Guest Author: Margaret Mallory & Giveaway!

I’m very pleased to have a superbly talented author featured on my blog today.  She’s Margaret Mallory, and she writes award-winning historical romance.  And when I say award-winning, I mean it!

Margaret burst onto the historical romance writing scene in 2009, with her medieval series, All The King’s Men.  The first book in that series, Knight of Desire, won the Beacon Contest for best historical, and finaled in the Readers’ Crown and Golden Quill contests.  Her second book, Knight of Pleasure, won the Maggie Award and the Beacon, and finaled in the Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA contest.  And her third book, Knight of Passion, won three contests and finaled in seven more.  Along the way, she’s picked up stellar reviews, including Top Picks from sites like RT Book Reviews, Fresh Fiction, and The Season.

You get the picture, eh?

Margaret has a new series out, called The Return of the Highlanders:

Four fearless warriors return to the Highlands to claim their lands and legacies. But all their trials on the battlefield can’t prepare them for their greatest challenge yet: winning the hearts of four willful Scottish beauties.

Sounds great, doesn’t it?  The first book is The Guardian, released by Grand Central Publishing in May, 2011.

Well, he looks pretty grand, doesn’t he?  And the reviews for this book were grand, too.  It got a Top Pick from The Season, who said this about The Guardian:

“This extraordinary medieval novel absolutely encompasses the 3 Cs: clans, chieftains and castles in a perfect indulgence for readers wanting a hint of paranormal with the intoxicating combination of fearless warriors, loyal family, and the unmistakable pull of the Scottish Highlands.”

You can find all the details on Margaret’s website, including more reviews, buy links, and an excerpt.

Margaret has a new book out in this series, called The Sinner.

Oh, boy.  I can think of some sinning I’d like to do with that guy!  Here’s the blurb:


Alex MacDonald is known for his skill as a warrior, his prowess with women, and his vow to never take a wife. But now his chieftain has asked him to make the ultimate sacrifice: wed Glynis MacNeil, a lass famed throughout the Highlands for her exquisite beauty—and defiant ways.

Familiar with heartbreak, Glynis refuses to fall for another handsome scoundrel. Yet when Alex’s past sins force an unlikely union, Glynis gives in to temptation and becomes his wife. Will their newfound passion be strong enough to fight the enemy that threatens their home, their clan, and their very lives?

Sounds like a great combination of adventure and romance, doesn’t it?  Visit Margaret’s website for all the details on The Sinner, including an excerpt.  Trust me – you won’t regret it!

For my readers today, Margaret is graciously giving away a copy of The Guardian.  Let’s stick with the Highlands – more specifically, men from the Highlands!  Who’s your favorite guy in a kilt?  Sean Connery, Mel Gibson, or is there a fictional Highlander who you adore?  Just tell me for a chance to win a copy of The Guardian.

33 thoughts on “Guest Author: Margaret Mallory & Giveaway!”

  1. Does a kilt maketh the man? I think it can. I saw a picture of Gerard Butler in a kilt just yesterday. He looked twice as rugged & handsome.

  2. Oh, yes! Mel Gibson in Braveheart! Yumm
    I have this particular thing, tho: Gerard Butler is the Highlander I always picture in my mind when I’m reading this books, don’t know why! ;D
    I mean, with that accent, that voice and those eyes! And we’ve all seen 300 so the rest of him it’s pretty nice too lol 😛
    So, he is THE highlander for me! No offense all the rest!:)
    Love those covers 🙂
    Thanks Vanessa & Margaret :*

  3. I prefer a fictional Highlander, especially a sexy and hot…hehehe
    For now i’m love Circenn from novel The Highlander’s Touch by Karen Marie Moning. I really really love him!!

  4. Thanks for having me here today, Vanessa! Of course, I’m always thrilled to hear that readers love men in kilts. 😉

    For you Scotland fans, I have slideshows on my website with photos from my trip there of some of the places that are in my books.


  5. I love Sean Connery. I also love Liam Neeson in Rob Roy. Both of those men are my ideal of a Highlander. They are tough as nails but they also have a cheeky, playful side.

  6. Love your choices of men in kilts. Gerard Butler,Ewan McGregor, & Liam N are long-time favs of mine. I love to listen to them in movies or interviews-I have a serious weakness for a Scottish accent.

  7. Hi Ladies,
    I would definitely have to say I have read a lot of historical romances and ladies some of the fictional highlander heros are flaming hot. Gotta love the rebel sporting the kilt and sexy accent. As for specific highlanders, there are really too many books with them out there and our choices are endless 🙂 Enjoyed getting to know more about Margaret. She is a new author for me and her books sound really good. Can’t wait to purchase one!

  8. I am loooving this series! Margaret writes absolutely incredible books (evidenced by her well deserved string of awards).
    Per hottest Highlander in movies, I liked Mel Gibson (before he lost it). However, I’m thinking Hugh Jackman needs to don a kilt and do something Scottish and rugged. 😉

  9. Adrian Paul from Highlander The Series still pops into my mind *winks* but just the thought of a stray wind and a hot hunk in kilt… *shivers*

  10. BTW, Congrats to Vanessa on My Favorite Countess being nominated for the RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Regency Historical Romance! We can cheer for each other since our books are nominated in different categories. 😉


  11. Hi Margaret and Vanessa!

    I’ve read ALL THE KINGS MEN series, what a series! Your bookcovers, especially KNIGHT OF PLEASURE, are wonderful!

    I have started reading THE RETURN OF THE HIGHLANDERS series, in my opinion, another hit! Yay you!

    I have to agree with all names mentioned above, all wonderful samples of Man Candy in kilts!

    I will add one more though, Dario Franchitti.
    He’s an IZOD INDY car driver who is Scottish and a major cutie in my book!! I’ve seen pictures of him in a kilt and the man is dreamy, plus he owns a castle in Scotland, what more could you ask for?!?!

    Have an awesome day ladies!

    P.S.~ please do not enter my name in contest, already have book. 🙂

  12. Thanks for all the comments!

    Dalila, I’m thrilled to hear you read my first series, ALL THE KING’S MEN, and have started on this one. Yay!

    If you or anyone else who has read my books is interested, I’m asking readers for feedback on their favorite of my heroes for a writers’ workshop I’m putting together. (See my FB page:


  13. Such difficult choices! My vote goes to Sean Connery, but it’s hard to immagine calling the rest of these guys “losers:” Mel Gibson, Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler…and whoever those guys are on the covers of Margaret’s books.


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