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Guest Author: Colleen Gleason & Giveaway!

One of the really cool things about many writers today is how capable they are of moving between genres. Used to be that authors who wrote historical romance only wrote historical romance, and authors who wrote romantic suspense stuck to romantic suspense. Not anymore. Authors have kicked down the genre barriers, moving easily from historical to paranormal to urban fantasy, and back again, all while building loyal audiences of readers and crafting wonderful books.

I’m featuring someone today who excels at blasting through the genre barriers. She’s international bestselling author Colleen Gleason, and she writes luscious medieval historical romance, Regency vampire romances, and futuristic urban fantasy as Joss Ware. And in all three of those genres she’s gotten great reviews, including this one from Smart Bitches Read Trashy Books:

“Above all, the writing is what recommends this book most. Gleason’s writing is sharp and taut, which makes for excellent action sequences, and a plot that travels quickly from the start. The writing strength alone gives me ample reassurance that this potentially plot-heavy series is in the right hands. I’m definitely looking forward to the next installment.”

Today, we’re looking at A Lily on the Heath, book four in Colleen’s Medieval Herb Garden Series.

This series is all about passionate romance and court intrigue, lords and ladies, and knights and castles. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? Here’s the blurb for A Lily on the Heath.

Passion and deception in the turbulent court of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Henry II.

An honorable man: Malcolm de Monde, Lord of Warwick needs a wife. He reluctantly journeys to the royal court where his plan is simple: find a dutiful woman, gain the king’s approval for his choice and return to Warwick with his chosen lady wedded, bedded, and carrying his heir—all before winter.

An independent woman: Judith of Kentworth, Royal Falconer and lady-in-waiting, is a woman from Malcolm’s past. Although she is a confidante of the queen, Judith’s beauty and vivacity attract the unwanted attentions of the king—and thus the woman who commands winged predators becomes prey herself.

A simple plan that goes awry when Malcolm is reacquainted with Judith, once betrothed to his friend—and a woman who is nothing like the meek wife he seeks…but who may be exactly the type of woman he needs.

An impossible choice: Malcolm offers Judith a chance to escape her predicament…But can she risk entangling her own personal white knight in a dangerous web of royal intrigue?

Yum! I love a meaty historical romance, set in an era where the stakes were very high. If you haven’t tried Colleen’s books yet, this is the place to start. You won’t regret it!

For my readers today, Colleen is giving away a copy of A Whisper of Rosemary, book three in her series.

Since these books are in the Medeival Herb Garden series, let’s talk flowers and herbs. What’s your favorite herb to cook with, or flower to pick from a garden? One person who comments will win a copy of A Whisper of Rosemary. And be sure to check out Colleen’s website for the latest news on all her books.


30 thoughts on “Guest Author: Colleen Gleason & Giveaway!

  1. I seem to cook most with basil. That could be this families love of pasta.

    As to flowers, I actually prefer them to stay in the garden. I’m happy to look out at them happily growing. They certainly last longer. I have a lot of glorious marigolds in the garden at the moment.

  2. My native cooking use lots of herbs, from leaves to roots. I’m not sure what their name in english though

  3. I love using lavender, especially in sweets. Making a simple syrup with lavender to use in lemonade is an absolute summer treasure.

  4. I don’t cook if I can help it so I have to go with my favorite flower or in my case flowers. I’m a spring baby so it’s natural to find daffodils and daisies freshly picked on my desk. I have loved anything Colleen has written including her Lily on the Heath

  5. Basil is my herb of choice…along with lots of garlic. As to my fave flowers, well it’s roses and gardenias. And I’m so glad to be introduced to Ms. Gleason!

  6. My favorite all time flower is the lilac. My husband bought me several to plant in the yard years ago and they are so beautiful! I love to take cuttings from them in the spring – they make the house smell so wonderful.

  7. I love cooking with FRESH herbs. Basil #1 followed by thyme, ( lemon thyme is Great to rub your chicken with )rosemary, Oregano, I always keep these on hand.
    Love the cover.

  8. Haven’t read this series. It looks great. I love this historical period. My favorite herb is basil. I love fresh basil.

  9. Love medievals! I have to say basil. I love to put it in many dishes but especially tomato sauce!

  10. I love medieval stories.

    My favorite herbs are chives and dill. So flavorful.

    My favorite flowers are jonquils.

  11. Unfortunately I have a black thumb, not much grows in my yard. I do love to cook, so the farmers market is the place I get my fresh herbs.

  12. Favorite flower is the tulip. I don’t use many herbs while cooking. Husband just likes meat and potatoes. If I try something different he sticks his nose up and complains.