Rock*It Reads: Heating Up The Holidays Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the Rock*It Reads Heating Up the Holidays Blog Hop. There are 15 stops on the blog tour. The more blogs you visit and comment on, the greater your chances of winning the grand prize, a $75 gift certificate to Barnes & Noble or Amazon, and a huge collection of books from the authors of Rock*It Reads. Smaller prizes will be available at each stop along the way.

Good luck, and have fun!

As you can tell from that luscious header, the theme of our blog hop is Heating Up The Holidays.  And how are we going to heat up our holidays, you might ask?  I’ll tell you–with sexy men!

It so happens that I have a holiday-themed historical romance that came out in October.  The hero of His Mistletoe Bride, Lucas Stanton, the Earl of Merritt, is definitely one sexy dude.  And it was easy to create him that way because I used a very inspiring template for his character–the drop-dead gorgeous actor, Henry Cavill.

Nice, eh?  My heroine, Phoebe Linville, thinks so too.  Phoebe isn’t very experienced when it comes to men.  After all, she was raised in a small Quaker village in America.  But when she lays eyes on Lucas for the first time she feels a tingle in places that she didn’t even know could tingle!  Lucas certainly heats up her holidays, and if I ever ran into Henry Cavill while Christmas shopping…well, I better stop there or I’ll get in trouble with my husband.

To read an excerpt of His Mistletoe Bride and to get a peek at my hero, Lucas, visit my books page.

I also have another new book out with a hero who heats things up in a big way.  Bigger Than Beckham is my latest sexy contemporary romance, co-written with my husband under the pen name of VK Sykes. We will neither confirm nor deny that a certain soccer player perhaps served as a wee bit of inspiration, but our hero, Tony Branch, is definitely his own man.  And our fabulous cover artist certainly gave us a model to inspire any red-blooded woman, don’t you agree?  Just click on the cover photo for a bigger image of hunky goodness.

Whew!  I’m fanning myself here, but that cover is my idea of heating things up!  Bigger Than Beckham will heat you up for the holidays, too.  Trust me when I say that this is one steamy book.  To read an excerpt from Bigger Than Beckham, book three in our Philadelphia Patriots series of sports romances, please check out our website.  I think you’ll enjoy meeting the sexy Mr. Branch!

Readers, who would be your dream man for heating up the holidays?  Would you like to take a sleigh ride with Henry Cavill, go ice skating with David Beckham, or is snuggling with your honey by the fireside more your speed?  I’ll be giving away two prizes:

One person who comments will win a print copy of His Mistletoe Bride  and a lovely Christmas ornament.

One person who comments will win a digital copy of Bigger Than Beckham and a $10 Amazon gift card.

Leave a comment below to enter for your chance to win!

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106 thoughts on “Rock*It Reads: Heating Up The Holidays Blog Hop!!”

  1. I’d definitely take a sleigh ride with Henry Cavill! But, I’d settle for snuggling with a great romance novel in front of the fire. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. That sleigh ride with Henry Cavill sounds like a whole lot of fun, as long as we can stop off at an isolated log cabin to cozy up in front of a roaring fire.

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  3. as much as riding in a sleigh with a hottie would be exciting, my speed is being on the couch with my sweetie. if i can’t be with him, my cat harve will do almust just as well!

  4. I absolutely love the cover for His Mistletoe Bride. I would love to read this book! Thank you for the opportunity to win great prizes!

    Gerard Butler is just super yummy and I have had a major crush on him forever. I can’t even imagine the things he and I could do over the holidays together! *sigh*

    ~Julie K

  5. I would pick snuggling with my boyfriend – we live far apart and rarely see each other! Though I love that picture of Henry Cavill!

  6. Snuggling up at the fireside. I really do not do well in cold atmosphere and I get grouchy. So ice skating is out (because I am soo not cordinated for skates) and sleighing would be fun at first but then tiresome.

    Can I choose Brendan Fraiser. he was seriously yum

    Raonaid at gmail dot com

  7. I think I would love to go on a sleigh ride with Henry Cavill or anything with Alexander Skarsgard :).

    reality- snuggling with my honey.

  8. while a sleigh ride could be quite romantic (particularly in the country) a snuggle by the fire would definately be welcome (especially after that sleigh ride) 🙂

  9. I will be cuddling with my hubby. Usually by the Christmas tree. I collect ornaments and that is my favorite place during the season!

  10. I guess I would prefer snuggling with my wonderful husband as they broke the mold when they made him. After all these years, I still find him to be super sexy! Of course, as I’m not DEAD, I can still fantasize about spending a little time with Henry Cavill. Um…totally on a friend basis, you know! 😉

    Connie Fischer

  11. The hubby is a great choice to cuddle by the fireplace with, but I guess if hubby is busy I could be persuaded to cuddle up with Colin Firth. Just can’t get his Mr. Darcy out of my head. Sigh….


  12. I’m going with my husband sitting by the fire. He’s not home a lot so I take every moment I can get. Not that Henry isn’t hot lol.

    Lisa B

  13. I will keep my honey, to keep me warm in the cold winter. I have been trying to win your book for a while now, so I really hope it is me who wins. lol. I love reading Christmas books around the holidays.


  14. When it comes to celebrities & idols, I prefer to admire them from afar (admit to swooning somewhat over Hugh Jackman). I’d settle for reading a good romance book in bed & dreaming of my hero.

  15. right now I would take snuggling with my dog 🙂 ( yes, Im a bit anti-men lol )

    LOVE your books !!


  16. Channing Tatum and I would snuggle all winter long watching movies and drinking hot chocolates with peppermint schnapps.

    Thanks for the great giveaways!

    Meg G.

  17. That photo of Henry Cavill is yummy! I’m really curious about how he will play Superman.

    I’ll choose my husband — but only if he has a mug of hot Spanish chocolate for me. ^_^

  18. How fun, Vanessa! I wouldn’t mind some fantasy cavorting or sleigh rides with either of your choices, but in reality, some free time with DH would suit me just fine!

    f dot chen at comcast dot net

  19. OK….strictly ‘fanatasy’ right….so that means maybe more than one…right?! *wink*
    My deal would definitely have many ‘assistants’ to ward off the chill.
    Hot chocolate server ~ Chris Pine
    Fire keeper ~ Bradley Cooper
    Wool socks warmer ~ Ewan McGregor
    Blankets ~ Matt Damon
    Snuggle Buddy ~ Eric Bana
    Sleigh rides ~ Viggo Mortensen
    Reading partner ~ Ryan Reynolds
    Walking in the snow buddy ~ Colin Farrell
    And, just to look at because it’s my fantasy ~ Hugh Jackman
    Think that about covers it for me!

    P.S. ~ please do not enter my name, I already have these two wonderful reads!

  20. Ooops… forgot to mention these assistants……
    Hair brushers ~ Henry Cavill & Jim Caviezel.
    Geez…I sure do like fantasies!! 🙂

    Nothing to do with this post, but I did forget to mention on your November 8th post that I also enjoy reading Theresa Romain.
    Have a nice day!

  21. Snuggling with Gerard Butler would be my wish for a dark and snowy night. If he could not make it I think Jason Momoa would be a perfect substitute.

  22. Love it Vanessa 🙂

    I’d so go with snuggling inside by the fire! Love the winter and doing just that 🙂

    Hope you’re having fun with the hop!

  23. Hi Vanessa!

    Anyone who hasn’t already read His Mistletoe Bride is going to adore it! I was going to save to read on Thanksgiving, as a present to myself for my 65th birthday that day, but ended up not being able to resist and ended up reading it during the hurriaine instead (thank goodness for candles!).

    I’ve already gotten my husband to start reading your V.K. Sykes books when I told him that your husband writes them with you! Who ever said that macho men don’t read romance obviously never met my husband!

    Hope you had the chance to enjoy the week-end!

  24. My dream man for heating up the holidays is always “Alcide” Joe Manganiello!definition of tall dark and handsome..and a wolf..come it..mmmmm whew is it hot in this blog or what?!

  25. I am not much of a follower of the rich and famous. I could definitely snuggle with some of the heros in the books I read, but I will settle for snuggling with my honey in the sleigh or in front of a fire…

  26. Matthew Bomer! I loved Tru Calling and now I love White Collar even more. It was fun to see the reunion episode where Eliza played an art thief.

    I’d say…a nice dinner and watching the fire at home.

  27. Can’t think…distracted by photos. Debating can opener and that pic of metal covered Henry Cavill or taking my crayons and coloring in those lovely tatts sported by David Beckham, lol.

  28. I would totally pick Henry Cavill as my dream man because he is also who I visualize as my literary dream man: Bones from the Night Huntress series. 🙂

  29. Henry Cavill sounds nice, but I’d have to go with Rupert Penry-Jones. Absolutely loved him in Persuasion. Think he will enjoy the sleigh ride aswell ;D

  30. Hmmm..skating with David Beckman would be a lot of fun but I am happy to be spending my holidays my my hubby and adorable little boy


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