Guest Author: Tina Gabrielle & Giveaway!

I’m so pleased to be featuring one of my fellow Kensington authors on the blog today.  She’s Tina Gabrielle, and she writes wonderful Regency historical romances with fascinating settings and resourceful heroines.  In fact, Tina’s ambitious and intelligent heroines are a trademark of her fiction.  That’s no surprise, given that Tina herself was formerly a N.J. Deputy Attorney General AND a mechanical engineer!  With that type of pedigree, how could she not write strong heroines?

Tina’s first book was Lady of Scandal, which features Victoria, a smart and savvy heroine who just happens to be an anonymous investor on the London Stock Exchange.

Tina received great reviews for her debut book, including this one from RT Book Reviews:

“Debuting with a tantalizing tale, Gabrielle employs themes of revenge, secrets and misunderstandings, blending them with sizzle and characters that engage readers’ emotions. Gabrielle has the opportunity to garner a strong fan base eager for her next novel.”

Lady of Scandal was also nominated by RT Book Reviews  for best first historical of 2009, and it made the Barnes & Noble long list as “one of the top 50 books, CDs and DVDs to know about now.”

Tina’s latest book has just come out, the first in her Regency Barrister’s SeriesThis new series features four sexy lawyers and the women who cause havoc in their chambers and in their hearts.  It’s a fabulous idea for a series, and I’m really looking foward to reading them.

The title of the first book is In The Barrister’s Chambers, and I’m just loving the gorgeous cover.

Here’s the blurb for In The Barrister’s Chambers:


Lady Evelyn Darlington’s first love was the law. But since a woman scholar meets nothing but ridicule from men, she has given up and chosen a future husband. Randolph seems adequate for the task: to provide intelligent conversation and not annoy her too much. Of course, before they can be engaged, she’ll have to do something about the murder charge hanging over his head. If only London’s top barrister wasn’t Jack Harding, object of all her unattainable girlhood fantasies…


Jack Harding remembers Evelyn well—but the idea that the gorgeous woman standing before him is little Evie, the professor’s daughter, is incredible. He knows better than to enter a business relationship when he wants to pursue pleasure. Yet however desirable she is now, Evie is still Evie—stubborn, smart, and never willing to take no for an answer. Even though proving her betrothed’s innocence might just cost her her own…

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Reviewers obviously agree with me, as you can see from this review from Publishers Weekly:

“Former attorney Gabrielle (Lady of Scandal) launches a Regency series with legal backbone…the tale is bolstered by tantalizing love scenes, enthusiastically detailed portrayals of England’s Regency-era legal system, and witty comradely repartee.”

I just know this series is going to be one that readers love, starting with In The Barrister’s Chambers.

And for my readers today, Tina has graciously donated a copy of her first book, the award-winning Lady of Scandal.  Just tell me what type of heroine you like to read in a historical romance.  Do you like the adventerous type who courts danger with a smile, the more traditional young virgin, or do you root for the intellectual bluestocking?  One person who comments will win a copy of Tina’s fabulous book!

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  1. Hi Tina,

    I want to share with you that your book “a perfect scandal” has been published in my country (Indonesia) and i had wrote in my list to buy. My friends had bought your book and they liked it =D

    for answer the question, i more like type of hero is the adventerous type who courts danger with a smile.


  2. I enjoy a clever heroine. A series with law in the Regency as the theme sounds wonderful to me.
    Wishing you every success!

  3. I love the adverntureous ones who take a risk in life! Your books sound like a lot of fun and some new & different information regarding the legal system in this time period!

  4. I go back and forth betwee the virgin and the adventureous. I think it depends on my mood. I would love to read about the intellectual though…especially a historical. Your book sounds a bit different. I think I would enjoy it.
    Best Wishes and your new realease(s)!!!

  5. How about the adventurous bluestocking virgin? Don’t think these are necessarily exclusive of each other. Would like all heroines unless widowed to be virgins (yes, I’m old fashioned!). But there needs to be something in a heroine to drive the book and challenge the hero beyond his comfort zone. Haven’t read Tina’s work yet, but certainly will now. This new series sounds fab!

  6. I like the intellect bluestocking. i do like that most are virgins. i like the heroine being smart, and challeging the hero. lol 🙂 i havent read ur books yet either. i would like to.

  7. I like all kinds of heroines – a heroine would never be wimpy, would she? I love this idea of a Regency heroine involved with the law! It’s so much fun when she enters areas considered out of bounds for females.

  8. I love an smart woman. So many women are dumbed down in movies and books. I am glad to see writers are starting to make the heroines smarter and tougher, although still in need of a little help from a man!

    • Hi Jeanne,
      My long time critique partner was a legal secretary before retiring. She’s great and inspires me to keep writing. As for the confident hero who can accept and love an intelligent woman, he’s my favorite type. It helps when I picture him looking like Gerard Butler, too!

      • Hi Debbie,
        Sorry the above reply went to the wrong person! But thank you for your comment. Yes, some romantic movies can be frustrating, but I have noticed the newer ones featuring the savvy heroines. I always make sure to have a girls night out for them!

  9. Hi Vanessa and Tina! I must admit I hadn’t “met” Tina before today but I’m definately going to read not only Lady of Scandal but A Perfect Scandal, the other book in The Scandal Series!

    I must admit that I love reading books that have a strong independent minded hTina Gabrielleeroine. (My husband blames it on my own notorius youth). I love to see the balancing act they have to play to stay in the good graces of society while exploring their own horizons and dreams. It certainly doesn’t hurt when their is a strong man who is wise enough to accept their strengths and out-look as a blessing and not the curse that society may try to use to stiffle them from reaching their potential.

    Love the premise of your first book in the Barrister Series. It brings me back to my first job during the summers when I was in High School as a Legal Secretary (and the intrigue of seeking justice for “good and evil”).

    I’d love to win a copy of Lady of Scandal to start me on my journey!

  10. Hmmm … how about the bluestocking who moonlights secretly as the adventurous type who courts danger with a smile? I haven’t been into the male virgin stories (more often the female virgin), but I have been seeing an awful lot of posts about them on Twitter lately. I will have to give those a try. They sound better than I would have expected.

    I haven’t read Tina’s books before, but the blurb sounds like something I would enjoy. I look forward to giving her a try. 🙂 The cover is very pretty also!

  11. “In the Barrister’s Chambers” sounds really intriguing and I’m adding it to my list. I myself prefer the “bluestocking intellectual” heroine – looks fade but intelligence always reigns! Thanks for the giveaway “Lady of Scandal” looks great too and has a fantastic cover!

  12. Well I see have another author to check out. Although I’m a huge fan of the urban fantasy and paranormal romance, I love to read a historical romance from time to time. So I’m definitely going to check Tina out.

    About my type of heroine, I love the adventerous type who doesn’t hold back when danger is around the corner.

  13. I LOVE the intellectual bluestocking!!! She is both shy & has a secret adventerous streak waiting to come up in a thrilling situatuation of romance or trouble. She’s really smart, true of heart and brains are beautiful I find.

  14. I love reading about all different types of heroines! As long as they have a good head on their shoulders, I’m a happy reader 🙂

  15. I tend to like the bluestocking adventures, but as others have said I like the heroine who can take care of herself. Your books look very interesting, and The Barristers Chambers sound very unique. I will have to look for your books.

  16. I love historical romance; I can’t believe I’ve not heard of Tina or read any of her books yet! soon to be rectified….

    I like my heroines to be intelligent and brave but not stubbornly so; but I really don’t mind any other type as long as I can like them as the heroine; no nasty or irritating traits.

  17. Hi Tina and Vanessa!

    Please do not enter my name in contest, already have this wonderful book!

    I also have book #2 in your Scandal Series….A PERFECT SCANDAL. I hope you will continue with more books in this series, I find them to be wonderful reads.

    Sounds like The Barrister Series, all of them, is also going on my TBR pile. 🙂

  18. Ooops, sorry, hit wrong button.
    I didn’t finish my comment. LOL!

    I like a smart and sassy gal. Sometimes the ‘innocent-virgins’ are too innocent for my taste.
    A little ‘I knew that’ will not hurt the story in my opinion.

    Best to you Tina!

  19. Oh definately the adventerous type with a little attitude, but under it all a little insecure and has her own scars.
    This new series sounds great, sexy lawyers who don’t know what just walked into their lives…I like it!

    Thanks for a chance to win a book I haven’t read =)

  20. Sounds like a great series, Tina! I like the intellectual bluestockings who get caught in their own traps but emerge triumphant. Best of luck!


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