Some of my readers know that in addition to my historical romances, I also write sexy contemporary romances with my husband under the pen name of V.K. Sykes.  I’m very pleased to announce that our latest book, Fastball, is now available as a digital release on Amazon and Smashwords.  In a few weeks, it will also be available on the Nook and in other e-tailer stores.

Fastball is another one of our sports romances.  In fact, it’s a prequel to our award-winning book, Hardball.

Here’s the blurb for Fastball:

Baseball reporter Maddie Leclair has spent years chasing her dream job—covering the major league team, the Philadelphia Patriots.  Now that she’s landed the assignment she intends to make it big, with feature articles on the front page of every sports section in the country. But to do that, she needs to score an interview with the most private and elusive athlete in baseball, Patriots’ superstar Jake Miller.

On the rebound from a devastating injury that knocked him out of play for a season, Jake has a lot to prove to the suits in the head office.  He’s sure he still has what it takes to win, and he’ll be damned if he lets anything get in the way of his climb back to the top of the charts.

The last thing Jake needs is a pushy female reporter distracting him.  But one look at Maddie and he knows he’s in trouble.  He finds himself trying for a different kind of play, one that involves bedrooms and not baseball stats.  Sleeping together could damage both their careers, and Maddie is all about saying no.  But when it comes to the game of love, Jake is playing to win.

We really had fun telling Jake and Maddie’s story, and we hope you enjoy reading it.  For an excerpt, please visit our website.  And you can buy the book at Smashwords or on Amazon.

Happy Reading!

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