Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Happy Mother’s Day, all!  I hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday with your moms, stepmoms, grandmothers, and those women who’ve given you love and support over the years.  I always have mixed feelings on this day, since my mom died thirteen years ago.  I still think about her all the time, and there’s many a day when I wish I could pick up the phone and talk to her.  But I’m very lucky–I have a wonderful stepmother who gives me all kinds of support, and a loving big sister and many wonderful female friends.  On this special day, I think of them all with love and gratitude.

My mom didn’t live to see me published, but I know she would have been proud of me (and my stepmother, I’m happy to say, is my number one  fan).  So, in honor of my mom, I’d like to give away some books.  I’m giving away a copy of my first book, Mastering The Marquess, a story of two sisters searching for their estranged grandmother, and my VK Sykes contemporary romance, Fastball.  Just tell me who you’ll be honoring this Mother’s Day for a chance to win one of my books.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. i will be honoring my mother and my granmom who passed away on me i think of them each year around this time of year sadly i have no living realtives in the manner that you do i even lost my mom inlaw last year so in away i will be honring her to

  2. I’ll be thinking of my late mother and all the wonderful Mother’s Days we had together as I spend the day with my son. We’re going to go see the Avengers, it’s going to be fun!

  3. I will be honoring my mother and my grandmother for all the things that have done for me. My grandmother was a great role model for me and I miss her dearly.

  4. I don’t know what to say.. Me and my mom never been close, she’s quite a difficult woman to live with. Uncompromising and stubborn, and easy to find faults on almost everything i do. I’m the youngest of three, but on the contrary of common believe, i think i’m the one she love least.
    Okay, enough self pity. Happy mother’s day for those who celebrate it 🙂

    • Sienny, mothers can be our toughest critics. Even though I really loved my mom, our relationship could be pretty difficult at times. She adored her kids, but could often by very critical of us. Used to drive us all crazy! I have to say, though, she really mellowed out when she got older. I’m hoping your mom will too!

  5. I’ll be calling my mother up to wish her a happy mother’s day. My siblings will be taking her out to dinner, I’m sure.

  6. Both my mom and mom-in-law have passed as well as all grandmothers. But I have a niece who is a single mother of four girls. Don’t know how she does it, but she’s a great mom, despite some hard times. And a full-time teacher as well. She’s my honoree!!

  7. I am blessed I still have my Mother. My thoughts & love go out to all those who will not get a hug from their Mums today.

  8. I’ll be honoring my mum. She’s the person I love most in this world. Mum is awesome, she keeps the whole family together. She’s the 1 us kids go to whenever we need a shoulder to cry on; to vent our frustration with the world for any & everything. She gives us unconditional love even when we can be pretty obnoxious at times. Love u mum!

  9. I am honoring my mom and my ex mother-in law. Both mean alot to me. They both have given me uncondtional love.

  10. I am out of country on a business trip this weekend so I won’t see my mother but I gave her a call and I miss her on this day and I cherish the time I still have with her.

  11. I was served breakfast by family, have posted notes on Facebook, and will unfortunately miss brunch with extended family, but I am going to stay home with this stupid sore throat and try to consider that my good deed AND enjoy a little time alone.

  12. My mom! My family is going out to lunch and we’ll be giving her all kinds of fun things. We never get to see the whole family together, so this will be a treat!

  13. I have to work today but this evening we are going to my sister inlaws and having dinner with my husbands mother and my as one big happy family. I do not have children well I do but they all have 4 legs and fur. I hope you all have a wonderful Mothers Day.

  14. I’m honoring my own Superwoman,my Mama. My siblings and I bought a heart shaped chocolate cake today and invented a song “Happy Mother’s Day” to the tune of Happy Birthday. 😀 We also bought slippers for her that she badly needs every time she sews dresses. She’s a dressmaker. 😀

  15. I am honoring my grandmother. She is 96 years old and the most amazing women that I know. The things she has seen and been through in her life time had made her the great person that she is today. I love her with all of my heart! Thanks for the giveaway!

  16. My mom and I talk a couple times a week – mostly about our gardens and our family! We can relate to life in general so easily – the one thing a can remember her saying to me early in my marriage was “keep your chin up” I still think of this when times get tough!

    The strength of a woman!

  17. Sorry to hear you no longer have your mother here to share in your successes. Though I am glad to hear you step-mom is a great support!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

    • Thanks so much, Lexi. I am very fortunate to have my stepmother. She always pre-orders 50 of my books and then hands them out to everyone in the neighborhood. Happy Mother’s Day to you!

  18. My mom and mother in law have both been gone for over 20 years now. I’ll be spending the day taking it easy and waiting for the finales of Once Upon a Time (Love,love,love that show) and Desperate Housewives.

  19. One of my grown daughters has to work today so when she gets off work, her boyfriend and my other daughter are all coming over with dinner in hand!! Tomorrow we are taking my mother out (my sister has a large family so many times we all take her out at different times – this way she gets to celebrate many different days lol. She is going to be 90 this year so we want to make as much as a fuss as we can 🙂

  20. My mom passed away over a year ago… but my MIL is still going strong and is a great woman whom I love!! Wilma!! For you!!

  21. I so thankful to be able to celebrate my mom and my MiL, even though both are currently traveling 🙂 Yay for moms everywhere!

  22. I am sure that your mother knew you would go on to be a great writers. Mothers just know.

    This mother’s day I honor my mother first and foremost. She is not only my mother but my friend as well. Of course I still always send thoughts back to my grandmother who had such an impact on my life.

    Have a good day!

    • Thanks so much, Shannon. I like to think my mother is looking down from on high, happy for me. When she can tear herself away from her heavenly bridge game, that is!

  23. Happy Mother’s Day, Vanessa!
    I am sitting here reminiscing about my mom with my daughter who knew her, and my son who never had the chance to meet her, yet he has a lot of her qualities in him.
    Enjoy your day.

  24. My mom passed away a few years back and I miss her everyday…My boys took me to lunch including roses and chocolate, my husband has lived in Texas for almost 3 months so he couldbt de there, it was fantastic! Even though my boys make me want to scream at times, being a mom is the best thing in the world. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

  25. Hubby and I celebrated with both our mothers and my grandmother. Saturday night was also my MIL’s birthday, so we took her and FIL out for supper. Today after church we had lunch with my mama and daddy and brothers and families. Then we went to see my grandmother in the nursing home. Then went shopping for my garden plants and finished the day with planting!

  26. Hi Vanessa, I spent a few hours this afternoon with my mom and sister cooking a favorite polish dish we enjoy now and then. It was nice to do it together and the food was great. Friday my mom and i had lunch with my grandma at her nursing home which hosted a Mother day dinner for the residents. It was also a nice event. Hope everyone had a nice Mother’s day!

    Lisa B

  27. Vanessa how lucky you are that once you lost your mom you had the good fortune to have a loving and supportive stepmother.

    On Mothers’ Day I celebrate and give thanks to my mom and my paternal grandma. Sadly my maternal grandma died when I was 9 years old, and she is sorely missed. This year I truly treated my mom to the royal treatment: when she woke up breakfast was ready: strawberry pancakes with creme fraiche and fresh coffee, then she received a year-long subscription to her favourite cooking magazine and a huge margherita bush (her afvourite flowers). So yes, she was one very happy mom that day 😀

    Thank you!

  28. I hope everyone had a wonderful MOTHER’S DAY!!
    Unfortunately my mom lives too far away from me. I do get to ‘yell’ at her all of the time though, lucky me. She refuses to wear her hearing aids. She always tells me that at the age of 83 she’s heard all that she cares to hear. LOL!! She’s still a hoot and we all love her dearly! I really enjoy our conversations, she never runs out of steam, always an earful from my dear mom.
    Please do not enter my name in giveaway, already have these great books!!

  29. My mom was passed away two year ago, and i miss him. I thinking all day we spend together with family or going shopping.

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