Guest Author: Maggie Robinson & Giveaway!!

I’m so glad to have one of my good pals on the blog today.  She’s Maggie Robinson, author of fabulously sexy historical romances.  Maggie is on a whirlwind blog tour for her latest Kensington Brava release, Mistress by Marriage

Maggie’s books are wonderful reads.  As The Romance Dish said, “you’re always guaranteed sassy wit and sizzling sensuality when you pick up one of Maggie’s books.”

I’m going to turn the blog over to my friend now, as she gives us the inside scoop on her new book.

I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa and her charming husband at the Romance Writers of America convention this June in New York City. They are sometime-writing partners, which absolutely flabbergasts me. I cannot imagine writing with my husband. In fact, he’s never read a word of what I’ve had published so far. (That’s a total of five novels and two novellas under my two writing names.) He’s just not at all romance-y, although he can be very thoughtful. We are total opposites when it comes to most things. He’s a jock—I only care about where the jockstrap goes. 😉 In fact, we’re a little like the characters in Mistress by Marriage (Brava, September 2011). I won’t say he’s as unyielding and rigid as Edward if he won’t call me flighty and temperamental like Caroline.

Marriage is a mysterious venture. It’s hard enough when the couple have similar backgrounds and goals. When you throw complete strangers at each other, there’s bound to be trouble. Because I am evil, I had my methodical, proper Baron Christie fall hopelessly in the thrall of  unsuitable, improper Caroline Parker at a ball, and they’ve both paid for it for six years. When Mistress by Marriage opens, they’ve been separated for five of them. Edward has bought a house for his estranged wife on Jane Street, London’s most exclusive neighborhood for courtesans. He wants a divorce. So does Caroline.

A divorce was hard to obtain, hideously expensive and reputation-ruining in Regency times. It was far more common for people to live apart and wish each other dead, LOL. So I faced legal challenges as well as emotional ones. Once Edward discovers things were not what they appeared to be, he realizes his grounds for divorce don’t exist. His honor and heart are at stake. He wants Caro back. But does she fall into his arms? No, that would be too easy and end the book well before page 278.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so at last Edward reads one of Caroline’s naughty novels. (Did I tell you she writes lurid gothic romances? Do you think this means I want my husband to read my books?) He alters one of her plots, expecting a happy ending. Uh, no such luck. But don’t worry, by page 278 everything is more than okay. Defrosting “Cold Christie” was one of the most fun things I’ve done as a writer. He’s baffled by love—it does not fit into his logical worldview. And even though Caroline writes romances, she doesn’t think she deserves love, but Edward is happy to prove her wrong.

I have a friend who says “There’s a lid for every pot.”

Do you believe there’s someone out there for everyone? How did you meet your partner? I have a signed copy of Mistress by Marriage for one commenter.

Vanessa, here.  Be sure to check out Maggie’s website, which includes excerpts and details on all her books.  And don’t forget to answer her question for a chance to win Mistress by Marriage!


100 thoughts on “Guest Author: Maggie Robinson & Giveaway!!”

  1. Well, I certeanly hope so!;)
    I haven’t met the one yet, but, I’d like to think I will some day! Hopefully soon!;)
    this book sounds great! I’ve heard wonderful things about it!:)

    Thank u for the giveaway, Vanessa!;)

  2. I’ve been single for a number of years. I’m still hoping that there’s another lid out there for my pot (so to speak) lol. My girlfriend uses the same saying. And I’m a hopeless romantic so I have to believe it as well.

  3. Good morning, ladies! Vanessa, thanks so much for letting me ramble on, not that I’m an expert on marriage. Although I have been married a looong time, LOL. I haven’t quite broken him in though, so it may be hopeless. We met through friends who tried to fix us up for years before we relented. We were married six months after our first date.

    My youngest daughter has been pretty allergic to serious relationships, but she met the greatest guy (also through friends). The other day she said something like “I wasn’t looking, but here he is.” I think that might be the key. 🙂

    • Hi Maggie! Thanks so much for being my guest blogger today!

      Sounds like you’re an expert to me, especially since you and your guy are still together, despite the fact that hubs isn’t entirely broken in. But maybe that makes for an added dash of spice, eh?

      I think your daughter is right. I had pretty much given up on finding the right guy and was happily living the life of a single gal in the big city, when I got together with Randy. The rest, as they say, is history!

      Off to get out my pjs and back to revising my next book. See y’all later in the day!

  4. Hi Maggie,

    I hope this time i’ll will this book =D

    Until now i’m still single but I do believe that there is someone out there for everyone. it’s just about a time and if the time comes, they will suddenly appear without we can expect

  5. Is your friend named Jenny, too? My friend Jenny says the same thing. And, yes, I do believe on that adage. It’s all about fitting together easily without forcing one over the other. It just takes some longer than others to get it.

    Now I’m going to take off before it looks like I’m stalking you today. I haven’t been blogging in a while. I think I miss it.

  6. Maggie: Oh, I like what ur daughter said!=)
    okay, so I’ve officially stopped looking!;) LOL
    let’s see! Wish me luck!!!:D
    and have a wonderful weekend everyone!:)

  7. I believe that there is someone for everyone. My husband and I are going on 23 years in October.

    I was curious why you chose Edward for the name of your hero in this book. I don’t recall that name used a lot for heros in historicals. The few I have read books, all the Edward’s have been considered cold in the beginning of a book.

    • LOL. My Edward is cold at first too. I don’t really like the name myself, but it’s period-appropriate and it fit him. It means “wealthy defender”, and that’s what he ultimately is to Caroline. I try not to have my Regency heroes named something too modern. Edward arrived in my head–super tall, dark, rangy..and he was simply Edward. Most of my characters turn up with names already attached to them. (Hey, I might be crazy)

  8. I really like the premise of your book. Sometimes the ‘lids’ & ‘pots’ just don’t recognize one another… and need to take a closer look!!

  9. How I met my man.
    I was 27 and had given up on finding a man for me. My friend decided she wanted to go out one Friday and dragged me with her. I was pouty because I didn’t really want to go. We ended up at our favorite bar and wouldn’t you know met the man of my dreams. I am so glad my friend made me go with her or I might still be single today. Now 48 years old and still with the man of my dreams. Another story of I wasn’t looking, but here he is!
    Loved the excerpt.

  10. Hi! Mistress by Marriage sounds very interesting and fun 🙂
    I do believe there is someone for everyone….even if that someone has total opposite character. I’ve been with my significant part for 15 years and we had our ups and downs but love is what holds us together.

  11. I’ve always been convinced that there are several possible someones for everyone out there, since I’m not a believer in the “one true love only” school.

    I met my delightful hubby at a party at a friend’s house. Turned out that he was dating someone else at the time, but a few months later that friend organized a double date and the rest is history!

  12. I loved reading, “you’re always guaranteed sassy wit and sizzling sensuality when you pick up one of Maggie’s books.” What a hook! Wit is one thing, but sassy wit? You got me!

    I think that there CAN be someone (and oftentimes more than one someone) out there for everyone, if they make room in their hearts. The possibilities are endless. (To me it is like having children or siblings: you love them all in different ways.)

    My husband was a friend of the family (as he knew our neighbours quite well) while I had a boyfriend. As soon as my BF and I broke up, my husband zoomed in. My hero (of 30 years now)!

  13. I do believe there is someone for everyone too. It might take a while to find them, but they are out there and when you do, lots of happiness…and frustration, lol 🙂
    Congrats on the new book! It sounds fabulous and lots of fun, love the cover as well 🙂

  14. I met my husband when I was 16 and he was 19. That raised some eyebrows, but we knew as soon as we met that we were meant to be together. Everyone said that it was a phase and that as we got older we would change. Well, we did change, but the love never did. Six children and 17 years later and we are still going strong. People said we were crazy for having 6 kids also. Obviously, the opinions of others didn’t make a difference.

    I absolutely believe that there is someone meant for a person. My husband and I couldn’t be any more opposite in many things, but it works because we balance each other out. Fate also can have a hand in the way you meet your special someone. I nearly missed meeting my husband, but decided to go out with a group of friends last minute. Another friend of mine had locked herself out of her house. She was friends with my husband, so he picked her up and they ended up at the same place I was, waiting for her parents to get home. She introduced us and the rest is history. 🙂

  15. I’m not sure — I certainly hope so, but wonder if possible for it to be (or if so, for them to actually be able to find each other among so many others & possible distance). I haven’t found my someone (or if I did, I haven’t realized it) but keep hope alive that it may happen someday (or perhaps lifetime). In the meantime there’s family & friends who show me that it is possible & romance books to help keep the dream alive 😉

  16. Hi Maggie and Vanessa,

    I’ve been stalking Maggie on her blog tour. I’ve loved all the excerps of “Mistress by Marriage” and would love to read the whole book.

    I met my husband when I was dating his friend. We’ve been together for 41 years now. He’s the total opposite of me, but we chug along nicely. Now, I need to keep my fingers crossed that my daughter will find somebody. I know he’s out there somewhere, so he better show his face soon. lol

    Thank you for another opportunity, fingers and everything else crossed.

  17. I can only hope there is someone out there for me…I don’t know at 53 I almost give up….but I love to read about women who find their soul mate…I would love to read your book..Thanks for the chance to win!!!…

  18. I do believe there is someone out their for everyone. It is your choice if you deciede to find them or not. I meet my hubby in high school. We were high school sweethearts and got married 3 months after we graduated from college.

  19. I think there’s more than one person for everyone. Sometimes it depends on the time of one’s life. A guy who may be perfect for me when I am 25 may not be the right guy for me when I’m 40 or vice versa. Everyone grows emotionally and through life experience so we may not be the same person we were. I think that there are many possible mates for a person and many routes to happiness and contentment.

    Of course, I’ve been with the same man for 15+ years so perhaps my perception is a bit skewed

  20. It’s nice to think that there is some one for everyone, but it’s probably that there are more than one that are pretty good. If there was only one, what are the odds that the two people would meet during the right period of time, and how about when one partner of a great couple dies and the survivor goes on to connect with another great partner.

  21. It is absolutely lovely to think there is someone out there for everyone– and I sure hope there is! I haven’t find mine, yet, though 🙂

  22. i would like to think there is someone out there for everyone and considering how big the sea is, it is not too hard to believe. I also believe it’s important to know what you want or else when you do meet someone you won’t even realize that person is the one! It takes two people who are fully committed to make a relationship work and to accept everything about them, their quirks, perks, and yes, weaknesses. We all have them and accepting them can enrich a relationship and give it a healthy balance. When it comes to serendipity, I say it’s half luck and half will. Good luck everyone on finding their happy ever afters.

  23. I’m so close to falling asleep (I finished a book today!), but I wanted to thank all of you for leaving such thoughtful, heartfelt comments. If I could wave a magic romance wand, you’d all be sprinkled with HEA dust. Vanessa, thanks so much for hosting me here today. Hope we meet again in person soon! XO to all!

  24. Maggie –
    I’m so glad that Vanessa invited you over today and I apologize for “arriving” so late in the day. Are you sure you didn’t actually marry my husband? Unfortunately his idea of romance is buying me a new iron or broom for Christmas so I’ve tried to get him to read your books. He hasn’t taken the hint yet!

    We actually met when he was in the Navy during Vietnam. He was stationed at NAS Cecil Field in Jacksonville, Florida and was out on a trip to the beach during one of his few days off with 2 friends. I had picked up two friends from work and we were headed to another friends whose husband was also in the Navy to a Tupperware party when this car with three “guys” started following us! We got to the house and I tried sneaking inside leaving my two girlfriends to fend for themselves. They pulled me back and introduced me to these “guys”! I quickly excused myself and went inside while they stayed to talk.

    That week-end I met them to go to another friends party and who did they have in tow? That’s right – the same three guys who they had invited to “join” us at the party. Once there he asked me to dance and it wouldn’t have been polite to say no. We’ve now been married for 41 wonderful years!

    When we had children I wanted to stay home with them but still needed to help support the household so guess what! I became a Tupperware Sales Manager for 15 years so I could work nights and still be home with them when they were small and never miss any of the school and after school activiites!

  25. I’m a firm believer in there’s someone for everyone – possibly more than one even! 🙂 I met my hubby at work – he was seated next to me and made me laugh every day. We used to chuckle how there were all these rumour about us but nothing happened right at the start – we were just friends. However, by the time the rumours died down and no-one cared anymore it was a different story. We’ve been married nearly 13 years now.

    I keep hearing such wonderful things about Mistress by Marriage – I can’t wait to read it! 🙂

    hankts AT internode DOT on DOT net

  26. After 2 marriages ending in 2 divorces, I could be pessimistic and say I don’t believe there is someone out there for everyone. On the other hand, since I read romance novels of the historical variety, I could be optimistic and say there is someone out there for everyone…I just haven’t met my someone yet! Great post Maggie. Can’t wait to read this book!

  27. I don’t think I believe there’s someone out there for everyone, it seems too much like believing there’s only one soul mate or something for you. I’m not religious, and I don’t really believe in fate so I like to think that you make your own choices and nothing’s predetermined but I still hope that everyone will find someone. Mistress by Marriage sounds awesome! But is the giveaway international??

  28. Kaetrin and Karen, thanks for commenting!

    Jess, Vanessa picked a winner already & I’ve addressed the package. ;( BUT anytime you see me anywhere, I always am open to sending books beyond the US. My post office people see me walk in and they automatically hand me customs forms. Sometimes I think I’m the sole support of the US Post Office–you know it’s in financial trouble, but not because of me, LOL. Several times a year I send things to my contest entrants/newsletter members, and I even have to fill out a custom form for bookmarks!

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