori Legacy series was actually intended to be a paranormal romance single title — that whole dark side of me that emerged (and the series idea) was a complete surprise! Despite that, I’m still a firm believer in happy-ever-afters. 🙂

Tell us about Gwynneth Ever After.

Gwynneth Ever After is a contemporary romance that is best described as Notting Hill with a role reversal and kids thrown in. It was originally published by Wild Rose Press as A Fairy Tale for Gwyn and has been given a fresh edit (because I’ve learned SUCH a lot in the last couple of years!), a new cover, and of course, a new title. The story is about a single mom who is neither looking for nor interested in a relationship until she meets her very own Hollywood hero — who won’t take no for an answer!

What’s next in your writing life?

I’m currently waiting for edits from my editor on book 3 of the Grigori Legacy, Sins of the Lost, and I’ve begun work on book 4, Sins of the Warrior. The series will be complete after book 4. After that, I have a romantic suspense that I’m considering dusting off and polishing, and I have a new urban fantasy series in mind as well.

Thanks for being with us today, Linda!  Readers, check out the blurb Gwynneth Ever After:

Gwyn Jacobs doesn’t believe in fairy tales. Ever since her ex-husband walked out four years  before, leaving her with three small children, Gwyn has been mother, father, and bread-winner all rolled into one. Her own scarred heart aside, she refuses to open up her children’s lives to the possibility of another heartbreak — so she has an unbending policy of no dating and no unattached men in their lives.

Until her very own fairy tale falls into her lap…and the hero won’t take no for an answer.

You can read an excerpt from Gwynneth and Linda’s other books on her website!

Guest Author: Erin Kellison & Giveaway!!

I’m excited to be featuring fellow Kensington author Erin Kellison on the blog today.  Erin writes really cool fantasy romance — or, as her tagline puts it, dark fantasy meets modern fairy tale.  Erin has several acclaimed series in the Shadow World, a place where life and death, science and magic all blend together.

Here’s what RT Book Reviews had to say about Fire Kissed, Erin’s latest full-length novel:

“This is one series that readers should keep an eye on. The characters are compelling, the story builds up very well and the sexual tension is palpable. The joining of angels and mages makes for an unusual relationship in the paranormal romance genre, making Fire Kissed a standout page-turner.”

And what a gorgeous cover, eh?

Erin has a brand new novella just out this week, called Shadow Hunt, which is part of her Shadow Touched Series.  Here’s the book blurb for Shadow Hunt which, by the way, is only 99 cents:


Dr. Cameron Kalamos and Eleanor Russo make an unbeatable team – science and magic, working hand in hand to confront the darkness besetting humankind.


At the center of that darkness stand the powerful mage Houses, but the brutal murderer Ellie and Cam are hunting seems to be affiliated with none of them.


When nothing is as it seems, and danger meets desire head on, sex can be an act of war. For Ellie, ensnared between the man she loves and the one she must destroy, the battle is about to begin…

Sounds awesome!  I’ve read Erin’s books, and she’s a fabulous writer.  If you like paranormal romance, fantasy, and compelling stories with strong characters, you’ll love her.  For excerpts from Shadow Hunt and her other books and novellas, check out Erin’s website.

For my readers today, Erin will be giving away a copy of any one of her e-books – reader’s choice!  Have a look at her website and then come back her and tell us what’s your favorite fairy tale or magical story.  One person who comments will win one of Erin’s books!

PS.  I’m visiting Cynthia Eden and the gang at Magical Musings today.  I’m giving away one of my sexy VK Sykes contemporary romances and we’re chatting about love at first sight.  Once you’ve left Erin a comment, stop by MM and see me!