Guest Author: Phoebe Conn & Giveaway!

I have a very interesting and accomplished writer featured on the blog today.  She’s Phoebe Conn, and she writes contemporary, historical, and paranormal romance.  Phoebe has 34 books to her name, having written for Kensington, Dorchester, Warner Books, and Silhouette.  She’s a New York Times bestselling author, with more than seven million books in print under her own name as well as her pseudonym, Cinnamon Burke.  On top of all that, she’s won several RT Reviewer’s Choice Awards and has been nominated as Storyteller of the Year.

Whew!  Pretty impressive writing resume, wouldn’t you say?

Currently, Phoebe writes contemporary romance for Samhain Publishing, and Samain will also be releasing some of Phoebe’s previously published historical romances.  In addition, she’s taken on the world of indie publishing, writing new contemporaries and re-releasing some of her backlist.  To get all the details, stop by her website and check out her previous and upcoming releases.  Make sure you have a look at some of her backlist books, with their wonderful old-school covers.  They’re absolutely gorgeous!

And while visiting her website, check out the About Me page to find out how Phoebe got her start in the romance writing business.  I’ll give you a tantalizing hint:  it involves Ricardo Montalban!

Phoebe has a new book that’s just been released in print from Samhain.  It’s the wonderfully titled Defy The World Tomatoes.

Here’s the blurb for Defy The World Tomatoes:

She knew he was trouble, but she’s no coward.

Darcy MacLeod’s Army brat childhood drives her to sink roots as deep as the plants with which she works. As part owner of a nursery/gift shop in Monarch Bay, she’s well on her way to her dream. Though she’s haunted by the lingering fear that her one chance for true love has come and gone.

When Griffin Moore asks her to landscape his sumptuous new estate, she’s entranced by the internationally renowned pianist’s air of mystery. Yet as she is inexorably drawn into his bed, her instincts tell her that secrets lurk behind his sophisticated mask.

With her carelessly styled hair, grubby overalls, and hands that see more dirt than an earthworm, Griffin finds Darcy a refreshing ray of light in his shadowy world. His globe-trotting concert schedule makes him the perfect Interpol informant-and makes a permanent relationship too dangerous to risk.

Their passion rivals the music of the great classical masters, but even as Darcy dips a toe into Griffin’s extravagant world, darkness reaches out to strike a dangerous chord. And Darcy must fight to keep her second chance at love-and her lover-alive.

Warning: Contains meddling friends, high adventure, down and dirty sex, and a couple who make beautiful music together-in bed and out.

Doesn’t that sound great?  And I love the fact that the hero is a world-famous pianist.  I can drool over Navy Seals and tough cop heroes as much as the next gal, but that’s a really cool twist to have a musician as the man to capture the heroine’s heart.

For my readers today, Phoebe has graciously donated a copy of Defy The World Tomatoes.  Since the hero of Phoebe’s novel is a musician, let’s talk about that.  What’s your favorite kind of music, and why?  One person who comments will win a copy of the book.



20 thoughts on “Guest Author: Phoebe Conn & Giveaway!”

  1. Classical, then jazz… I’m fortunate to live in a city with a major university and have had the opportunity to hear YoYoMa, Joshua Bell, Cleveland Symphany, to mention some..

  2. Don’t have a favorite kind. Love all music. Go through periods where I listen to one type or another more often. Right now it’s Christmas music! But love Classical, Country, Rock, Pop, Show Tunes, Soundtracks. Think I got my love of music from my Dad.

  3. I love contry music because I was brought up on it.but I also love people like Barry Manilow,Eric Clapton,Bryan Adams and Rod Stewart.

  4. I like a large variety of music. Everything except maybe heavy metal and extreme rap. Adelle is my newest favorite.


  5. I hopped over from twitter to join in on the fun today. I love the title of this book! I enjoy most music from classical to reggae (with the exception of heavy metal) I want my music to fit my mood and if I feel like dancing I want a beat LOL Thank you for the fun today.

  6. I love discovering new authors and the only way to do that is to read their books. That’s really my personal mantra in life but most noticeably in books and music. I read from many genres and listen to all types of music and I do so according to my mood. More and more often I find the music that most appeal to me is soft rock. I like music to have meaningful lyrics and a nice beat to it. It’s a great way to lose myself in it.

  7. I love country music. I like the newer stuff. I love Keith Urban, Lady Antebellum, and Taylor Swift. I also love classic rock like Led Zepplin, Kiss, and Peter Frampton.
    This book sounds great and would love to win and read it.


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