Guest Author: Monica Burns & Giveaway!

It’s my absolute pleasure to be featuring paranormal and historical romance author Monica Burns on the blog today.  Monica is one of my favorite people in the romance world.  Not only is she a super-talented writer, she’s a strong and courageous woman who has overcome a lot of adversity in her life – I mean, a lot.  And she’s not shy about talking about these challenges because she knows that being up front about her experiences is a way to both heal and help others.

In a word, Monica is a survivor.  She survived date rape at the age of 19 and a diagnosis of bipolar disorder many years later.  But rather than giving into a sense of victimhood, Monica used her indomitable will and her belief in happy endings to craft a good life – a life which includes fabulous romances.  In fact, Monica will tell you that writing erotic romance aided in her life-long process of healing and reclaiming her self-worth.  Her courage leaves me awestruck, and very grateful that she has poured her creative energies into writing such wonderful romances.

And let’s talk about those books, shall we?  The first Monica Burns novel I read was Kismet, and I loved it.  It’s a historical romance which builds on that beloved old romance trope, the desert sheikh book.  Monica brings several interesting twists to the sheikh myth, and the result is an adventurous, very sexy, very emotional book.

Kismet won the 2010 CAPA from The Romance Studio for Best Erotic Historical, and garnered oodles of great reviews.  Like this one from RT Book Reviews:

“Burns’ story is hotter than the desert sands! She succeeds with a classic captive/captor romance akin to a Johanna Lindsey classic. Relax and enjoy the sizzling show — complete with a lesson in bananas and seduction.” 

Bananas and seduction?  How can you resist that?!

As I mentioned, Monica also writes fantastic paranormal romance, and she has a new novel out next month, which will be the third book in her acclaimed Order of the Sicari series.  This series (which is SO cool) explores a very old and very deadly feud between the Roman Praetorian Guard and the legendary Sicari assassins.  The first two books—Assassin’s Honor and Assassin’s Heart—received rave reviews and picked up some awards, too.  You can check them out and also read the first three chapters of the books on Monica’s website.

The third book in the series, Inferno’s Kiss, will be released by Berkley Books on October 4th.

Already, Inferno’s Kiss is getting great reviews, just like the other two books in the series.  Here’s the blurb:

The laws of desire…

Dante Condellaire, heir apparent to the Sicari Lords, knows that being a true leader means sacrifice. For Dante it was relinquishing all erotic pleasures. But he never expected his willpower to be tested so fiercely by Cleopatra Vorenus, expert assassin of the Order, and daughter of the man he is positioned to succeed. 

The rules of battle…

Cleo prefers working alone—until she meets Dante who shares her goal: to destroy a Praetorian stronghold where Sicari women are imprisoned for devious purposes. Bringing the mission off without a hitch pumps up more than their resolve. It sets off a sexual spark too combustible to ignore. 

Are all made to be broken.

 As their attraction flares like an inferno, the stakes are raised. So are the risks. Before the mission is over, Dante and Cleo will be plunged into a dangerous conspiracy where a traitor threatens the very foundation of the Order, as well as the fiery bond between Dante and Cleo—warriors and lovers now torn between duty and desire.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  I’m really looking forward to this book!  You can read the first three chapters of Inferno’s Kiss on Monica’s website.  And while you’re there be sure to check out the other features – including some great articles – and also make sure you stop by her blog.  There’s always something interesting going on in Monica’s house!

For my readers, Monica is giving away a copy of her historical romance, Pleasure Me, and a copy of Inferno’s Kiss.  Just tell me what your favorite romance movie is—old or new!  Two people will win the books!


148 thoughts on “Guest Author: Monica Burns & Giveaway!

  1. Monica…Welcome!! I LOVE your books…. after I read my first “Monica Burns” I had to have more.
    Like so many others over the years, my all time favorite movie is “Gone With The WInd”.

      • Wasn’t Clark Gable a hunk? …and a 4 hour movie?? I remember my grandmother taking to “town” (Philly) for the re-release of the movie. I was very young (maybe 5 or 6) and felt like such a big deal to be going to the movies with my grandmother. I have no idea how she got me to sit still that long. lol

    • Just realized I didn’t reply to your comment here Betty. Or maybe that was me trying not to say that GWTW is not one of my fav movies. I just found Scarlett way to spoiled and even in the end she didn’t learn much. And Melanie, well…well, I just don’t wanna say it. ROFL

      • LOL… you do understand the characters. I still loved the movie though. Maybe its my age… or my up-bringing. But I can understand the characters and even relate… a little. LOL …and Rhett!!
        uuummmm.. I am a definately Clark Gable fan. ;o)

    • Ok, I’ll DEFINITELY give you Rhett!! Growing up I had a huge crush on him and he had probably 40 years or more on me!! LOL But I LOVE the scene where he’s standing at the foot of the stairs smiling up at Scarlett. The ultimate wicked alpha hero! LOL HE made that movie better than it would have been. Also proved he was really smart to leave SO at the end. LOL

      Did you know that CG had bad breath because of bad teeth? Vivian Leigh apparently hated to be close to him because his breath was so bad. I’ve heard that the drunk scene with the handkerchief was filled with perfume for Leigh to keep to her nose cuz she was so close. Not sure if that’s an urban legend or not.

      • I LOVE that scene too, And yes, I agree that he made the movie better… just by being in it. I can still see him carrying Scarlet and taking those steps two at a time. (I read somewhere that they shot and re-shot that scene many times.) That was one of the best scenes in the movie.

        I read about his problem breath and Vivian Leigh’s problem with it. I was so surprised that such a movie hunk would have a problem like that. Aaahhhh… but a girl can still dream!

      • Another trivia piece for you. Did you know that staircase was built based on the design at The Jefferson Hotel here in Richmond. Apparently someone had seen the staircase here and modeled the one on the set after it, although the staircase in the hotel doesn’t have that second set of steps. THJ stairs go straight up to the second floor. The hotel has wonderful events and I took my Baby there for dinner at the 5-star restaurant this past December when the hotel was decorated. I think I enjoy my Tripps restaurant better LOL

  2. Wow! That’s some buildup you gave me, Vanessa. I’m not sure I’m THAT fabulous, but its nice hearing that YOU think so. You know I <3 you oodles!! I'm still without power so I'll be popping in here at work, and I might be able to access from my phone later this evening. Thanks so much for having me.

  3. Ann, I ADORE Pretty Woman. My fav part is when Roberts, looking drop dead gorgeous, goes back to that snotty sales clerk and says, “Remember me? You wouldn’t wait on me. You work on commission don’t you. BIG mistake. HUGE!” And the ending is awesome. Did you know they filmed two endings. One was no HEA. The focus groups demanded the HEA.

  4. Oh wow…I a chance to win Inferno’s Kiss!! I am all over that, lol. This series is one of my favorites and so is Monica. I met her in Cincinnati at Lori Foster’s event and she was so incredible. I happened to be reading Assassins Heart at the time so she had to tease me a little after she checked where I was in the book. She was definitely a pleasure to spend time with 🙂 I am super excited to have a chance to win this book.

    I would say that my favorite romance movie would have to be “Dirty Dancing” I think I have seen it a dozen times and will watch it at least a dozen more. I love the dancing, it is so sexy and intimate 😉

    • Leagh,

      Trust me, right now. You want to WIN this book, because you don’t want to have to PAY for it. I wrote this book with a LOT of personal stress going on in my life regarding my youngest daughter, and it’s not up to the standard that I like to achieve. So I’m letting people know up front not to have high expectations. 🙂

      As for Dirty Dancing, can you believe they’re actually going to do a REMAKE!! Sacrilegious, that’s what it is. And Justin Timberlake is one of the actors being suggested to do Patrick Swayze role!!! Are they insane!! Swayze was a Broadway dancer before hitting the big screen, and there is NO ONE IMHO who could ever say, “No one keeps Baby in the corner.” like Swayze.

      Color me red at the moment just thinking about the idea of a remake! I’m a die hard fan and Had the Time of My Life is one of my fav songs!! See, I’m as passionate about my movies as I am my writing.

    • Debbie, while I loved the dynamic chemistry between DiCaprio and Winslet, the movie itself was just too heartbreaking for me to love it. That scene at the end when the world is so quiet as everyone’s in shock and the camera pans across a woman holding her baby. *shudder* that just tears at my gut.

      • I agree it was heartbreaking, but they loved so…totally, it was a forever kind of love. That’s the kind of love everyone should have.

  5. Monica,
    I usually read historical romance and I loved Kismet and Pleasure Me but I also like venturing into other genres as well. I haven’t read any of the Assassin’s books and they sound like the perfect diversion from facing that summer is almost over!

    My favorite romance movie was The Way We Were with Barbara Streisand and Robert Redford in 1973. I can still remember sitting and watching the movie with my husband of 2 years in Cranston, RI. He had gotten out of the Navy (Vietnam) and I had met him when I was working in Jacksonville, Florida where he was stationed at NAS Cecil Field and we moved to Rhode Island when he got out. I grew up in Schenectady, NY and imagine my surprise when all of a sudden I see Union College on the screen. The college was two blocks from where I had lived! My husband didn’t believe me at the time but a few months later we met my parents, who had moved several years earlier, at Union College my Dad’s reunion week-end. We still laugh at the expression on his face when he saw the campus for himself!

    • Jeanne, What a GREAT story!! I really hated that the two characters didn’t last. But I certainly can see how they grew apart. I LOVE Babs….I’m hoping to score tickets if she follows through on her plan to do another concert tour. I know her voice isn’t the same as it was 10-20 years ago, but I’m a die-hard fan, and just want to be able to say I saw her in concert. If you’ve ever seen The Nanny on a regular basis, you can consider me a mini-Fran Fine who adores Streisand! Although I do not want Elliott Gould’s left over gum. Babs shoes on the other hand….LOL

    • Well seeing the cover of Kismet making you smile would be because YOU helped me immensely with horse research!! Made that escape/capture scene realistic! And as I recall, I think you did the same for me with Mirage!

  6. My first Monica Burns book was Kismet as well and like Vanessa, I was hooked. There is something to be said about a man with that much power in his touch.

    As for my favorite movie, Anna and the King with Jodi Foster. Yeah, I know the ending is a heartbreaker but that kind of love and respect never dies.

    • Amanda, I’m so glad you enjoy my books, and I LOVED the Jodie Foster version of the movie. Although I have a penchant for guys with no hair, and Yul Brynner has always made me smile when he said etc., etc. etc.

      Did you know that in Siam they abhor the movies. the JFoster version came under attack when it came out as they don’t believe that Anna’s bio and the story of her relationship with the King is true. They say she lied, but I love the idea behind the movie.

  7. I liked all of the movies referenced so far but one of my all time favorite movies is “Mostly Martha” – a German romantic commedy (which was later made into an American film that wasn’t as good). Even with the subtitles it’s a great film and it made me laugh and smile and not feel so bad about having some control…I love all of Monica’s books and can’t wait for Inferno’s Kiss to come out!

    • Maria,

      Ahh, I’ll have to see if it’s on Netflix! I’ve found a lot of new treasures using their service. Subtitles don’t bother me, although my husband always snorts with incredulity whenever he comes in and sees the text on the screen. Want’s to know why I’m watching foreign films. Uh…duh….they’re good??? LOL

  8. Hi Monica! Congrats on the new book. I love Sweet Home Alabama. I can sit down and watch that movie all day long. It is one of my absolute favorites.

  9. I don’t care how many times you say Inferno’s Kiss won’t be good, I don’t believe it! It will be well worth the money I will pay for it! 🙂 I love Romancing the Stone, which I hear they might remake as well. Sigh.

  10. I am adding to my list of movies I must see. Must confess to being a Pride and Prejudice fan! I can watch any of them. Colin Firth fiddling with his gloves as he proposes for the first time, is wonderful.

  11. Maggie, if you’ve not seen P&P with Matthew MacFaydhen, you MUST. There’s a brilliant filmmaking scene where Darcy helps Lizzie into the carriage and he walks away. The camera focuses on his hand and he flexes his fingers as if shaking off an electric shock. Right then and there you know he’s in love. Might not be willing to admit it, but the man was lost at that precise moment.!! Brilliant piece of filmmaking IMHO with how much it conveyed in that single moment.

  12. Ooo!! I can’t wait for both titles to come out. I’m such a bug fan of yours’ Monica 😀

    Two of my favorite movies is An Affair to Remember ( the original) There’s just something so sigh-worthy about them. And Made In Heaven with Timothy Hutton and Kelly McGillis…ugh talk about drama! I think the real draw is the theme song, “We Never Danced” there is something just so haunting about it.

    • Stephanie, I hope you enjoy Inferno’s Kiss and Kismet has been out in trade for a while, but will be out in mass market in Feb. I’m hoping for a whole new readership at that point. *grin*

      An Affair to Remember is a wonderful movie, both versions. I’m not sure I like either one over their other because I love all the actors.

  13. I thought it might be fun to post some of my favorite romance movies. Some have already been mentioned here, but there are a couple that haven’t been.

    Dangerous Beauty with Rufus Sewell LOVE this movie. Just LOVE it

    Kate and Leopold Hugh Jackman is ultimately sigh worthy

    Sense and Sensibility if only for the scene with Alan Rickman sinking to the floor outside the bedroom of the woman he loves! *swoon*

    Emma with Jeremy Northam the man is 2die4

    North and South – Richard Armitage, nuf said!

    Just some of my favs, and I KNOW I’m forgetting some too!

  14. Monica – I read Pleasure Me and loved it; really differnt concept. I’d love to try your paranormal series. What do you do differntly when you swith genre?
    My favorite older romance is a Musical ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers’. That is a happy romance. My newer favorites are TJ’s: Ghost, Titanic, Somewhere in Time (love the soundtrack to that one). Also Love Austins moveies P&P, S&S, Emma. Angst but an HEA. Then there’s the Adventure Romances: Last of the Mohicans (w/ Daniel Day Lewis), Romancing the Stone, Robin Hood (both of the ones with Kevin Costner & now Russell Crowe).

    • O-M-G!!! How could I forget 7Brides4 7Bros!! AWESOME movie and I love the music. Have Jane Powell’s Wonderful Day on mp3 player!!

      So glad you enjoyed Pleasure Me, Diane. As for what I do differently when I switch genres the answer is not much. The Sicari series relies on a LOT of historical facts and the world building is firmly rooted in ancient Rome’s traditions, culture. It’s just been brought into the present. Sort of like a historical in the present. Assassin’s Heart, which took Best of the Best in the PRISM contest this past June, has a reincarnation story in it with extensive flash backs into ancient Rome and the hero/heroine living in that time period. I just LOVE that book. It’s probably one of my fav of all the books I’ve written, although I love Dangerous. Lucien is sooooo emo. LOL

  15. Ever After or ghost would be my choice for best romance movies.

    I can’t believe the book is almost here, I cannot wait to read it. I’ve loved all the books from you that I have read so far and I’m sure *No matter what you say :P* we will love this one just as much.

    • Mary, I LOVED, LOVED Ghost. Another Swayze movie!! So poignant and wonderful

      Gawd, between you and Julie on the IK will be good message….I’m letting it go and just letting reader. LOL

    • Yanti,

      I’m doing well, now that we got power back in almost a week since Irene hit the coast.

      I’ve not seen Walk to Remember, so I’ll have to add it to my ever-growing Netflix que. But the title triggered another movie I loved A Walk in the Clouds. Soooo romantic and I loved the whole Italian thing there too! LOL

  16. I think I’m the only one here that hasn’t read any of Miss Monica Burns’s book. But after reading the book description of Inferno’s Kiss and I know I have to get some of those book….soon.

    I’m a real fan of Jane Austin’s work and the movies and TV-series of her work, Pride and Prejudice & Sense and Sensibility.

    I’m also a huge fan of the TV series “Sisi” Empress Elisabeth of Austria. This was a huge hit here in Europe and as a little girl I was thrilled to see the beautiful dresses, the ball rooms and that sort of things.

    • Natasja, I JUST, literally, watch Sissi this past week. I got it from Netflix, but didn’t realize it was subtitled. Since the other half of me is German, I found a lot of words I heard very familiar from my one year stay near Weisbaden, Germany many years ago, and I LOVED the story and the costumes. I’m looking forward to the remaining discs in the series.

    • Marjana, I confess I’m not a fan of WHMS, I don’t know why, it just never sang to me. Maybe because I can’t ever see Billy Crystal as any type of romance hero??? Although I adored him in City Slickers. He’s so awesome with comedy!

  17. Hi Vanessa,
    I have been a fan of Monica’s for awhile now and a great fan of regency romance. I’m not sure if I have read any of yours or not. I will check into it. I have 2 movies that are hard to pick between, they are both good movies. French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline and You Got Mail with Meg Ryan and Tom
    Hanks.They have some really hilarious moments in them.

    • Earlene, you MUST, MUST read Vanessa. She’s got a delicious voice!! I know you’ll enjoy her books.

      As for movies, I love You’ve Got Mail. It was soooo close to the heart with big bookstores putting independent bookstores out of biz and now look at the big stores and smaller, specialty bookstores might be the next thing on the horizon in conjunction with eBooks. YGM so captured the heart of the whole industry

  18. I lovelovelove your new Sicari series, Monica! Have had a blast reading it and look forward to Inferno’s Kiss.

    I love The American President with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning. Such fun.

    Thanks for the contest

    • Sandra, I’m so glad you’re enjoying my Sicari series. Inferno’s Kiss brings the whole thing to a close unless I decide to pick it up down the road and self-pub a new book. We’ll see, I do love the culture in the book.

      And American Prez….LOVE it!! Richard Dreyfuss was the ultimate political villain in the movie!! although I’m not so sure he’s all that bad when we look at some of the congressional members of the moment! LOL

  19. Ok, my movie faves are just about ANY old movie musical (and yes, that DOES include “7 Brides…”). More modern ones include “Saturday Night Fever” (dancing was fantastic, and the young, ripped John Travolta {who did all his own dancing, BTW}. sigh – le drool! The sequel “Staying Alive” sucked big time. Even the dancing was mediocre!), “Somewhere in Time,” “Immortal Beloved,” “Dead Again,” the Branagh/Thompson version of “Much Ado ABout Nothing,” “Pretty Woman,” “Runaway Bride” (Roberts and Gere have great screen chemistry!) …. I could go on and on, but my brain has gone wind surfing.

    Many thanks for the contest! Monica’s books are top-drawer!!



    • OMG OMG!!! Dead Again!!! I knew I was leaving off a movie earlier, but couldn’t put my finger on it!! It’s up there in the top 10 of my favs all time! Weren’t Thompson and Brannagh wonderful <3 them

      And I forgot to mention Love Actually!

      And thank you for the top-drawer comment Lynn, I can hear someone in some movie saying that in a British accent! LOL

  20. My favourites tends to change from time to time, depending on my mood, the movies I’ve watched thus far, the phase of the moon, etc… anyway, my favourite romance movie at the moment is The Wedding Date… I think Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney are just wonderful actors! 🙂

  21. My favorite is French Kiss with Meg Ryan.

    “Why weren’t you the one, Charlie? The one who turned on this big shiny Kate-light that burns so bright?”

    You can tell readers love Monica Burns, by their glowing responses. Will have to add another author to my TBR. 🙂

      • I wonder if French Kiss will seem dated now? Also, the enjoyment is increased if you have just broken up with a idiot that closely resembles the two timing Charlie. 🙂 Many moons ago. Don’t feel bad if you don’t love it. I also love anything with Hugh Grant so my taste is questionable.

      • Gayle, since I’ve been married for 25 years and we’ll have been together for 28 this November, I don’t think I’d get the movie. LOL

        And unfortunately or fortunately (not sure which), I never broke up with an idiot. They always dumped me until the DH came along and decided he’d keep me. *grin*

  22. My favorite romance movie is Gone With The Wind…there has never been another quite like it. Although some have come close like the Way We Were….but not yet topped GWTW.

  23. Plugging a New Release

    A couple of people here have mentioned they’re not familiar with my work. I just thought I’d throw out a plug for my upcoming indie historical erotic romance release, Love’s Portrait.

    It’s a reissue of a novella I did with New Concepts back in 2005. I’ve revised and improved on it. It’ll be up for sale sometime in the next three weeks (provided Katia doesn’t kick my butt like Irene did!). It’ll be on all the major sites for .99 cents. If you need a reminder, just pop over to my Facebook page, like the page, and you’ll see the release news there when I upload the book.

    Here’s the blurb…

    Love’s Portrait

    When Julia Westgard commissions a nude portrait of herself, the painting is much more than a rebellious act. It’s an attempt to regain her self-worth after years of a loveless, repressive marriage to her late husband. But the private portrait puts her directly in the path of Morgan St. Claire, one of the Marlborough Set’s most notorious seducers. A man who doesn’t take no for an answer.

    From the first moment Morgan sees Julia’s portrait, he’s determined to have her. But the woman he meets is a far cry from the image on canvas. What starts out as a simple exercise in seduction quickly evolves into a quest to reveal the true Julia. With each sensual encounter, he employs every erotic weapon at his disposal in hopes of making Julia see she really is the woman in Love’s Portrait.

  24. I’m going to be signing off now. We only just got power back on before noon today, and we’re still without internet. I’m praying Katia will make a break for the middle of the Atlantic rather than sweeping over the lower part of the southeast US! If I can get on via my phone, I’ll answer folks as I can! Thanks for having me today, Vanessa. Clearly I love to talk books and movies! Mwah!

  25. My favorite romantic movie is a toss up. I LOVE “Sleepless in Seattle”. Other favorites are “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, “Notting Hill” and “Ghost”. i look forward to reading ‘Inferno’s Kiss’.

  26. Monica, it appears you are not just a survivor (an admirable feat in itself) but also a thriver! Thank you for sharing your talent with others and giving them a bit of happiness in their day. In fact, that is what all romance authors do, they brighten up my day with their stories 🙂

    I’m not much of a movie buff but my favourite movie is TITANIC. Stunning effects and a great look into the time period. I also like THE SOUND OF MUSIC (a heartwarming classic) and THE NOTEBOOK.

  27. My favorite movie is Forever Young (Mel Gibson when he was still sane) and Jamie Lee Curtis. It has the best ending ever and I cry and laugh every time I watch it.

    • Debby, I’m sorry your daughter had to endure the trauma of violence that she did. I hope she’s gotten a lot of good therapy. It wasn’t until my mom found out seven years later that I got help. She was insistent I go. Healing is a lifelong process and will never end, but it does get easier with each passing day.

  28. Hi Monica, Hi Vanessa, There are so many good ‘oldie’ romance movies. My favorite romance movie(s) have to be a HIGH SOCIETY with Bing Crosby and SABRINA (the one with Humphrey Bogart). They just don’t make them like they used to 🙂

    Monica, I love your books…hot, Hot, HOT 😀 Your determination to move forward is a inspiration. Thank you.

    • Teresa, as a die-hard fan of Babs, I love all of her movies, although I have my favorites. Yentl I love and I think Nuts was a brilliant piece of acting, but I think her best romance work every was The Mirror Has Two Faces. It was romance at it’s best.

  29. Love Monica’s books. She’s definitely a survivor.
    For me A Walk To Remember is it and then Titanic. Love those movies. I’m looking forward to reading the latest Monica Byrns book. 🙂
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    • Carol, thanks for reading. Another lover of Titanic. It’s GOT to be the chemistry between DiCaprio and Winslet that makes everyone love that movie so given how sad the ending is. Well sort of. I love the final scene where Kate and Leo meet on the ship again.

      • You’re right Monica. They didn’t get their HEA until she died. If they hadn’t have shown them meet up on the ship at the end I’d probably hate it lol That’s what saved it for me. 🙂 You knew he lived through her her entire life because he gave her the courage to “live”.
        Carol L
        Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

    • Oh my goodness, I just saw my mistake. Sorry, I meant to say The Notebook. I loved A Walk To Remember but absolutely adored The Notebook.So emotional. sorry.
      Carol L
      Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  30. It’s so hard to pick one movie! IF I go with the classics, I, too, would have to pick Gone With The Wind AND The Sound of Music. I loved them both…Newer releases would be Pretty Woman, Dirty Dancing and the Twilight movies. I loved French Kiss too…
    Monica, as you know as I’ve been one of your Facebook friends seemingly forever, I LOVE your books…
    Thanks for the giveaways!

    • Hi Linda, yes you have been on Facebook with me for a while now! Thank you so much for your support, and out of your favs, Dirty Dancing is one of mine too. LOVE the dancing, and Swayze’s stoic performance. A Wonderful Hero he was

  31. I really like Possesion about 2 academics who discover that the poets they love had a romantic affair. Very nice blend of modern day and historical settings. Very sweet and just as enjoyable as the book.

  32. I just can’t pick so many movies so many, but than again I’m a sucker for funny so Sweet Home Alabama.
    Love your books Monica

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