Rock*It Reads

I’m proud to be a member of Rock*It Reads, an authors’ collective made up of stellar New York published romance authors who are expanding into self-publishing.

With the explosion of epublishing and ereaders and self-publishing, there are more books than ever out there.

If there’s a downside to all this plenty, it’s figuring out a way to sift through the thousands of books, looking for the gems.  A map, a compass, some way to find quality.

That’s where Rock*It Reads comes in.

Your romance compass.

Rock*It Reads authors are New York authors who have made a committment to put out only high-quality self-published stories.  The logo we use on our stories is meant to be a ‘seal of quality,’ to let you know we care as much about writing great stories as you do about reading them.

Readers can be assured that when they purchase a Rock*It Reads logoed story, they’re buying a story that has been tended with the same level of professionalism that we bring to our New York works.

Rock*It Reads is not a publisher.  These are 100% self-published works, done by each author, on her own dime, on her own time.
We’ve simply banded together to form Rock*It Reads to help our readers find other high-quality self-published works.  We’re hoping the logo will be a like a little beacon or guide though the vast world of self-published romances.

Rock*It Reads

Check us out, and enjoy!


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Love Rocks, bi-weekly column spotlighting self-published romance fiction with Barnes & Noble  (Every other Monday)


Love Rocks column

Writers with self-published romances wishing to submit stories for possible spotlighting in Love Rocks, our online column at, please note:

If you are interested in submitting your book to the Barnes & Noble Love Rocks column, carefully read the following.

Rock*It Reads columnists cannot promise your book will be selected for a spotlight nor can we promise that your book will be read by a columnist. Please note the following conditions:

a) the book must be available on;
b) the book must be self-published either via and/or an independent publishing distributor such as Smashwords; and
c) the column only spotlights self-published romance.

If you wish to submit your book, please email the columnists at using the instructions below.

In the Subject Line – List author name, book title and its genre.
In the body of the email — Provide the book blurb and a link to the book’s cover on

Attach a copy of the book in ePub and PDF format for possible consideration by one of our columnists.

Submissions will be held in our database for six months. After that time period, the submission, cover art, and book will be deleted from the depository. No book submitted to the column’s email will be distributed elsewhere without the express permission of the copyright holder.

 Thank-you for your interest in the Love Rocks column, spotlighting quality self-published romance fiction!