Guest Author: Tiffany Clare & Giveaway!

How’s this for a fabulous cover quote?

“The Surrender of a Lady is a riveting and spectacular debut by an exciting new author. Tiffany Clare writes a swoon-worthy romance filled with rich details and vivid characters. Any reader wishing for a bold and sweeping historical romance need look no further—Tiffany Clare is a treasure of an author!”

 You know you wrote that quote?  Lisa Kleypas.  Lisa Kleypas, people!

That’s just one of the quotes Tiffany Clare received for her first published novel, The Surrender Of A Lady.  Tiffany is my featured author on the blog today, and I’m really happy about that—not only because she’s a good friend of mine, but because she writes fabulously sensual and emotionally complex historical romances set in the Victorian period.

Tiffany exploded on the romance scene with her debut, the story of a mother determined to do whatever she must to save her young son.

Here’s what Fresh Fiction had to say about The Surrender of a Lady:

Tiffany Clare has written an exceptionally exciting and heart-wrenching story of devotion and survival of a young mother, sold into the most despicable of circumstances. Elena’s bravery and determination is unequaled. Her love and devotion for her son, as well as love for her long-lost fiancé, tears her apart. I found this to be fast-paced, full of suspense and totally exciting with each turn of the page. A new and refreshing plot has been woven for the reader.

On top of all that, it’s an incredibly sensual read.  If you like your historical romances spicy, you’re going to love Tiffany’s books.

Tiffany’s second book was The Seduction of His Wife, which received a Top Pick from Night Owl Reviews:

Manipulating sisters, sinister plots and a pending divorce make this romance a bit different than your normal run of the mill romances. The initial scenes will draw you in only to entice you to stay and read more and more. Soon you’ll find yourself riveted to this story only to find you have reached the end.


Fortunately for her readers, Tiffany has a new book out.  It’s called The Secret Desires of a Governess.

I am so there!  Anything to do with governesses and brooding, mysterious employers has me totally hooked.  Can you say Jane Eyre?  Yeah, baby!

Here’s the blurb:


From the moment Abby meets her new employer—the mysterious, brooding Earl of Brendall—she is appalled by his brutish manner…and even moreso by her own attraction to him. Has she lost her senses? As a governess, Abby has no choice but to play by the rules. But as a woman, she cannot deny the fiery sensations he ignites—or the fantasies he inspires…


From the moment Elliott lays eyes on his new young governess, he knows he’s in trouble. Abby is intelligent, defiant, and utterly captivating, though Elliott must do his very best to resist her. But as the two grow closer, the passion burns hotter. Soon, the only thing that can destroy their love is the darkest secret of his past—and the secret desires of a governess…

Sigh!  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  You can read all about Tiffany’s books on her website, which includes excerpts and buy links.  And while you’re there check out the link to her group blog, Vauxhall Vixens, a really fun place to hang out with a gang of feisty wenches.

Tiffany’s stories have been called “bold,” “daring,” and “exciting.”  If you’re looking for historical romances that push the envelope—while still being totally romantic and sexy—you should definitely check out her books.

For my readers today, Tiffany is giving away a copy of The Secret Desires of a GovernessJust tell me if you like the governess heroine as much as I do, and tell me which one is your favorite.  One person who comments will win the book!

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  2. wow the cover looks so beautiful =D
    i love chaterine mark from married by morning – lisa kleypas and victoria from everything and the moon – julia quinn.
    i think i love Abby too.
    btw,i like the character of governess because i think they are very affectionate, gentle and smart 🙂

  3. I think I’m going to like Abby best! This sounds like a really fun book that I would very much enjoy!! I look forward to reading more from Tiffany!

  4. I’ve always loved th egoverness premise. Sort 0f like my favorite fairy tale Cinderella..the poor girl who has to work hard meets the man of her dreams. And this cover is gorgeous!

  5. I think the appeal of the Regency governess lies in the fact that she is an educated woman, in a time when women weren’t educated much beyond the skills needed to be a proper wife, and she is in a situation that forces her to be strong. She isn’t a wilting flower who is waiting for life to happen to her – she is working for her living and making something of herself, usually in the face of financial or familial distress. Modern readers typically have more in common with the governess character than a duchess who lives a life of pampered, servant-filled leisure, making them easier to sympathize with. Off the top of my head, I liked Felicity from Shana Galen’s Making of a Gentleman and Christy from Lord Braybrook’s Penniless Bride by Elizabeth Rolls, though I know there are more that I’m forgetting.

  6. Tiffany is a new author for me and am always looking for new books and authors to read. I love Lisa Kleypas writing so would love to check out this book. I also loved Catherine from Lisa’s books as the governess. They are stern and put people in there place, because that is their job. She made me laugh because she tried to hide her attraction, but failed. I do love when they give the governess a larger role, especially in series, because you know that they will eventually fall in love with someone from the cast, weather a minor character or major. I also think I will like Abby, she seems to have a strong character and likeable.
    Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win. I would love to win and read your books.

  7. I love the governess heroine. My favorites have been Christina Dodd’s governess series. Your book sounds great. Love the cover.

  8. I love Sabrina Jeffries’ The School for Heiresses series as well as some of those mentioned.. Don’t have a favorite – I enjoyed them all.

  9. Catherine marks – married by morning lisa kleypas & victoria lyndon in everthing and the moon by julia quinn
    I remember just read 2 book about governess i love its
    I hope can

  10. I love the governess heroine. And I agree with the pack that nobody beats Christina Dodd…..except for maybe Tiffany Clare! Congratulations on the new release…looks and sounds like a fantastic story! It’s on my books-to-buy list.

  11. I found Tiffany Clare on Face book I am so glad I purchased her book. I have continued since then. I like the Governess`s simply in that era they were the lower class, not to think they could exceed above their station. I love it when they prove every one wrong , love conquers all.
    A lord and a low born can find happiness

  12. I like Christina Dodd’s governess’ series. All the heroines were great.

    Congratulations on your new book! I love your other book and I am sure that this one will be good too!

  13. Wow, I like this herione, spunky! The teaser/chapter one was just that a tease and the now I’m hooked. Abby seems the perfect foil to the wicked Elliott 😉
    The Secret Desires of a Governess is on my wish list. I can’t wait to see Elliott fall…. 😀

      • Hello everyone! Thank you for all the comments. My publisher has been very generous in the cover art department!

        I adore governesses so much (Marks and Leo’s especially) that the book in my newest trilogy is about a companion/chaperone! I hope readers love her story as much as Abby’s.

        I’m traveling right now but we stop by to answer any questions if you have them!

  14. I have not read any books with governess as the heroine but I think they would be great. Tiffany is now on my wish list so I can start reading about governess!

  15. Like many others, I absolutely adore Love in the Morning by Lisa Kleypas. In fact, I would call it the best in the Hathaway series. I love how Leo and Catherine’s relationship developed and those kissing scenes were the best! Ask a riddle, kiss, then try to answer. Too cute!

    How great is it to have Lisa Kleypas enjoy your book. What a terrific feeling of accomplishment you must have! I adore Lisa and only wish I had discovered her sooner! Your book is on my To Read list!

    Thanks for the giveaway and good luck all!

  16. I think Abby is going to be a favorite. I also have to say you have some really gorgeous covers to go with what sounds like some great reads! I love showing off my print books with such fantastic covers 🙂

  17. Hi Tiffany and Vanessa!

    I have to agree with Lisa Kleypas, her quote….“The Surrender of a Lady is a riveting and spectacular debut by an exciting new author……” is spot on. I have read THE SURRENDER OF A LADY and THE SEDUCTION OF HIS WIFE, let me tell you, they’re awesome reads!
    If you haven’t read them yet, you must rush out and borrow, beg or buy one of her books or better yet, all of her books! You will not be disapppointed, least ways I wasn’t, I found it very hard to put them down. I had to know what happened next in the books.
    I’m so looking forward to this new one!!

    The cover to THE SECRET DESIRES OF A GOVERNESS looks fabulous! Plus, it is nice that purple is one of my favorite colors.

    As far as favorite governess stories go, hmmmm…I just can’t decide, sorry, way too many good ones to just pick one. 🙂
    I do like the ones that were mentioned, all good!

    Thank you for sharing with us today!

    Have a fantastic Friday!

  18. I love being introduced to a new author , and a thumbs up from Lisa Kleypas is some recomendation. I don’t think I’ve read a governess story in a while. Governesses were in a precarious position since they generally worked out of necessity in a time there weren’t many option for a well bred young lady.

  19. Governess heroines can make for some very interesting characters in stories. They have a mold to break out of, expectations to exceed and hearts to win, and often they do all that. The ones I find most endearing are the ones who are smart and spunky, not afraid to take control of their charges even fi it means standing up to the brooding master of the household. I remember Victoria in Kat Martin’s “The Bride’s Necjlace” having a lot of spunk.

  20. I love Tiffany’s books and I have a feeling that when I read The Secret Desires of a Governess Abby is going to become my favoirte governess!

    Of the different books I’ve read that have had a governess as the main female character I’d have to say Felicity in Making of a Gentleman. I love Shana’s books because she makes you feel like you’ve met her characters. Tiffany has done that also in her books and always makes me feel that I’ve already met them but that you’ve also talked to them and know their true feelings!

    I have a feeling that Elliot might become my favorite “hero” with his brutish ways. My husband has that same outward characteristic but believe me there is a big teddy bear hiding inside.

  21. I haven’t read a lot of this type but (like any, when done right) have enjoyed them. The 1st that comes to mind is The Naked Marquis though I don’t think she was tecnically the governess of the hero’s neices, just the vicar’s daughter who helped take care & teach them some, but a very enjoyable read as I recall 🙂

  22. The idea of a man seeing a governess and picturing her as the mother of his children is classic and I love it, a great start to a story. This book sounds great, but this is a new author for me (one that is being added to my TBR list right now!) so no faves….yet.


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