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Jaunty Quills

It’s my regular gig today at The Sisterhood of the Jaunty Quills. Come join me for an interesting discussion about the supposed demise of the romantic suspense genre, and for a chance to win a copy of my new VK Sykes romantic suspense, Lethal Confessions.


You can join me at The Jaunty Quills here.

Lethal Confessions now on sale!

The brutal murder of her twin sister drove Amy Robitaille into a career as a homicide detective for Palm Beach County. When a serial killer targets the wives of local baseball players, Amy has more than just a professional interest at stake—her only surviving sister fits the profile of the other victims. Amy’s hell-bent on catching the killer, not only to protect her sister but to destroy the demons haunting her since the death of her twin.

Baseball star and former soldier Luke Beckett has just retired from the game and is looking to move on with his life. When he’s asked to consult on the serial killer case for the local police, he finds the challenge he needs—despite the objections of lead detective Amy Robitaille. But Luke has no intention of backing away from the job and every intention of getting to know the intriguing detective.

Amy has no time to babysit a celebrity consultant while trying to catch a serial killer. But Luke is not the man she assumed him to be and he threatens to become a powerful distraction. That’s the last thing she needs, especially when the killer starts closing in on her family. But without Luke’s help, Amy stands to lose everything.

Available on Amazon for only $2.99, and in print from CreateSpace.


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