Guest Author: Darcy Burke & Giveaway!

I’m so happy that the lovely and talented Darcy Burke is back on the blog today.  Darcy writes sexy and very romantic Regency-set historical romance, and she’s here to talk about her new book, To Seduce A Scoundrel.  Specifically, she’s going to introduce us to her latest hero – a hero with an intriguing twist!

The Celibate Hero and Why He’s Sexy

When I first conceived of the character of Lord Sevrin (he didn’t have a first name for a very long time), he was simply a rake with a truly horrendous reputation. However, I knew almost right away that I didn’t want him to be a typical rake. So I wondered, what if everyone assumed he was a womanizer but, in fact, he was celibate? That’s when Sevrin became incredibly interesting to me…and sexy.

Celibacy is sexy because it means the hero’s been holding out for some reason. That takes a lot of control (especially for a romance hero!) and control is sexy. Put that together with the heroine that will bring him to his knees and end his celibacy (because it’s, yanno, a romance), and you have (I hope!) an irresistible love story.

The whys of Sevrin’s celibacy were a bit difficult to unravel, and hopefully it works in the context of his character. He’s a hero with strong beliefs and holds himself to the highest possible standards. His celibacy is a means of functioning after some rather disreputable deeds.

I’ve read virgin heroes before and have a couple I’m excited to read in the very near future, but I couldn’t think of a celibate hero off the top of my head. I checked out Goodreads and found six pages of them! Have you read any celibate heroes? If so, is there one you recommend? Do you think celibate heroes are sexy? One commenter will receive an ebook copy of His Wicked Heart in the format of their choice!

Vanessa, here.  Doesn’t Sevrin sound intriguing?  Darcy is a wonderful writer, and I can’t wait to read her latest book.  She’s gotten great reviews for her first two books, and I know this one will be equally delicious.

So, readers, what do you think about celibate heroes?  Have you read any before?  Tell us about it for a chance to win His Wicked Heart.  And be sure to drop by Darcy’s lovely website to get the details on all her books and to read an excerpt of To Seduce A Scoundrel.

35 thoughts on “Guest Author: Darcy Burke & Giveaway!”

  1. I think it is hot to have the self-control to hold out for what the heart wants not what the body needs

  2. Congratulations on the new book. In an era of rakes, the story behind the issue of celibacy must be intriguing in itself. Have you said how old the hero is?

  3. I think a celibate hero can be very hot because that means hes looking for more then a quick tumble. Hes looking for a meaningful relationship and that he has respect for the heroin and himself. Sexual tension in a book can be hotter then the actual act of sex. I read a really great book by Eloisa James where the Hero was celibate.

  4. To be honest, I can’t remember a book with a celibate hero but I would love to read about one. 🙂 The book sounds great!

  5. Hi Vanessa and “Duchess” Darcy!

    I fell in love with Darcy’s books when I read Her Wicked Ways!

    Since I was born in the 1940’s “celibate” was what was “expected” but not what necessarily occurred!

    I think that many readers such as myself in today’s world are looking for, finding and enjoying a refreshing “change” and returning to the days that explicit wasn’t a dominant necessary part of a great book!

    On the other hand my sons who are both in their late 30’s can’t understand how I could “grow up” in the 1960’s and never have had a “hippy” moment, gone braless or escaped to California!

    PS: Don Quixote is my favorite “hero”!


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