Guest Author: Bronwen Evans & Giveaway!

I’ve got a wonderful guest with me today.  She’s Bronwen Evans and she writes lovely and sensual Regency-set historical romance for Kensington Brava.  Bronwen is on her Invitation To Romance Blog Tour, and she’s graciously stopped by with us today.

Take it away, Bronwen!

The World of Romance Authors – Who Influenced Me to Write and Who keeps Me Sane

Hi Vanessa! Thanks for letting me visit with you today, all the way from New Zealand. Please bear with me for the time differences. I might be a little behind you!

The most common question I get asked is how I come up with my story ideas, followed closely by what motivates me. I really don’t have any problem finding ideas for stories. Sometimes, if you’re like me, Vanessa, you live most of your life with characters in your head. It’s crowded with loads of different characters all screaming to be heard. Sometimes it’s hard to order the characters’ traits, fears, and the conflicts they find themselves in.

Sometimes the answer to ‘where do I get my stories from’ leads to a discussion about what’s happening in the world around me. I often hear some lyrics, or watch a movie, world events, or something that happened to friends in real life triggers something in my head. I think about what would be different about this in the Regency era—and voila a story idea germinates.

However, these sources of inspiration help me with stories ideas. So what inspired me to write in the first place and what keeps me writing?

Well, it has to be other authors! It’s my love of reading romance that sparked the desire to write it. Especially historical romance, but really I read across all genres.

I remember crying, and laughing and smiling after reading a Penny Jordan book; I decided on the spot that was what I wanted to do. I didn’t really know how to start so I joined RWNZ and RWA and began to learn.

Now that I’m a published author, I still find inspiration through other authors. Reading a great book still sends me straight to my computer to write my own stories. Also being able to dive into other author’s characters gives my head a well needed rest.

I love that we all have different voices and different strengths in our writing. I’m constantly learning from other authors, how to be a better writer.

If you’re wondering which authors influenced me to write INVITATION TO SCANDAL, there are many. However fellow author Elise Rome always told me to give credit where it’s due.

So, these are just a few of the authors I return to again and again who I can count on to awe and inspire me, my auto-buys: (including Vanessa Kelly of course!)

Gaelen Foley

Nicole Jordan

Anne Mallory

Madeline Hunter

Mary Jo Putney

Jennifer Ashley

Even if you’re not a writer, you likely have a list of authors who continually awe you when you read their books. Who are your favorites that you would passionately recommend to any fellow romance reader?

One random commenter will be chosen to win a copy of my newest book, INVITATION TO SCANDAL (open internationally)!

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There will be a one WORD hidden in each blog post [WHO] in brackets (the word ‘WHO’ is the first clue from Shana Galen’s post on 26th April). There are 30 words altogether. These words will spell a paragraph related to my May release INVITATION TO SCANDAL.

Zounds!  Vanessa, here.  Bronwen, what a great contest!  Readers, be sure to check out Bronwen’s website.  And don’t forget to answer her question in today’s blog for a chance to win a copy of AN INVITATION TO SCANDAL.

Update:  Hey, folks!  I’m on Bronwen’s blog today.  I’m talking about current and future releases, and giving away a copy of My Favorite Countess.  Stop on by!

31 thoughts on “Guest Author: Bronwen Evans & Giveaway!”

  1. Hi Bron,
    I see you’re still starting strong on your tour. My favorite authors are Nora Roberts/J.D. Robb, Cherry Adair, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Christine Feehan, Lynsay Sands and Lisa Renee Jones. There are more, but this are my top ones.
    Best wishes on your tour.

  2. congrats to your new book. in historical i liked to read everythin by lisa kleypas, katharine ashe, julie garwood. they are great in story, and make me wanna read til the end of books.
    thanks for giveaway. and make it int.

  3. Your new book is in my TBR pile. I read all the authors you listed and love finding new ones. This latest book of yours wil be my first of you. My go to authors are many and include Stephanie Laurens, JAK, Nora ROberts in all her guises, SEP, Julia London, Lisa Kleypas and the list goes on. I have two three ring binders to keep them all straight and to help me remember which books I’ve read! Thanks for sharing!

  4. There are so many great authors to chose from. Some new authors are really grabbing me too. Emma Wildes, Nicola Cornick, Monica Burns and so many more. It’s 11.45pm on Friday night here in NZ so I’m off to bed. See you in 8 hours.

  5. Conratulations on your new book! Oh just the cover makes me want to dig in! I have so many favorite go to authors but if I have to name a few they are:Johanna Lindsey, SEP, Lisa Kleypas, Julia Quinn and Loretta Chase
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  6. Some of my favorite authors are Lisa Kleypas, Elizabeth Hoyt, Nalini Singh, Keri Arthur, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kat Martin.

  7. I have quite a few favorite Authors, so here goes:- Mary Balogh, Elizabeth Essex, Anna Campbell, Galen Foley, Lila DiPasqua, Victoria Alexander, Katharine Ashe, Elizabeth Boyle, Christine Brooke, Miranda Neville, Nicola Cornick, Lisa Kleypas, Jennifer Haymore, Vanessa Kelly and yourself Bron. I could go on and on, but better stop now.

    I’m enjoying this blog tour of your’s and would love to win “Invitation To Scandal”.

    I did post a comment before, but it disappeared. I hope that this one comes through okay. 🙂

  8. Gaelen Foley, Nicole Jordan are also my favorite. So as Julia London, Julianne Maclean, Tracy Anne Warren, Sophie Jordan, Lisa Kleypas, Sara Bennett, Julia Quinn. They’re actually lots of them. Thanks to these authors for making our lives colorful. 😀

  9. These are some of my top favorites, but I have a lot that I like, like, like. LOL! Jennifer Ashley, Sherry Thomas, Sarah MacLean, Julie Anne Long, Beverley Kendall, Lisa Kleypas and Julia London. Both of you guys too of course. There are so many more that there is no way I could name them all. Thanks for the givaway!

  10. Good morning from New Zealand. It’s just gone 7am on Saturday morning and I’m awake! Tea and toast here I come. I’m reading a Shana Galen book at the moment and loving it. She’s another author to add to my fabulous writers pile. There are so many good story-tellers out there – Yah! There is always a great romance to read.

  11. I love Nicole Jordan too. A newer favorite is Jill Shalvis. I have enjoyed every single book of hers. That is hard to do! Shana Galen is another newer for me. Loved every book so far. Cherry Adair and Lila Dipasqua. I never spell her name right. But her books are oh la la.

  12. Some of my favourite authors are Nora Roberts, Paula Quinn, Lauren Royal, Diana Gabaldon, Sandra Brown, Dee Davis, Delores Fossen, Marie Force, Lori Foster and Nancy Gideon.

  13. I think I’ve read all of the above authors so I’ll just add one more that I recently fell in love with – Kathryne Kennedy.

  14. There are only a handful that I am in awe of, but I am so behind on my reading right now and that could change. They are Karin Tabke, Shayla Black, Jennifer Ashley, Kresley Cole.

  15. Hi Vanessa and Bronwen!

    I love all the authors you listed and Vanessa you already know that I love your books as well but the first author who introduced me to historical romance, my favorite genre, was Cervantes when I read Don the Nun’s Priest Tale that we had to read in Middle English!

    It was a story of dreams and magic with a hero who saw only the best in his Dulcinea and who wouldn’t love a hero who could only manage to see good in us instead of our faults!

    My first introduction to current historical romance was Mary Balough who I consider the grande dame of today’s romance genre.

    I love the new debut authors who have entered the historical romance world the last few years. Elise is just one example of an author dedicated to her craft that continues to amaze me by her dedication to her craft.

    I tip my hat to all of you who give readers like myself so many hours of wonderful stories to peak our imagination and fill our hearts with stories of love, conquering our fears and falling in love all over again!

  16. I think it’s great that as a published author you still enjoy reading! Seems like many authors quit reading or stop reading other books in the genre they write, so sad. I couldn’t give up my love of reading, my addiction.
    Anne Mallory, I had forgotten about her! I need to go see if she has had anything come out since I last read her work. Other auto buy authors for me are Shana Galen, Ashley March, Vanessa Kelly and Beverly Kendall.

  17. Congratulations on the book. My must-read authors are Judith McNaught, Julie James, Sherry Thomas, SEP and Julia Quinn.


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