Guest Author: Mary Campisi & Giveaway!

Do you like emotional stories filled with love and laughter, compassion and hope, passion and warmth?  Then I think you’ll really enjoy my guest author today – Mary Campisi, who writes wonderful historical and contemporary romances.

Like many romance authors, Mary came to writing by a circuitous route.  She’s held a number of jobs, including registered nurse, manager for an ob/gyn, receptionist in a swanky hair salon, and she even worked as an accounts payable clerk (not her favorite job!).  But the lure of fiction always called to her and she finally gave in to her muse, eventually going on to be published with a number of publishers, including Kensington Zebra and Carina Press.  Her books have garnered loyal readers and critical acclaim, including a Romantic Times Top Pick for her contemporary romance, Paradise Found.

And here’s what The Season for Romance had to say about her recent Carina Press novella, The Sweetest Deal:

“Smart, sexy, and seductive; this novella is a great read for any contemporary romance fan.”

Mary also writes wonderful historical romances, which romance reviewers have called “absolutely delicious” and “not to be missed!”  Fortunately for her readers, Mary has a new book out, an ebook original called The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest.

Here’s the blurb:

Love and Betrayal . . . Regency Style

When Holt Langford, the new Earl of Westover, returns to England after twelve years at sea, he resembles more pirate than nobleman, a far cry from the scrawny youth shipped off by his father to become a man. No one recognizes him and he’ll use this anonymity to enter a game of subterfuge in order to expose the scoundrel who has vowed to destroy Holt’s family business.

Unfortunately, that scoundrel has a devoted daughter – Sophie Seacrest. Sophie can’t deny her attraction to the unorthodox stranger who stirs her blood and makes her think things no proper lady should. Holt and Sophie are drawn into a seductive tangle and just when he’s about to reveal his true identity and his honorable intentions, she discovers the truth and must choose between love and family duty.

I don’t know about you, but I love a nobleman who has a touch of the pirate in him!  I think Mary’s readers (and mine) are going to love this book.  Read all about The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest on Mary’s website, and don’t forget to check out the excerpt.

And while you’re there, check out Pieces of You, book one in Mary’s new contemporary romance trilogy,The Betrayed.

For my readers, Mary will be giving away a copy of The Seduction of Sophie SeacrestJust tell me what book you’re looking forward to reading this September.  One commenter will win a copy of Mary’s wonderful new release!

52 thoughts on “Guest Author: Mary Campisi & Giveaway!”

  1. hi mary, i love reading HR,and i can’t to read all books from those amazing author : mia marlowe,vanessa kelly,maggie robinson,miranda nivella,julie anne long,katharine ashe,cathy maxwell and so sad that their book haven’t been published in my country and seem that i’ll add your book in my list.i love the seduction of sophie seacret.Thks vanessa,i can add a new hr author 🙂

  2. Hi Everyone:

    Thanks for the generous welcome and kind words! I’m delighted to be a guest here – Writing Regency historicals lets me fall into a time period I adore and at least once a month, I re-watch Pride and Prejudice. (Matthew Macfayden/Keira Knightley version.) I know many prefer Colin Firth but there’s something about Matthew as Mr. Darcy…..

  3. This is a new author for me and this book looks great. I am always looking for new authors and books to read and this one looks great. The blurb looked great and would love to win so I can finish reading this book. Thanks for the giveaway and the chance to win.

  4. I have Mary’s “The Sweetest Deal” and look forward to reading that. I’m also looking forward to geting caught up on some reading – I want to read “Hit List” by Laurell Hamilton this month and also want to read “Archangel’s Blade” by Nalini Singh. If things go well I’ll also read “Improper Gentlemen” anthology and “To Seduce an Angel” by Kate Moore. Thanks for the contest!

  5. Vanessa – Thank you for bringing mary here today – I’m not familiar with her books.
    Mary – I’ve got a few books on deck including Vanessa’s My Favorite Countess & Alexandra Hawkins – All Night with a Rogue.
    Pirates & Rogues are always fun!

  6. There are many I’m looking forward to reading. Katharine Ashe’s newest, Shana Galen’s newest and after reading that blurb….I can’t wait for ‘The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest.’ It sounds simply amazing!! Thank you for your time and for sharing this with us!!

  7. Historicals are my favorite! Actually I want to read The Help because I’ve heard such great things and I like reading the book before seeing the movie!

  8. Hi Vanessa and Mary –

    First of all I have to thank Vanessa for the link to your website Mary. I loved finding out more about you. I must admit that the part I liked the most was when you said that you love to sing a”d dance though I do neither well and I make up my own lyrics. I happen to think I can sing and dance to the horror of my young adult children” because when my boys were teenagers I told them that my main goal in life was to embaress them. From Little League to youth soccer to swim meets to fencing and wrestling to highschool football I was always the Mom in the stand yelling “way to go”! I even filled in once as their Little League baseball coach when my husband had to work late. The trick to keeping a bunch of 10 year old boys in line was to tell them if they didn’t sit quickly while they were waiting their turn to bat was that I’d kiss them all over their face! They all turned into little angels.

    I’d love to tell you the one book I’m dying to read this fall but I’ve got 18 had on my TBR list! I love all the authors and I just added The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest! I’m thrilled it’s in ebook format now if I can just pry by Kindle out of my husband’s hands I’ll be all set!

    • Hi Jeanne:

      So glad you could relate to the singing and dancing! I love the Little League story – great, great idea. Actually, my husband and I just visited my two older daughters this weekend. They are in their early twenties, working in big cities and on their own. We were in the car heading to a restaurant when I asked both girls if they could name this song I love. I said, ‘You’ll know it, just listen.’ I started humming….Daughter number two rolled her eyes and said, ‘I have no idea what you are talking about.’ Daughter number one said, ‘Sadly, I do. It’s Adele – Rolling in the Deep.’ And I said, ‘Yes, that’s exactly it!!’

  9. Vanessa , I’m not even counting the entire floor to ceiling bookcase we have in the family room! We have one on each side of the fireplace – the one on the right is mine and the one on the left is “suppose to be” my husband. Unfortunately for him the two top shelves hold my beloved “Books of the Western World” collection! (My big splurge when I was working full time and going to college nights).

    Mary, it must be wonderful having girls. They are so much easier to embarass than boys! I’m already practicing on my granddaughter who is three! She just looks at me and rolls her eyes!

    • Hi Jeanne:

      Oh, the rolling eyes! I am well familiar with that!!

      It sounds like you are surrounded by books! A few months ago I asked my husband if he would build me another bookcase because I was running out of room…In a rare moment, he spoke before thinking and suggested I get rid of the old books to make room for the new…ummm…NO….I think he’s going to build another bookcase:)

      I still have my old Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden books! Oh, and Victoria Holt and Mary Stewart.

  10. Oh yummy! I love Historical Romance & I’ve not heard of Mary before. Looking up her books now; The Seduction of Sophie Seacrest sounds lovely.

    I’m looking forward to reading Ashley March’s Romancing the Countess. I read her 1st book & it was lovely.

  11. Yea!!! another new author to me! Thanks so much for hosting Mary & her book! I’m looking forward to Susan Elizabeth Phillips’ new “Call Me Irresistible! Dang that TBR pile could kill someone if it topples!!

  12. Vanessa –
    I loved the Mary Stewart book I got – my mother-in-law actually thinks I’m going to let her borrow it! She has a habit of keeping what she borrows so I don’t think so! Family unity only goes so far.

  13. Hi Mary and Vanessa!

    Please do not enter my name in contest I already have it! 🙂

    I heard about your book through a friend a bit ago and was hooked with the blurb when I went searching.

    I do enjoy finding new to me authors….like I need more authors to add to my list! I have to agree with some of you wonderful ladies, way too many wonderful books, I need a whole new addition to my house just for my books!! LOL!!

    I have lots of books for September that I’m dying to read. Way to many to list, but one I’m currently reading is IN BED WITH A HIGHLANDER by Maya Banks with A MIDNIGHT DANCE by Lila DiPasqua up next.

    Have a wonderful day!

  14. Thanks to everyone and especially Vanessa for the warm welcome. It’s been a true pleasure chatting with everyone!

    And congrats to Diane Sallans on winning THE SEDUCTION OF SOPHIE SEACREST. She will have an opportunity to see a rogue at work….dastardly man….but fear not, Sophie can handle him:)

    Read on!


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