Guest Author: Sophia Knightly & Giveaway!

I’m very pleased to have best-selling contemporary romance author Sophia Knightly featured on the blog today.  Some readers may know her as Victoria Marquez, but regardless of pen names Sophia is a fabulous writer who writes sexy, very fun books.  And lucky for us, she’s putting out some truly beautiful digital editions of the books in her Tropical Heat Series.

The first book in the series is Wild for You, which received 4 stars from RT Book Reviews.

Awesome cover, right?  Here’s the blurb for Wild for You:

To Love, Honor, and Protect

Detective Clay Blackthorne has his hands full when he promises to safeguard an old college pal’s sister without letting her know what he’s up to. He never imagines that lively Marisol Calderon will knock his socks off and put a ring on his finger—and all at his suggestion! Their marriage of convenience is meant to protect her and Clay doesn’t plan on being hitched for long to the tempting beauty. But the honeymoon sure feels real to him…

Sassy Marisol is used to doing whatever she wants—and right now her plan is to shake up the hot detective’s hard-edged demeanor. But the fun turns to danger when a mystery stalker bent on marrying her marks her as his prey. Temporarily becoming Clay’s wife seems like a practical way to thwart the stalker. But as passion ignites and Marisol falls for the tender heart buried beneath the tough detective’s chest, Clay’s true identity is revealed and she begins to wonder who—if anyone—she can trust…

I read this book just recently, and I can assure you it’s a very sexy and very entertaining book.  Marisol and Clay are both wonderful characters, and I enjoyed their story.

Sophia also has another book in the Tropical Heat series, entitled Sold on You.  This book received 4-1/2 stars and a coveted Top Pick from RT Book Reviews, and it was also a finalist in the prestigious Maggie Awards.

Here’s the blurb for Sold on You:

Just Say Yes!

Confirmed bachelor Dr. Marcos Calderon is in hot water. He needs to come up with a fake fiancée fast or he’ll disappoint his beloved grandma who’s arriving on the next flight to meet her. Proper social worker Gabriela Morales should fit the bill—but tonight, in that sexy, slit-to-there red evening gown, she looks anything but proper. 

Gabriela only volunteered for the hospital’s charity bachelorette auction to benefit a cause dear to her heart. Now she’s reeling from the hot doctor’s bid of fifteen thousand dollars for a weekend date with her! She’s not sure what Dr. Handsome has in mind, but the smoldering look in his eyes is unmistakable…

What fun!  You can get the details on both books in the Tropical Heat Series and on Sophia’s upcoming release from Samhain Publishing, Grill Me Baby, on her website.

For my readers today, Sophia is giving away a copy of Sold on You.  Let’s keep up the heat, shall we?  If you could go on a tropical vacation with a sexy hero, where would you go?  What would be your favorite destination for hot days, sizzling nights, and lots of fun?  One person who comments will win a copy of Sold on You.

News flash!  Sophia has let me know that Wild for You is currently free at Amazon!



46 thoughts on “Guest Author: Sophia Knightly & Giveaway!”

  1. I would head up to Far North QLD. The Great Barrier Reef beckons. Along with tropical nights, balmy breezes and glorious sunny days. We would sail around the Whitsunday Islands & explore the pristine shores & each other.

  2. I would head to the Carribean Islands! The weather is gorgeous and the scenery is conductive to romance.

    Best wishes with your new release!!

  3. Any beach would work at this point. lol! Some time away from my every day life would be great. Thanks for the giveaway.

  4. Any place where there’s water and sand and wonderful sunsets. Could be an ocean or a lake, but the water must have waves. So love the sound. Thanks for introducing me to another new author I hadn’t discovered yet!

  5. I think I would like to go to a private beach in Hawaii with….please don’t laugh Christian Grey from “50 Shades of Grey”-there I said it-I can’t believe I admitted it.

  6. A beach anywhere. Our idea of a perfect vacation is a beach to walk , sit near, listen to. Perhaps snorkel a bit. But mostly, just watch the beach.

  7. I would love to vacation on the French Riviera! Gorgeous blue waters, enjoying the beach by day and the casinos by night. Sounds so glamorous!

  8. I would love to go to the Caribbean where they have resorts with villas perched above the beautiful water. You have the ocean right outside your window and from your private deck you can take a cool dip. It just seems so romantic and private.

  9. Ok so I am going to pick a different location, I would head to the mountains and find a nice secluded lake at the top of one. Plenty of sunshine, cool water to dip in after…ahem.

  10. Oh, I love the USVI and St John Island… stayed 2 weeks at the National Park campground [pre shipped a box of books!].. My sister, Mom & I had a wonderful time… Would love to go back..

  11. I’ve read Fall for You and can’t wait to read Wild for You too. Ahhh.

    If I could have a getaway I’d so to an island, maybe the Seychelles or Necker island that Richard Branson owns in the Caribbean. But if a hot man was with me, I’d go to pretty much any island he wanted LOL

  12. I live in the tropics; i’d much prefer some other place to go to! but since the question specifically said tropical vacation I guess I have to answer accordingly :p

    I’d like to go a Caribbean island; anyone which is quiet & not full of crowds.


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