Guest Author: Alexandra Hawkins & Giveaway!


I’m featuring a fantastic author on the blog today.  She’s Alexandra Hawkins, and she’s a USA Today bestselling writer of historical romance.  In The Lords of Vice series, Alexandra has combined her love of English history, mythology, and romance to create sensual, character-driven stories that readers have enthusiastically taken to their hearts.

Alexandra burst onto the romance writing scene with her first book, All Night With A Rogue.


Awesome cover, isn’t it?  Whew – talk about hot!  And the reviews for this book were great.  Here’s what Loves Romances and More had to say about it:

“A truly fantastic debut novel! ALL NIGHT WITH A ROGUE is one of the best Regency romances that I have read for quite awhile.”

And RT Book Reviews said that “Hawkin’s first Lords of Vice tale calls to mind the highly sensual reads of Bertrice Small and Susan Johnson.”  Very nice!

Alexandra followed up her first book with two more in the series:  Till Dawn With The Devil and After Dark With A Scoundrel.


Goodness, what beautiful covers!  Needless to say, Alexandra’s subsequent books received great reviews as well, including this one from Fresh Fiction for Till Dawn With The Devil:

“Ms. Hawkins weaves a fantastic tale threaded heavily with scandals, secrets, and sins, yet gentled with blossoming friendships and budding romance. TILL DAWN WITH THE DEVIL promises an intoxicating journey, and delivers with an exciting series of twists and turns that leave the reader disoriented and begging for more.”

Fortunately for her readers, Alexandra has a new book in The Lords of Vice series – Sunrise With A Notorious Lord.


It’s got everything you’ve come to expect from Alexandra’s books, including a sexy new Lord of Vice:


Christopher Courtland, Earl of Vanewright—known around London as “Vane”—is the very picture of a rich, handsome ladies’ man. Why shackle himself to just one lady when he’s free to sample them all? In spite of his own mother’s attempts at matchmaking, Vane has sworn to stay single. Until he has a chance run-in with Miss Isabel Thorne…


A modest and refined beauty, Isabel is a lot more brazen than she appears. When a pickpocket tries to make way with Vane’s bejeweled snuffbox, Isabel attempts to thwart his escape…and manages to steal Vane’s heart. But the harder he tries to seduce the sharp-tongued, strong-willed Isabel, the more she resists. Now it’s up to this tried-and-true bachelor to find a new way to play the game…or risk losing the one woman who’s ever captured his heart.

Doesn’t that sound great?  I don’t know about you, but I’m a total sucker for this kind of delicious story.  The details are on Alexandra’s website.  And make sure you check out the book trailer for Sunrise With A Notorious Lord on YouTube.

For my readers today, Alexandra is giving away not one but two copies of her new book!  Just tell me what your secret vice is (mine is cupcakes) for a chance to win Sunrise With A Notorious Lord.  Two people who comment will win the book.

45 thoughts on “Guest Author: Alexandra Hawkins & Giveaway!”

  1. hello vanessa, hello alexandra..
    my vice is choco chips with strawberry ice cream. i’m trying to stop it, but can’t do it :p

  2. The obvious one is reading. I always seem to have a book in my hands. But really it is dips. Any kind. Taco dip, fruit dip, vegie dip, onion dip, refried bean dip; you name it as a dip and I need to have some!

  3. I vice is See’s Bordeaux and molasses chips. Considering I live on the East coast now, it makes it difficult to buy whenever I want except during the holidays. I haven’t found a cheesecake I can pass up yet.

  4. My secret vice is my obsession with my new iPhone/iPad. I am on them constantly. I need to fill them up with books, please!

  5. My vice is my Kindle: ever since my mom gave it to me (as the best birthday gift ever!) I haven’t been able to leave the house without it! I actually have to fight with myself to put it down and get some work done

  6. My secret vice is…”Nerds”. Not people, the candy! Silly, huh? I know, I know…but I’ve been addicted to them since I was a kid. I buy them & hide them from my husband and kids. Every day I have a small box of them. My favorites are strawberry & grape. Don’t tell! 🙂

  7. When it is my ex-husband’s weekend with the girls ~ I get a couple pounds of crab legs at the store and eat it all. I thought it was a secret until my youngest got me a butter warmer for my birthday one year :O Of course this isn’t every weekend. I’d be broke and be putting on the weight.

  8. My secret vice is buying books and ebooks. I buy atleast 2 to 3 ebooks a week and maybe 1 or 2 books. If it is a week that a lot of good books come out, then I am in trouble. The week of my bday, all together I bought 15 books/ebooks.
    Would love to win and read this book, so please choose me for the giveaway.

  9. Hi Alexandra and Vanessa,

    My secret vice is fresh cream slices. I can’t get them over here, so I have to make them myself. I always make about 30 and then I freeze them. This way I can pull out one or two as I need them and enjoy them with a nice cup of tea.

    Thank you for giving us this opportunity to win your your new book “Sunrise with a Notorious Lord”.

  10. Firstly, I love love love The Lords of Vice Series 🙂 As for my secret vice, I hate to admit it but it used to be cigarettes. I know they’re terrible for you, but I used to sneak out + have a few if I was terribly stressed or w/ my smoker girlfriends. I quit cold turkey just before Xmas to get a head start on my New Years Resolution to not smoke anymore and still going strong. But now there is all this candy lol. Candy is so much better for me, and a happy hubby is better too 😛

  11. What a wonderful series THE LORDS OF VICE is, major YAY for Alexandra!!! I have read all the books and I think they’re great! I just need to get my hands on Vane and Isabel’s story, I do have room in my bookcase. 😉

    I really do not have a ‘secret’ vice, everyone knows me to well for me to hide anything! LOL!

    I will have to say that Lemon Cupcakes are my downfall. I LOVE sweets, ALL sweets, but Lemon Cupcakes will do me in, always.
    If you need me to do anything for you, just wave a Lemon Cupcake at me and I’m yours.
    Yes, I have no shame when it comes to those dreamy, delicious, heavenly, delectable little bundles of pure lemony joy!

    Thank you for this great giveaway, have an awesome day ladies!

  12. My vice is reading, whenever my kids are sleeping instead of catching up on my house work I grab my books and read :)!! But hey who wouldn’t read given the option between that or cleaning! Thanks for the giveaway. All Night With A Rogue, was the book that got me started on historical romance, so Alexandra Hawkins will always be a favorite author of mine!

  13. Secret vices always seem to be a TREAT to discover don’t they? My not so secret vice are cakes and the more icing the better. I also love sandwiches…any kind from chicken salad, egg salad, cold cuts or hot ones 🙂

  14. My secret vice is cheese, I love it on almost everything. My not so secret vice is books, I can’t seem to help myself, I want them all.

  15. Mmmm… cupcakes… I think mine is just chocolate in general, whether in cake, pie, cupcake, drinks, etc. Everything’s better with dark chocolate.


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