Guest Author: Mia Marlowe & Giveaway!

I’m so pleased to have my pal and super-talented author Mia Marlowe visiting with us on the blog today.  Mia writes passionate and wonderfully evocative historical romance.  In fact, Publishers Weekly recently named her latest book, Touch Of A Rogue, as one of the Top Ten Romances for Spring 2012.  Congratulations, lady!

Like many authors these days (including moi), Mia has branched out into indie publishing.  Let’s find out all about that, shall we?

Mia, you have a very successful career in traditional print publishing, yet you’ve recently branched out into indie publishing. Why did you go this route? 

It all started in 2010 when I began to write a serialized novella on my website called A DUKE FOR ALL SEASONS. Each month I added another chapter and invited readers to send in suggestions for which way the story should turn. About 6 months in, I found myself under contract to deliver 6 novels to 2 different publishing houses (Kensington and Sourcebooks) in a 15 month period. All extraneous writing had to go by the wayside.

But I always felt guilty about not finishing A DUKE FOR ALL SEASONS. I felt I owed it to my readers to let them know what happened to Sebastian and Arabella. So when I was able, I wrote the rest of the story and offered it as an eNovella last fall. No one was more surprised than I when it hit the Top 10 in historical romance on Amazon and stayed there for weeks.

Then when my agent negotiated the reversion of rights to several of my books from Dorchester, it seemed only natural to epublish those stories as well. I love writing for my NY editors at Kensington and Sourcebooks and am very happy to have one foot in tradition publishing and another in the brave new world of indie.

Two of your books, Erinsong and MaidenSong take place during the Viking period, but your other historicals are set during the 19th Century. Why such a spread?

I’ve always had a passion for history that isn’t limited to Regency England. I wanted to write some dramatic, epic stories of seduction, betrayal and redemption. The world of the vikings is just the kind of broad canvas I wanted for a backdrop. Readers who enjoy my Dark Ages romances will be pleased to hear that a third “song” book is coming this fall—DRAGONSONG, my never-before-published finale to the viking series.

I’ve also written stories set in 16th century Scotland (SINS OF THE HIGHLANDER, Sourcebooks, Jan. 2012 with New York Times bestseller  Connie Mason) and Victorian era London-Paris-Hanover (TOUCH OF A THIEF, Kensington, May 2011). I love the historical research that goes into my books, but it’s the story that’s most important to me. That’s why I’m not married to one particular setting.

What can you tell us about your upcoming book, How To Distract A Duchess?

In HOW TO DISTRACT THE DUCHESS, an artistic widowed duchess mistakes Her Majesty’s covert agent for her next nude model. Since my Victorian ‘James Bond’ needs the information he believes the duchess possesses, what else can he do? He blithely strips down, whistling ‘Rule Britannia’ through his teeth.

It’s funny, sexy and was a delight to write.

This story was first published in 2009 as Distracting the Duchess, but has been vigorously revised since then.  I hope to have HOW TO DISTRACT A DUCHESS ready for your ereader in a few weeks.  😉

What’s this fab new indie publishing venture you’re involved in?

I’m so excited about this and it’s been so hard to keep mum about it, but now the cat is about to scratch its way out of the bag. I’ve been lucky enough to be included in a very talented group of NY published authors (included the fabulous Miss Vanessa Kelly!) who are also branching out into indie publishing. The list of authors reads like a “Who’s Who” of romance—bestsellers, award winners, and exceptional storytellers all! Ok, I’ll give. Here they all are: Monica Burns, Pamela Clare, Lila DiPasqua, Cheryl Holt, Vanessa Kelly, Kris Kennedy, Margo Maguire, Elisabeth Naughton, Sharon Page, Joan Swan and little ol’ me.

We’ve banded together to form Rock*It Reads, an eBook brand that offers readers a sort of “Good Reading Seal of Approval.” We’re committed to bringing the same high standards of writing, editing, and cover art to our indie works that we provide for our NY publishers. Check out what we offer at our website.

But that’s not all. There has been an explosion of self-pubbed works into the marketplace. We’re going to help you navigate the minefield of indie romances and find some real gems in our bi-monthly column for B& The kick off article is April 23rd! Hope to see you there.

Thanks for having me here today, Vanessa. I’d like to offer a random commenter their choice from among my Rock*It Reads eBooks.  Just answer the following question to be entered in the drawing.  Is there a time period/setting that would cause you to absolutely refuse to read a story that lives there? What unique venue do you wish an author would choose?

Find Mia online at , at Facebook and Twitter

Great interview, Mia!  Thank you so much.  And I can’t tell you how happy I am to be included with so many talented writers in Rock*It Reads!

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    • Thanks, Shana. If you’ve ever done anything by committee, you’ll understand when I say that pulling the Rock*It Reads brand together was a Herculean task. Fortunately, there are lots of smarter people than me in the group. 😉

  1. Mia! You have to be one of the most energetic writers I know of with all the novels and now this fabulous Indie Publishing venture!! Congratulations to you and to scoring the column on B&N!

  2. Congratulations, Mia – what a great idea to band together. Indie books are some of the most creative stuff out there, and with so many wonderful writers in one place, there has to be something for everyone.

  3. What an exciting venture, Mia & Vanessa (and the rest of your amazing authors). 🙂 Best of luck with it!

    Vanessa, let me tell you again how much I love your web site….and your book covers! 😉

  4. I have never read a romance in outer space, but I Don’t think I would like to read something from outer space. Other then that I have read so many books that are from just about any place. I have my favorites, but I like pretty all of them.

  5. Congrats for Rock it Read. It’s going to be fun to work together with great authors. For me I like Regency Era where there’s a lot of balls, dancing, strolling in the park and music performances. Well, I would like to read romance in Barbarian time like viking time. You know in that era Men’s POV is different from today. I’d like to see the rebellion of woman in everyway to gain respect, honor and love.

  6. Rock It Reads sounds great. Another great way to promote authors.
    I like reading pretty much anything. I will try most every genre once. I don’t really have any time period that I won’t read about. Thanks for the great giveaway and would love to win one of Mia’s books. She is a new author for me.

  7. Talk about setting the bar higher. It’s a marvelous idea, I hope all of you the best of luck!

    With the question “Is there a time period/setting that would cause you to absolutely refuse to read a story that lives there? What unique venue do you wish an author would choose?”

    Honestly, I read anything! It’s my way of showing my appreciation and support to the authors who worked hard and sacrifice a lot just to be able to finish a book and entertain readers. 😀

  8. First, congrats on Rock*It Reads … sounds so exciting, and in this age of supersonic change in the publishing field, it’s great to see your group take things into their own hands.
    Second, Mia, fabulous that Dragonsong will finally be available … been waiting for it for years! 🙂

  9. Congratulations on your new venture. Sounds so great! In answer to your question, no I don’t think a certain time period would keep me away from a story. As far as a certain place not used, can’t think of one.

  10. Vanessa a

    Vanessa and Mia –

    I was just over at Rock it Reads checking on what was available for my Kindle and decided to stop by and see what Vanessa had on her blog site today. What a thrill to find you here together.

    Mia – I’m really exicted about the new and improved Distracting A Duchess or rather How to Distract A Duchess. I enjoyed it the first time but now I’m dying to find out what exactly you up-dated!

    I love the idea of your new Viking books. I have a feeling that my granddaughter who lives in Norway is going to be enjoying the box she gets from me after their release!

  11. The best of luck with the new venture!

    As a late-comer to the romance genre, I’m still getting my feet wet. I thought I wouldn’t like regency until I read one. No, I don’t think there is any time period/setting that would keep me from picking up a story that caught my eye. I’d like to see more Dark Future/Dystopian settings.

  12. Congrats on the new site!!
    While I enjoy historicals,best. I read a variety of genre and time periods. Medieval, Regency,and Western are some of my favorites. BUT if I enjoy an author’s stories I will read them in any era.
    Thanks!Good Luck on your venture!

  13. What a venture!! Congratulatons to all of you!! There isn’t a time or venue that would preclude me from reading a romance..If it involves the human race.. it involves romance in some format.

    • The Civil War is difficult. The whole ugly spectre of rascism and slavery taints it. Now I’m sorry to admit that the Vikings practiced slavery. In fact almost every people on the planet have at some time. But for Americans, slavery is still too raw, too recent in our collective conscience.

  14. I would have said a short time ago that I would not read anything that has to do with the Viking period, however I have been proven wrong after reading Maidensong, which I only did because I didn’t read what it was about only that you wrote it. I have since learned that even though I am partial to Regancy and Victorian, I will give any era a chance if the author can get me interested in the book before I finish reading the first chapter.

  15. Congrats on Rock*It Reads! It looks great!

    I don’t have a setting that I refuse to read, just settings I don’t go for right away.

  16. Congratulations on the new adventure!

    A period I couldn’t read would be the future – the past I can wrap my head around – but everyone’s view for the future is different and I have a hard time reconciling my vision to others (most of the time).

    Not sure what other venue I would like to see more of… but I know I’m not much into space things. Not sure why, but it does nothing for my interests.

    Looking forward to seeing more!

  17. Wow, what an exciting venture for you and for us readers! As for time or setting I wouldn’t read–mostly likely there isn’t one, as long as it was in the hands of a good author. A great story can be told anywhere, in any time 🙂

  18. I tend to stay clear of straight forward contempary stories. I read to escape & those just don’t quite do it for me. if it’s a paranormal sent in “today”, that’s different as the paranormal elements enable the feeling of escaping from the days reality 🙂

    congrats on the new endeavor. here’s wishing Rock it Reads best of luck (cool name *g*)

  19. Is there a time period/setting that would cause you to absolutely refuse to read a story that lives there? What unique venue do you wish an author would choose?
    I honestly can’t think of a time period/setting that I would refuse to read a story that lived there. I think a book set in Scandinavia that wasn’t a Viking story would be nice. Maybe in the 19th century or present day even.

  20. Congrats & best of luck! Checking on the website & have subscribed to the newsletter. The logo is very cool.
    My fav romance genre is historical & I’m open to any time period & era as long as it’s not caveman! =)

  21. Mum? Did you say it was hard to stay mum on this project for a year?

    You, my dear, are Fort Knox! Even I, you loyal and devoted critique partner who’d never breathe a word of this had NO IDEA!

    Remind me to burden you with all my secrets. LOL. Oh, wait. I already have.


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