Guest Author: Sally MacKenzie & Giveaway!

I’m featuring one of my favorite historical romance authors – and people! – on the blog today.  She’s Sally MacKenzie, a USA Today bestseller who writes witty and sexy Regency-set historical romance for Kensington Zebra.  Sally blasted onto the romance novel scene with the Naked Nobility Series, which has been translated into French, Indonesian, Russian, Spanish, and a bunch of other languages.  The last book in that series, The Naked King, was named as one of the top ten romances of 2011 by Booklist, the prestigious review journal of the American Library Association.

Sally has a new series called Duchess of Love, which launched in May with the digital novella prequel, The Duchess of Love.

The series has a great high concept:  a matchmaking duchess determined to find the perfect wives for her three sons.  She, of course, is the Duchess of Love, and the prequel novella tells the story of how she met her Duke.

The first full-length book in the series, Bedding Lord Ned, is now in stores.  Not surprising to anyone who’s read Sally’s books, it received a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly and four stars from RT Book Reviews:

“A pair of red drawers, a thieving cat, enchanting characters and the match-making Duchess of Love set the tone for MacKenzie’s new series.  With capable hands, she blends a touch of poignancy with just the right amount of humor into this delightful love story.”–RT Book Reviews

Here’s the blurb for Bedding Lord Ned:

Pleasure is in her future…

Ellie Bowman is determined: during this year’s Valentine house party, she will choose one of the men the matchmaking Duchess of Greycliffe–aka the Duchess of Love–has invited for her.  Unfortunately, that man will not be Lord Ned, the duchess’s second son.  Ned is still mourning his wife and will never see “trusty” Ellie as anything other than a childhood friend.  Now if only she could convince her heart of what her head already knows–and persuade the duchess’s thieving cat to stop stealing her red silk drawers and depositing them in Ned’s bed.

Lord Ned arrives at Greycliffe Castle vowing to finally cooperate with his mother’s matchmaking efforts.  He’s been a widower for four years; it’s time to put his past behind him.  He wants a family; he needs an heir.  Ergo, he must get a wife–and this year’s candidate even looks like his lost love.  But his old friend Ellie is behaving strangely, and Reggie, Mama’s cat, keeps bringing him a pair of shocking red underwear.  This outrageous, alluring scrap of silk couldn’t be Ellie’s, could it?  Suddenly his respectable old friend is invading his dreams in an utterly scandalous manner. 

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  Readers, if you haven’t read Sally’s books then you must give her new series a try.  She’s a wonderful writer and her stories are funny, sexy, and full of heart.  What romance reader could ask for more?

For my readers today, Sally is giving away a copy of the last book in her previous series, The Naked King.  Let’s talk a bit about British History and pageantry.  Did any of you watch the Queen’s Jubilee this past weekend?  If so, what was your favorite part?  If you didn’t watch it, just tell me who your favorite member of the royal family is, and why.  One reader who comments will win a copy of Sally’s book.

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  1. No question, as many people I was a huge Lady Di fan. I have all the books and magazines that came after her death. If Kate turns out like her I am sure I will be a Kate fan too. Also liked Fergie.
    Love Sally’s books!!

  2. Loved watching the Queen during the whole weekend. She looked really good and happy and did’nt look tired at all. Thank you for the chance to win.

  3. I only caught bits and pieces of the Queen’s Jubilee. Prince Harry is my favorite. I was surprised that he was able to go to Afganistan for awhile. That says a lot about his character especially since he could have gotten out of going. It was a shame he couldn’t finish his tour with his company, however after the media got a hold of it, it definitely made it a lot more dangerous for him.
    I finished reading Bedding Lord Ned late last night. I planned on reading only a few chapters since I started later than I wanted to on the book, however I just couldn’t put it down. You made it so easy to fall in love with all of the brothers. I even felt a little sorry for Percy because you could tell he really is having a hard time with moving on with life.

  4. My husband is English so we watched the Queen’s Jubilee. The Queen was my favorite I loved her dress and coat!

  5. I’m sorry I missed watching the Queen’s Jubilee. I was even sorrier that Prince Philip had to miss most of it. I hope he is feeling better.

  6. I’ve been out doing a search for shoes for my son’s August wedding. Not a fun time. I have impossible feet.

    I wanted to watch some of the flotilla, since I think my husband’s cousin might have been on one of the boats–not that I could have seen him! But youngest son was watching some golf tournament in Wales.

    We celebrated the Jubilee last night at Masters swim practice–our coach had us do 60 laps in the Queen’s honor. I tried to get the guys in my lane to sing God Save the Queen when we finished the set–I can’t carry a tune–but we weren’t too successful.

    So glad you enjoy my books, alisha. And Ora, I guess I should say I’m sorry, but I’m really not! “Un-put-downable” Is an author’s favorite compliment.

  7. Congrats on the new release and series, Sally. I saw a bit of coverage on the Diamond Jubilee on BBC America and I caught the concert last night. I know we got a condensed version and wondering what other great acts we missed out on. I’ve always like Lady Diana.

  8. Hi Sally and Vanessa!

    Big congrats on your new series Sally!
    I’ve read some of your books and I really enjoy them. I try and keep them in proper reading order, I’m funny about that. Now I will also be adding DUCHESS OF LOVE to my ever growing list of must reads. Yay me!

    I wasn’t able to catch the Jubilee on tv, I was so hoping I could of watched it. My recording didn’t work for some odd reason. 🙁
    Hubby said it wasn’t the DVR, it was the ‘programer’ who did it wrong. LOL!

    Not sure who I like as a favorite royal, they all have some quality that I like. From sensible to plan zany, I like them all.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  9. Congratulations on your book. I watched the Queen’s Jubilee on television. It was great seeing the queen brave the poor weather on the barge; taking the carriage back to Buckingham Castle; and waving to the crowds from the balcony.

  10. hi !! i watched the end of her jubliee . it was a cool thing to watch. and, Kate is my favorite of the royal family. she has great style . lol 🙂

  11. I am loving the animals on your covers! Well I love when an author puts animals in books too, they are such great characters.

    I am a fan of Kate, a true fairy tale romance. I missed the jubilee, maybe I can find it on youtube or something.

  12. didn’t watch any of the pagentry or any other tv this past wknd — weather here was perfect so enjoyed being outside reading instead 🙂 did catch some of the concert last night (love Prince Charles calling the queen “mommy”) I admit, I’ve got a soft spot for Prince Phillip, in different pictures it’s clear he loves the queen & to be willing to step back & support her to be his main job — what a guy 😀

  13. I downloaded the “Naked” bundle for my Kindle a few weeks ago. I loved each book.

    As for the Royals, I adore Prince Harry. Who doesn’t love a ginger?

    • Thanks, Amy. So glad you enjoyed reading Naked.

      My second son–who I think is Harry’s age–is a ginger. And the current heroine who is giving me fits is, too.

      I felt a sort of connection to Diane since my two oldest are the same age as her sons.

  14. I only saw parts of it too. I enjoy the newly weds. It seems like they got it right this time 🙂 I want to read more about that thieving cat lol.

  15. Just caught a bit of it on CNN news as I was running on the treadmill at my gym. My fav royal is the Queen. She’s so dignified & regal.

  16. I caught most of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. I am a die-hard Royalist. I stand in awe of Queen Elizabeth II. I think she is truly remarkable.

  17. I certainly did watch the coverage of the Queen’s Jubilee. How lovely to see Kate looking so comfortable in herself and in her new role. Diana would be so very proud of her AND the fact that she wore red. Good for her.

    I have been a Royalist from way back. Got up at “the crack of dawn” to watch Diana and Charles marry and cried myself to sleep the night Diana died. I read everything I can get my hands on about each of the members the Royal family. I realize that life goes on and it’s realistic but I still cannot abide seeing Camilla with Charles. However, I truly believe that William and Kate will take the United Kingdom into a whole new and modern way of life.

    • Connie, I’ve always been a huge fan of Diana and couldn’t STAND Camilla for the longest time. But she and Charles have grown on me. I think a lot of mistakes were made when they were all young, but Charles has spent the years since Diana’s death taking care of his kids and working hard. And the kids seem to genuinely care for Camilla, so she can’t be all bad!

  18. We have BBCAmerica on our cable so I watched most of the celebration there.. loved the barge and only wished that the rain would have held off! The Queen is my favorite.. I enjoyed watching her ‘change’ with the times… and I love that the younger generation is bringing back fashion..

  19. I watched some of the concert. My favorite is Prince William. He is cute,regal and seems to be such a nice guy.

  20. I watched the concert, but didn’t see the rest. I love Kate and that she wore red made me love her even more. I don’t think I have read anything by Sally, but I am heading to B&N web site to check her books out. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I missed all the festivities except a few news articles here and there. My favorite member of the royal family is the Queen because she’s just plain awesome. I read an article about the designers she uses and her fashion sense, and the colors she chooses are fantastic, lots of rich, vibrant colors, no beige and black for her. 😀


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